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Gynaefy's poll on effects of COVID-19 on Handshaking.

COVID-19 pandemic has seen most aspects of the world affected. Its spread is rapid and still a great part to be understood about the virus.

With the absence of a vaccine which is the surest way to achieve herd Immunity, control is mostly non pharmacological.

Dr Etiobhio Samuel Osemuduamen of Gynaefy says "Social distancing remains the most important non pharmacological measure to reduce the effective reproductive number, secondary attack rate and contain the contagion of SARS-CoV2".

80% of people who get the SARS-COV2 have mild symptoms and don’t require hospital admission. 25% of the population have gotten it but are not symptomatic.

Most times treatment is based on symptoms. People recover in most conditions where there is no underlying risk factors like Lung diseases, heart diseases, Diabetes Melitus or age above 65. Also, reinfection is prevented as infected people get antibodies against this viral infection.

Washing of hands, cleaning of surfaces, social distancing, modification of greeting such as non hand shaking, sign greetings has greatly helped in controlling the spread.

Gynaefy Inc did a study on 84 respondents on the effect of COVID-19 on handshaking.

69% of respondents feel the ancient ritual of handshaking should be stopped completely while 31% feel it shouldn't be stopped.

Though, 39% of respondents felt COVID-19 will eradicate this ancient act.

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