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Miracle Cure From Madagascar For Coronavirus? First country, Senegal, places order for ‘disease-busting’ tea

Finally Madagascar is on the news again! Yes, Madagascar is trending officially, after a long time, following the Hollywood movie, MADAGASCAR. Well, this time around, Madagascar is trending for another jaw breaking reason - The Covid-19 Miracle Tea. It's Official Bro, there's a miracle tea from Madagascar for the cure of Coronavirus and the country claims it's working. In fact, The Government of Senegal has made an order already.

The eyes of the world have been drawn to Madagascar this week, after the government rolled out production of a herbal tea which it claims can negate the effects of the disease currently ravaging the planet.

Senegal orders Madagascar “miracle tea”

Madagascar are adamant that they have a herbal solution to the current global health crisis - and they've managed to sell their first batch.

Government spokesperson Abdou Latif Coulibaly told public broadcaster RTS that Senegal was ready to test the “miracle” product, officially known as CVO. Senegal has one of the best rates of recovery on the planet, as almost 300 people have recovered from the disease already. Only 671 patients had been infected. Now, Senegal’s president has confirmed that the first batch of the herbal infusion will arrive this week.

But it is Madagascar which leads the way here. The island nation has just 124 cases to note amongst its 27 million citizens. No deaths have been reported as of yet, signalling a major PR boost for the CVO tea.

What is in the Madagascar CVO tea?

Unarmed Madagascar soldiers went door-to-door in the capital Antananarivo this weekend, doling out sachets of a local herbal tea touted by President Andry Rajoelina as a powerful remedy against the deadly illness

The tonic is derived from artemisia — a plant with proven efficacy in treating malaria

The locally-brewed treatment is made up of several other herbs exclusive to the island.

It has been developed by the Madagascar Institute of Applied Research (IMRA) but has not been tested internationally – in fact, the Worl Health Organisation (WHO) isn’t entertaining “herbal treatments”.

The recommended dosage is two cups per day for adults, one cup for children, nothing for pregnant women.

Who have their reservations

“This herbal tea gives results in seven days,” Rajoelina announced at its official launch last week. WHO remains sceptical, as herbal remedies are often dubious in their authenticity.

Madagascar’s claims that it can strengthen the immune system are yet to be verified by any other nation or independent body. As much as we all want a cure, items like a “miracle tea” have a long way to go before they are proved to be successful. However, the Senegalese government is backing its fellow African nation.

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What is Really Happening in Kano: Truth Must Be Told

As Groups seeks report and investigation on Kano’s strange deaths and mass burials, the real question therefore is WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN KANO?

The actual cause of these deaths in Kano, a strong commercial hub in Nigeria and Africa, is yet to be established. Tongues have begun wagging as the death toll keep rising. In recent news, it has been reported that an unidentified ailment, other than the one the world is currently dealing with - COVID-19, is responsible for the massive deaths within the northern region, especially in the Kano municipal.

Reports since yesterday has seen over a dozen of prominent citizens die of this faceless ailment. Balarabe Maikaba, a Professor and Senior Lecturer of mass communication at the Bayero University, Kano, has been confirmed dead; and again, the actual cause of death is unknown.

The question therefore is - were there no symptoms shown by the deceased prior to their deaths. What kind of symptoms was it? We all understand that Covid-19 takes an average of 3days to start manifesting depending on the strength of the immune system, yet in this case, didn't the sick manifest symptoms for a duration of time, 2,3,4 or more days before death, to suggest that the deaths were actually caused by Coronavirus, or to ascertain further if we have a new common enemy. Nigerians are concerned.

As Undertakers claim in Kano that many have been buried in the last few days, families in Kano are enclosed in their houses, this time and perhaps, not only for the fear of Coronavirus, but also the fear that a new enemy might have arisen.

Persons of prominent value Reported to have died in Kano on Saturday alone were:

Alhaji Dahiru Rabiu (former Grand Khadi)

Alhaji Salisu Lado

Alhaji Garba Sarki Fagge

Dr Musa Umar Gwarzo

Musa Tijjani (Editor of Triumph Newspaper)

Hajiyaj Nene Umma

Prof Aliyu Umar Dikko (Physiology Department, Bayero University Kano)

Prof Ibrahim Ayagi

Hajiya Shamsiyya Mustapha

Adamu Isyaku Dal (former Executive Secretary of the State Universal Basic Education Board)

Just as I was about publishing this article came the report of the body of a man lying lifeless at Kofar Nassarawa Bridge, Kano municipal. The man, in his sixties, just collapsed and died instantly, as reported. The speed and process of these strange deaths is too sudden and some people think there's more to this than meets the eyes. We suppose these deaths are too instant, or perhaps, the general public needs more orientation on how Coronavirus is contracted, symptoms and the likelihood of death. There's fear in Kano as we speak and the panic has begun building up as these strange deaths continues. Kano Residents and the country at large seeks urgent intervention into this crisis that seems to be getting out of hand.

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No More Argument: Forbes Releases Actual Kanye West Net Worth

Kanye West is a billionaire, and hey listen, he is as rich as he claims to be.

At Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas; when Kanye West corrected Joel Osteen gently on stage, he actually meant the claim. Oh Yes...He meant it and he's worth it...Sikina.

Kanye West, in his normal joking manner yet factual, insisted by texting the guys at Forbes before the magazine's publication. “It’s not a billion - It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.” And in fact, The Jesus walks crooner, world-famous rapper and fashion mogul provided documents proving he is worth over $1 billion. You see it's a joke but such impetus from a new billionaire. He was actually 'Buga-in' before, but right now, the musical icon has got loads of receipts to prove his real worth. This billionaire status thing is really serious ooo.

At $1.3 billion Net Worth, Kanye West is worth $300 million more than his 22-year-old sister-in-law Kylie Jenner, whom Forbes (Celebrities worth calculator) hailed as the world's youngest self-made billionaire in 2019 (She topped their 'youngest' list again in 2020.) Kylie actually said in a recent interview that she is not 'technically' a self-made billionaire, afterall.

In 2016, in an interview on Twitter, Kanye claimed to be "$53 million in personal debt" and in fact publicly pleaded with Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in him as the "greatest artist of all time (GOAT)." If that plea worked is really not known at the moment. Some hours after that public plea, Kanye West implored his fans to subscribe to the Tidal streaming service to download The Life of Pablo, his seventh album. That actually worked.

Here's the point, some few folks out there would argue that it's belittling for a creative mind to beg for subscriptions, follows and likes from the public. Oh yes, these folks believes it's a desperate act, but I think otherwise. Bro, listen it works. When you seriously need a drastic change in your life, you will take drastic steps to achieve that. If you don't open that door remember the door won't open. Today Kanye is a Billionaire and His hit song Jesus is King is even more a reason to believe that Heaven makes a way indeed.

Actually, Forbes is still insisting that Kanye is bloating his net worth even as the rapper says that his wealth is way more than that.

“All of this is Level 2, let's go to Level 3" West told Bloomberg after a report came from Bloomberg that Yeezy, Kanye West's high-end sneaker line was valued by Bank of America corporation at $3Billion last year.

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