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Wickedness: A Man Almost Killed Twin Brother During Fight Over Girlfriend.

Police has arrested a man named Peter, who almost killed his twin brother (Paul), by butchering his body with a Cutlass, during a fight over his girlfriend.

This happened on Monday, the 25th of May, 2020, in Umuonunkwo kindred, Ndimoko Arondizuoguo in Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State.

The twin brothers, Peter and Paul, were revealed to be rebellious to each other, by residents, it was further disclosed that Peter's girlfriend is a single mother of five, and Paul was never in support of the relationship.

It happened that Paul had an encounter with one of the child of his twin brother's girlfriend, which resulted into Paul beating up the child, inflicting bruises on the child.

According to people, when Peter heard of what has happened, he went home to fight his twin brother (Paul), using a Cutlass on him, he butchered his twin brother, making sure of cutting off one of his hand, and seriously inflicted injuries on his other hand, with several cuts all over his body.

Paul was left by his twin brother (Peter) to bleed out on the ground.

Paul was carried to the hospital at Ndianche in Arondizuoguo, but was later referred to the Federal Medical Center, Owerri.

Peter is currently in the Police custody at Eke Ndizuogu.

Please readers, share your honest opinion on what you think should be done to this wicked twin brother, Peter.

Drop your comments on the comment session below.

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Say “no” to pornography.

Pornography in a simple term can be described as viewing of nude (exposure of the private parts of the body or sexual expressions) images in videos, magazines, photographs, billboards, etc. provoking sexual appetite in a person, pornography can be found where in our Modern-day society in commercial videos, (video advertisement), posters, hand bills, billboards, home videos, and so on.

It may not have come to the realization of many that pornography has taken a huge toll on our society, causing so much havoc in the lives of our developing children also in adults, because the human mind is influenced more by what the eyes feed on, the sense of sight is so powerful that a person can lose his/her focus due to the attraction of the eyes to images. It's a normal phenomenon for humans to easily forget what they have heard, but hardly would they forget their eyes have seen, as such we are advised to guide what we allow our eyes feed upon.

The negative effect of pornography cannot be over emphasize as the pornographic images captured by the eyes of an individual from either a video, magazine or a life naked person, can replay from the person's memory days after and will still have same effect on the individual like it did the first time it was actually viewed.

Haven said all these, we can now understand that pornography is an enormous factor amongst others causing negative occurrence in our society today.

I will indulge you to follow me as I take you through some damages caused by pornography in our Modern-day society.

(1) Masturbation.

(2) Addiction.

(3) Indecent Dressing.

(4) Rape.

(5) Child Abuse.

(6) Prostitution.

(7) Drug Abuse.

(8) Unwanted pregnancy.

(9) Depression.

Before we go on to look at the above listed damages caused by pornography, let us consider the notice below;

NOTE: I'll like you to join me say, "NO” to pornography at the comment session below, after following me through to the end.

Looking at the above listed damages in details :

1. Masturbation:

Masturbation is self derived sexual pleasure by an individual, either by using objects or other means chosen by the individual. Sexual intercourse was never meant to be self performed, rather to be carried out by two matured individuals of the opposite sex, masturbation is also termed as self-abuse.

Pornography provokes a person's sexual desires, and such a person is most like pushed to go into self derived sexual pleasure (masturbation).

Masturbation can be very dangerous to the individuals of both sex (male and female) practicing it, as such needs to be stopped before it results into a problem that could affect the individual's health, some of such problems associated with masturbation are:

(I) Lack of attraction to the opposite sex.

(II) Dissatisfaction of sexual intercourse with a partner.

(III) Affliction of injuries on the genital parts of the individual involved in it, in most cases happens as a result of tools introduced during masturbation.

2. Addiction:

Addiction is a mental disorder that makes an individual unable to live or do without involving in a particular act, well in this case I mean pornography. Pornography is addictive, if an individual gives his or her self into watching of pornographic materials, sooner will such an individual develop an appetite for it that cannot be controlled, it becomes a habit and overtakes one's will power to decide against involving in it.

Pornography causes distraction in the life of those addicted to it, time for other important things in their life will mostly be used on pornography whenever an individual who is addicted to pornography is all alone, he or she quickly uses the opportunity on pornography, either on the internet, magazines or watching a home video which distorts the reasoning of the individual by arousing his or sexual desire.

3. Indecent Dressing:

Dressing up with clothes was originally meant to cover the nakedness of the individual body, also to protect the body from harsh climatic conditions. In our modern society, individuals, especially those of the female gender finds it very convenient to go about half naked due to influence of pornography, not minding the negative effect it could cause around them. Pornography is not only on television or phone screens anymore, but also being promoted by individuals who dress indecently, exposing the private parts of their bodies, this could lead to unwanted arousal of sexual desire in those who lay their eyes on it.

4. Rape:

Rape means having sexual intercourse with another person against his or her will. The major factor that gives birth to the increase of rape cases in our society today is pornography. Imagine an individual who is already addicted to sex passing through the streets of our Modern-day society with pornographic billboards and posters, the desire to get involved in sexual intercourse is likely to come upon such a person and wouldn't mind forcefully having his way on other to satisfy the sexual urge that was earlier provoked. With the increase of young women going about half naked in our streets, has also led to the increase of rape cases.

5. Child Abuse:

Child abuse is known as the exposure of a child to conditions not meant for children, or molesting a child sexually. Children who have access to pornographic materials such as pornographic videos, pictures, magazines or listens to music about sex are likely to get involved in sexual practices prematurely.

The high level of risk involved in sexual practices by children cannot be overlooked, as children are not matured enough to posses control over sexual emotions, neither do they know what is right to be done or not to be done in sexual activities, this puts children in lots of risk, some of which are; unwanted pregnancy, contacting of sexual transmitted diseases, etc.

Pregnancy in children not up to 14 years of age is extremely dangerous, as it may lead to life threatening challenges in their health.

6. Prostitution:

Sexual practices performed in exchange for money is called prostitution, in most cases known referred to as commercial sex practices. Ladies and men who engage in prostitution are most likely addicted to pornography, as they are always found with pornographic materials. Prostitutes give most of their time to watching of pornographic videos and pictures, which makes it even more difficult for them to get out of prostitution, as their urge for sex is often triggered.

Prostitution is illegal in most countries, because it doesn't promote decency and it also creates an avenue for sexual transmitted diseases to be passed easily amongst people who patronize them.

Prostitutes are often exposed to high risks, as they are always meeting with individuals of unknown identities, who are most likely hooligans.

7. Drug Abuse:

This is the administering of drugs outside doctor's prescription.

Individuals addicted to pornography are often tempted to use hard drugs as sex stimulants to achieve the sexual pleasure they aspire. Prostitutes and those patronizing them who are most likely addicted to pornography are the major culprits that makes use of hard drugs as sexual stimulants, which in turn can cause further health problem for them.

8. Unwanted Pregnancy:

Ladies who get pregnant due to their involvement in unprotected sexual activities in most cases have their sexual desire triggered by pornography, it may not be planned for but happens anyway.

In the cases of rape instigated by pornography, the female victims stands the chance of getting pregnant against their will, this has greatly increased the rate of child abortion in our society today.

9. Depression :

This is a mood disorder which leads to frequent sad feelings making one loose interest in activities.

Pornography in the lives of it victims, can lead to sadness, as they no longer find other activities of life interesting apart from pornography itself, this could lead to self-hatred and finally suicide.

Considering the numerous damages caused by pornography in our society today, it is only right to look at some possible ways to help those addicted to pornography.

(1) The first step in solving compulsive porn viewing (I.e uncontrollable need to view pornographic material) is to admit to the fact that you have a problem, if addicted to pornography.

(2) Being open about your pornography addiction to specialists who can help, dealing with it alone might not amount to any good result. Seeking the help of professionals who are experienced in treating sexual dysfunctions, counselors, and therapists will be of a huge help to solving addiction to pornography.

It was a long, but educating journey looking at the havoc caused by pornography in our Modern-day society.

Join me to say, “NO” to pornography on the comment session below.

Please feel free to share with family and friends, because you might just be helping someone get rid of addiction to pornography.

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6 international gay footballers you should know.

1. Thomas Hitzlsperger

Thomas Hitzlsperger is a German footballer who was born on the 5th of April, 1982, in Munich, West Germany.

Thomas Hitzlsperger played in the following football teams; Vfb Forstinning, Bayern Munich, Aston Villa, Chester field, Vfb Stuttgart, Lazio, West Ham United, Vfl Wolfsburg and Everton, he also played in the Germany U21 and senior teams. Thomas made his identity as a gay public.

2. Glenn Anton Hysen

Anton Hysen is a German footballer who was born on the 13th of December, 1990, in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

He played for the following football teams; Torslanda Ik, Lundby If, Bk Hacken, Utsiktens Bk, Myrtle Beach FC.

Anton is one among the few footballers who has made his gay personality known to the public.

3. Robbie Rogers

Robbie is an American, born on the 12th of May, 1987 in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The teams he played for are; Orange County Blue Star, Hecrenveen, Columbus Crew, Leeds United, Stevenage, La Galaxy and also the United State U20, U23 and Senior team.

Robbie came out public with his identity as a gay.

4. David Testo

David Testo is American, born on the 7th of August, 1981, in Winston - Salem, North Carolina, United State. He played for the following football teams; South Carolina Gamecocks, North Carolina Tar Heels, Richmond Kickers, Columbus Crew, Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact.

He is now retired, but made his identity known as a gay, while in the football profession.

5. Colin Martin

Colin is an American, born on the 9th of November, 1994, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, United State.

Colin played in the following football teams; DC United, Richmond Kickers, Minnesota United, Hartford Athletic and San Diego Loyal, also in the United States U20 team. Colin revealed his gay personality to the public in June 2018.

6.Andrew Brennan

Andrew is an Australian footballer born on the 1st of April, 1993 in Hobart, Australia.

He played in the following football teams; South Hobart, Bentleigh Greens, South Melbourne, Newcastle Jets, Oakleigh Cannons, Green Gully and Hume city.

Andrew in May 2019 made his gay personality public.

Now that you are informed of the identity of these footballers, who at one point in time stood as a role model to growing kids, what do you have to say about them?

Leave your comments below.

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