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Cyberchain is a smart contract paying massively with overflows and spillover.

Why waste your _TRON_ when with just 100trx you can make great with this single matrix smart contract??

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Forsage came you missed it??

Lionshare came you missed it??

Supersage came you missed it?

?Let's assume you missed it because registration fee is expensive

Now there's a new smart contract called cyber chain registration fee as at yesterday was N2,500 now N3,500....

Join me now and earn much as you can as you can accumulate as much as 10,000trons which will be worth 2 million naira by January next year

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“African soil can feed the whole of Europe, America, Asia but their problem is just one, “THEIR LEADERS” – Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin has expressed that Africa will never be free since they put their hopes and believe in Europeans, Americans and Chinese more than themselves.

Putin show his interests on Africa how they didn't have faith in themselves.

As indicated by him,

"Africa will never be free, Africans have confidence in Europeans, Americans, and Chinese more than themselves.

"They don't confide in themselves by any stretch of the imagination, African technocrats/Engineers aren't given the stage to rehearse what they concentrated rather they recruit Chinese to build streets for themselves.

"A white man will carry out a wrongdoing in Africa yet no move will be made on the grounds that the African specialists see us as Demigods, a long way from reality.

"A dark man can be stole in Europe get bothered and even be slaughtered yet no African authority can even question.

"Africans present themselves as feeble individuals with no expectation, particularly when managing Europeans and Americans.

"They are their own adversaries. They despise one another and this offers their pioneer aces the chance to keep investigating their assets.

"^As far as I probably am aware, Africa is a greater amount of God's picked landmass, its a favored mainland and its time for Africans to Realize they are in a spot where Americans, Europeans and Chinese are desirous of and wish it ought to be them there.

"You can't contrast African climate and some other climate.

"African soil can take care of the entire of Europe, America, and Asia however their concern is only one, "THEIR LEADERS".

On the off chance that you sit on gold, oil, uranium and your kin don't have nourishment to eat, You are not Human – Trump shout to Africa pioneers

As far as I am concern their best president ever was Gaddafi“.

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