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Road to a stable relationship

( just before you say "yes I do")

It's obvious that marriage is an inevitable on this earth. Though to the Christian it's not supposed to be an inevitable issue, this is because our Lord Jesus was not really in full support of it, while on earth! There was a place in the Bible where his desciples told him that, if this is the case between man and woman, then it's better to tell them not to get married! But Jesus replied them that if he asked them not to, that they won't accept the teaching, that they should let them get married as they so wish.

Let's us look below what Paul the apostle has to say concerning marriage:

" Now for the matter you wrote about: it's good for a man not to marry.

But since there's so much immortality, each man should have his own wife, and each woman to her own husband." ( 1 cor. 7: 1-2)

But funny enough, in today's Christian hardly you can see a man of God without a pretty woman as a wife. The real question here is that 'does it means none of these new generation's pastors could really hold to themselves?'

Well that's not our topic for today! Now to the business of the day:

Before you say "yes I do":

Firstly, we should all acknowledge the fact that after the first marriage conducted by God himself. Him ( God) has never conducted any again!

This means a man will now choose for himself a wife and woman also has the obligation to choose her own husband. So going to your pastors, prophets, Quranic teachers ( Alfa) or your native doctors will not help the matter. It's you and you alone who can do that, unless you just want someone to be gambling with your future!

What is marriage?

In our elementary schools, we were taught that marriage is a union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife.

But in actual sense it's more larger than that.

To me marriage is like a water, you want to swim in and that you are not going there alone but with a swimming partner. There a lots you need to know about this river:

1. It's a river of life!

2. It's a very dangerous river to swim in!

3. It gives no second chance to it visitor. Meaning ones you're in, it has became abomination to come out of! That was major reason the priest will ask you for the last time while still at the bank of the river on if you are still interesting in continue this irrevocable journey of life! Once you're in you are in, no turning back!

Here you have two difficult tasks to take before jumping into this water so that you won't blame yourself at the end!

Next time we will look into that, until then remain blessed in thy Lord Jesus

Don Favour Falaye


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