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In Nigeria, thousands of graduates pass out every year hoping to secure meaningful employment in those top-ranking firms. Some were able to secure their desired dream jobs, while others are still on the lookout to settle with anything just to take off the shame of unemployment. The big question is ‘ why are graduates looking for jobs rather than creating one themselves’?. Unfortunately, most people fail to see that it’s either you are retrenched, you retire, or resign when you are in paid employment. So you are left with the option of starting up your business.

Starting your own business is one way of getting job security and long term profits. One problem faced by start-ups is advertising. Most startups have struggled to understand their target market and these have resulted in a failed advertising strategy. They invest so much in branding and advertising their product and service without getting any or little ROI. Here are a few guides to cheap and effective startup advertising.

Digital Marketing

In comparison with other types of marketing, digital marketing has proven to be much more efficient and effective.. It is cheaper, measurable, determinate information rapidly, and builds brand awareness. With Google ads, your brand can rank on Google, helping searchers to find you easily on the web. This is based on how relevant your content is, in line with the search query and how much you bid. To learn more click

Content Marketing Strategy

In building your online awareness, content marketing Is the king. Your ability to tell a story about what your brand represents is important. Content like ‘how to’ ‘unboxing’ can drive traffic to your business page and increase your search engine optimization

Google My Business

This is a Google product that helps searchers find your brand when they are around your environment. GMB helps build your SEO ranking and increase brand awareness. To register for your business click

Email Marketing

To be successful at this you will need the permission of your customers to keep them aware of the latest services or products. Put in mind that your customers are real people and you want to connect with them through your content.

Influencer Marketing

There are key thought leaders in every industry and you can search for other thought leaders in other industries to promote your brand. Just mention or adverts from these influences can raise your awareness and sales.

Social Media

This includes Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Linkedin, etc. All platforms are unique and very effective for advertising. Understanding how each platform works is the key success in using social media. Social media helps brand your business the way you want it to be perceived by your target audience. It is pertinent to note that not all social media platform is good for all business.

Word Of Mouth

A referral is one way of closing sales without stress. Having your happy client promote your brand through their network can increase sales.


Taking the time to understand your buyer persona will help you make a smart decision. Understanding your customer behaviour pattern will help you know where they shop, hangout, etc. You can choose to hand over the flyer to the sales, security, or do it your self.


Gift items, cards, free offers can help you reach out to more clients and drive online engagement.

Value-added service

Understanding a customer’s pain point can make the customer patronize your brand for years. This is services your offer to the customer to show them that you care about them.

Cooperate social responsibility

according to Theodore Roosevelt, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Taking out time to do the little things in your community can help boost awareness for your brand.


The internet has leveled the playing field for all businesses. Regardless of the competition, more businesses can be birth with the right advertising strategy. After all that has been said in this article, don’t forget that consistency is the pillar of a successful strategy.

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Opportunities in the Covid 19 Pandemic

Change is inevitable, as we wake up every morning there are thousands of cells that dies and others are been born, this is constant in every aspect of life. Would you sit and do nothing? Or will you choose today to make every minute count.

With the rise of the pandemic in Nigeria, most people have taking out time to rest and add flesh, visited and get to know thier neighbor's names, stroll around and get familiar with thier estate, and probably stay awake to watch out for the notorious 1milllion. I recently stormed upon a content online which say 'if you don't get to learn a new skill , read a book or earn extra cash during the lockdown, what you lack is not time but discipline.

Situation like the lockdown help us to reflect and think about life in a different way. Its sad to say that most firm will have to downsize after the lockdown. So how best can you maximize the lockdown? There are thousands of opportunities and I will be sharing some here.

1. Start your business/idea: there are thousands of business idea that have never seen the light or even survive the idea stage due to different uncertainty. The lockdown will help you look around and leverage on the fear of others. I have a friend how started her catering business. She realized that young people don't know how cook and she is ready to bring the food to thier houses. Another started fresh fruit delevery. He understood how important immune system needed boosting during this period.

2. Remote jobs: most Nigerian don't still believe that there are thousand of people in the country that work from thier houses. There are opportunities using social media like LinkedIn to search for jobs abroad. During this pandemic, company have seen the important of remote worker as it helps them cut down operational cost.

3. Soft skills: taking out time to learn a different skill in digital marketing, soft skills and hard skills. Learn how to monitize your cooking hobby or any other hobby.

I can't wait to tell you more in my NEXT episode so quickly as I will help you through start up and earn during this lockdown.

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