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Everything's on fire... blood oozing from her face as her own people look at her in disbelief.

She ignores their fake rumours around, trying to keep herself alive and move on as she get attacked from outsiders who hates her making progresses from her own sweats.

She got attacked from her own people... They don't believe in her works and her progress due to the fact that they had been mind-poisoned by people who 'eats' from her handwork illegally.

Her own sons are seeking divisions amongst themselves, thinking they could do it as their mother did it alone.

She becomes a slave due to the type of children she has. Tell me, how can one's child go to a stranger and starts degrading his own Mom just to find favour in the stranger's face??? Disgusting!!!

She becomes a terrorist, a bandit, a kidnapper, a thief!

But she never minds as she keeps going in the slow pace she could.

She cared for all of her children but only few of them cared to care back.


She's mother of over 200 million people!

She's a nation with great people!

SHE IS NIGERIA......!!!!

Country flowing with milk and honey....

Proud to be one of her children.

I believe in her greatness!

I'm a Nigerian! I'm strong! I never give up!



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What you need to know about "Red Bananas" and the wonders they've got in their sleeves.

I know most of you might be confused and be asking yourself "Is there any banana with color red??!" Yes! There is.... So follow me as I take you through a Tour on details about the Red Banana. Take a bottle of Coca-Cola and chillax 😀😀😂

Red Bananas are a group of varieties of banana with reddish-purple skin. Some are smaller and plumper than the common Cavendish banana, others much larger. When ripe, raw red bananas have a flesh that is cream to light pink in color. 

They are also softer and sweeter than the yellow Cavendish varieties, some with a slight raspberry flavor and others with an earthy one. 

They also have a nice aroma, somewhat like berries. According to health experts, they are way healthier than a regular banana and have a different nutritional profile. 

Many red bananas are exported by producers in East Africa, Asia, South America and the United Arab Emirates.

Red Banana is considered as an ideal addition to your daily diet because of its amazing health benefits. 😊😁

Keep a date with me as I make you dive into the ocean of its benefits.

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