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The world is not yet about to end. One world government must be set up first in the midst of plague and famine. Nations will come together to align under one powerful ruler the beast. All this will take place before AD2500 by my calculations. It's still some few hundreds of years afar from 2020. It's close but not too close. It will be for a time, times and half a time.

The woman was to fly into wilderness and be fed by angel for a time, times and half a time. The beast will arrive here presumably 480 years from now. The rapture will occur between early or mid 2400 to 2500AD. However our generation will witness the beginning of real science and technology and it will climax to the end before it's fall by famine, plague and diseases of various types and the establishment of one world government by the beast in about AD2500.

The reigns of the dragon begins with the first beast and the second one, who will cause the image of the first to speak and to be worshiped, together with 10 kings they will cause many to fall. Then the Antichrist system 666 will be established. It will be a time of tribulation for those who does the will of God. At the end of it's reign two Prophets will come to prophesize against it and they will be killed and will resurrect after three and half days. At the end Archangel Michael will make war against the beast and it's kingdom the great Babylon. The beast will be overcome and great Babylon destroyed.

Thereafter, the first resurrection will occur and they will reign with Christ for a 1000 years during which time the ancient dragon Satan will be chained and locked at the bottomless pit. After 1000 years Satan will be released and he will decieve nations to fight God at the battle of ammegedon. This battle will bring an end to the world in about AD3600 and judgment will take place. All that ever died will resurrect some to bliss while others to doom. Be warned.

Chris Mba

and it will

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