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Initiative, is due to open on December 3.

The first electric train, which traveled along the 414 km section of Boten - Vientiane Laos, arrived in Vientiane in early November. On November 30, Laos and China signed an intergovernmental agreement to provide guidance and legal framework for cross-border activities along the rail route.

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A growing teenage girl

August 19 2021,

She tries to portray in this article that what she believes and suffers in school time and she is believing college life surviving her life. In our case, the situation became distinct due to covid 19 and we end up our schooling without saying goodbye to friends. I used to stay in a hostel and I am doing great in my life my grades are unhurriedly heightening and teachers always use to compliment me saying that I am a hardworking active student. Unexpectedly covid 19 rises all over the world and government declared openly to stop all the college, school, temple, public, common places and postponed later on it cancelled and our hostel teachers send us back home. Our family have designed to travel several places after my see examination. Everything was razed due to covid 19. I locked up in my home for 1 year where I discovered a lot during this year. Possibly this is my turning point in life. I was in trauma for some months and I am going through the dark for some months where I realized that the meaning of some part and meaning of life. I meet myself and found myself. Either she shows or not she used to bother by other words during schooling but nowadays she doesn't let other words bother her. She is deaf for completely she focuses on herself carrying a god. others opinion on her matters the most and she used to hurt herself listening to others but nowadays she doesn't. She used to regrets in life but nowadays she only sees gratitude. Directly or indirectly she wants and she used to focus on people and wants to satisfy but now she satisfies herself. It was never a requirement to satisfy others.

She has not any idea about self-love during school time but nowadays she loves herself and only others. Her priority list is herself. When she was in schooling she used to believe that that person who get good grades only success in life but nowadays she understands that that person who does lots of struggle and has right decision direction can succeed in life. I surmise that path is much more essential. She always looked for good. She no longer looks for the good in people she searches for the real because while good is often dressed in fake clothing real is naked and proud no matter the scars. In her schooling time, she makes decisions according to others opinions no matter how she is hurting she looks for others. But nowadays she asks for herself and only took any decision. she makes a decision so carefully. Yeah, she used to judge people during schooling very minor compared to her friends but nowadays she does not judge anybody. When she cannot see the truth from her eyes she uses her wisdom to see things and try to find a solution. She is prospering for success. Through this small article, I want to deliver knowledge that in our school chapter we must provide knowledge about self-love and how to handle ourselves while we are hurt by others, she was always an unconfident child nowadays she is enough confident even she talks and speak less but when she requires to speak she speak for herself. She realized that we must love ourselves before being loved by anybody else and loving anyone else. Day by day She is learning. I speak highly of myself. I am not who I was a year ago I don't know who I am today I can't piece any of it together. But this is the right place to be. In my darkest way, I saw the hope of light. My anxiety and insecurities went away. At last, I feel that you must hurt to know fall to grow to lose to gain most of the greatest lessons are learned from pain. Day by day she is maturing even more and more.

To be continued this is my first article and I have written without thinking possibly I will do my best and write my best in next months thank-you for reading.

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I work a lot for humanity and involve in social services. Within same time my mother suffered from Alzheimer. In beginning I was so embarrassed. I worked a lot for serving people. Now I was unable to serve my mother. I annoyed and frustrated. Later I started to learn the language of Alzheimer patient and serve her gently. Now I was feeling happy to serve her.

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Not every relationship has love and not every lover is even relationship....

What is love?

This has become a question in itself 🤔

Can love be explained in one word?

Has anyone seen love?

Can you love anyone other than yourself?

Is it love to like someone?

Is it love to expected from anyone?

Is it love to smile at someone's memory or is love to cry at someone's memory?

Living with someone is love or dying for someone is love??

After all,, what is love?

I feeling fool myself when I defining love with different literary words in my notebook 🎼📖 because love is not the only a word that can be explained or analyzed,...….

Love is just an experience that is poured out of our thousands of thoughts🤔💭

Love is the one that gives you real meaning, fulfills your being. Love is the one which has save your existence in every moment, every situation in fact all the time. If you find yourself in someone else, then it can never be love.

The love❤😘 between parents and children's is the love that fulfills each other's existence just as Moon's existence is fulfilled by light by transforming the moon into the moonlight 🌙🌙 Similarly , the offspring has fulfilled the parents and the parents have given the offspring a new look ,a new identity.....

Here comes the another question, isn't love between👉husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend??❗👈isn't this relationship made by love? wouldn't the wife

have fulfilled her husband or husband he doesn't give her a new identity🆔??

Of course,,, it can't be said that this relationship is made up of love.

We can also give it other names, such as each other's honor, dignity or physical affinity....

Where 📍❓ is attraction and selfishness there is no love at all... And nowadays most relationship are driven by only selfishness and attraction. Love has become just an excuse....

Liking to someone isn't love

For someone to laugh and crying is not love

Dying for someone and surrendering yourself to other even is not love...…..

Love is such an invisible and supernatural power 🔋 that can't everyone understand.

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Other News Nepal

सेल्फी डाडा


शैलेन्द्र बिक्रम बिडारी

कोरोना माहामारी सुरु हुनु केहि अगाडी दुर्गा नगर बिकास समाज देखी बासुकी मन्दिर सम्म पुग्न १५० वटा पक्की सिडी सहितको भर्याङको निर्माण सम्पन्न भयो । सिडिको एकतर्फ फलामको बार राखेर सुरक्षित गर्ने काम पनि गरियो ।

डन्डिमा खिया नलागोस भनेर सिडिको बारमा निलो रङ लगाउदा आकर्षक देखियो ।रङ लगाउदै गर्दा एकजना कर्मचारिले पर्खालको भित्तामा लेखिदियो सेल्फी डाडा ।

कोरोना माहामरीको पहिलो लहर सुरु भई, लकडाउनको समय सबै तिर बन्द भएको र सबैलाई फुर्शद पनि भएकोले सेल्फी डाडामा दैनिक जसो मान्छेहरु आउने, सेल्फी खिच्ने, टिकटक भिडिओ बनाउने हरुको भिड नै लाग्न थाल्यो ।कुनै

बिशेष पर्यटकिय स्थलको जसरि नै सामाजिक सन्जालमा सेल्फी डाडा भाइरल नै भयो। साझ बिहान सिडिमा बसेर गफ्फिने, मर्निङ-इभिनिङ वाल्क गर्ने देखी सेल्फी डाडामा फोटो, भिडिओ खिच्नेहरुको भिड नै लाग्ने गरेकोले भिडभाड कम

गर्न भन्दै पुलिस नै आउने गर्न थल्यो । पुलिस आउँदा मानिशहरु आ-आफ्नो घर तिर गएजस्तो गर्ने अनि फेरी पुलिस फर्केपछी फेरी तेही जम्मा हुने गर्थे ।

यस्तैमा कोरोना माहामारीको दोस्रो लहर सगै दोस्रो लकडाउन सुरु भयो । सेल्फी डाडामा अहिले पनि मानिशहरुको उत्तिकै भिड लाग्ने गरेको छ । पहिले भन्दा अलि फरक अचेल सेल्फी डाडामा प्रेमी प्रेमिकाको जोडीहरु जम्मा हुने गरेका

छन । बाइक स्कुटरमा बासुकी मन्दिर सम्म आएर, सेल्फी डाडामा फोटो, भिडिओ खिच्ने, प्रेमिल गफमा रम्ने जोडीहरु लाई तर्साउने र सतर्क गराउन पुलिस दिनको ३,४ पटक आउने जाने गर्दछन ।

कोरोनाको तेस्रो लहर आउँदा पहिला जस्तो लकडाउन भएन । अफिस तथा सरकारी कार्यालय हरु पनि बन्द भएनन । कोरोना सगै मानिशहरु काम काजमा ब्यस्त हुन थालेका छन । केहि दिनला लागी गाडीमा जोर्-बिजोर प्रणाली लागु

गरिनुका साथै शैक्षिका संस्थाहरु बन्द हुँदा सेल्फी डाडामा स्कुले केटा केटिहरु जम्मा हुने फोटो खिच्ने, टिकटक भिडियो बनाउने गर्दछन ।

यतिबेला सेफी डाडामा जम्मा हुने मनिशहरमा निकै नै कमी आएको छ । अचेल सेल्फी डाडा गाजा, चुरोट खानेहरुको अखडा बनेको छ । मनिशहरको आउजाउ कम हुनुका साथै पुलिसहरु पनि आउन छाडेका छन ।साझ बिहान मात्र नभएर

दिनै भरी पनि कलीला उमेरका केटा केटिहरु सेल्फी डाडा वरिपरी जम्मा हुँदै चुरोट तन्ने गरेका छन । सेल्फी डाडाको बदलिएको अवस्थाले सबैलाई चिन्तीन पारेको छ ।

Shailendra Bikram Bidari


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नेपालका मान्छे सँग पैसा धेरै छ, देश सँग कम छ ।

पीपीपी मोडल राम्रो ल्याउने हो भने नेपाली लगानीले नेपाल बन्छ ।

शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य सरकारले चलाउन पर्छ, निजीबाट खोस्नै पर्छ ।


गठबन्धनको बैठक निष्कर्षविहीन, भोलि बिहान फेरि बस्ने

काठमाण्डौ / सत्ता गठबन्धनका पाँच दलको बैठक विना निष्कर्ष सकिएको छ । प्रधानमन्त्री निवास बालुवाटारमा भएको बैठकमा प्रधानमन्त्री तथा नेपाली कांग्रेसका सभापति शेरबहादुर देउवा, माओवादी केन्द्रका अध्यक्ष पुष्पकमल दाहाल प्रचण्ड, एकीकृत समाजवादीका अध्यक्ष माधवकुमार नेपाल, जनता समाजवादी पार्टीका अध्यक्ष उपेन्द्र यादव लगायत शीर्ष नेताहरू सहभागी थिए ।

गठबन्धनका शीर्ष नेताहरूको अर्को बैठक भोलि शुक्रवार बिहाना ९ बजेका लागि बोलाइएको माओवादी अध्यक्ष प्रचण्डका स्वकीय सचिव रमेश मल्लले जानकारी दिनुभएको छ ।

आजको बैठकले अमेरिकी सहायता परियोजना एमसीसी संसदमा पेस गर्ने विषय टुङ्गो लगाउने अनुमान गरिएको थियो ।

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महाअभियोग भनेको के हो र महाअभियोग कसलाई र किन लगाइन्छ? Rewant Dhakal

अधिकारको अधिकतम दुरूपयोग गर्दै कानुनको धज्जी उडाउनेहरु, शक्तिको चरम दुरूपयोग गर्नेहरू र राष्ट्रघात गर्नेहरुलाई पदबाट हटाएर सधैका लागी सार्वजनिक पदका लागि अयोग्य थहर्याउन लोकतान्त्रिक अभ्यासमा सार्वभमसत्ता सम्पन्न संसद बाट दिइने सजायलाई महाअभियोग भनिन्छ।

नेपालको प्रधान न्यायाधीश वा सर्वोच्च अदालतका न्यायाधीश,न्याय परिषद्का सदस्य, संवैधानिक निकायका प्रमुख वा पदाधिकारीका विरुद्ध महाअभियोग लगाइन्छ।

यो संविधान र कानुनको गम्भीर उल्लघन गरेका, कार्यक्षमताको अभाव वा खराब आचरण भएको वा इमानदारीपूर्वक आफ्नो पदीय कर्तव्यको पालन नगरेको वा आचार संहिताको गम्भीर उल्लघन गरेको कारणले आफ्नो पदीय जिम्मेवारी पूरा गर्न नसकेको आधारमा महाअभियोग लगाइन्छ। नेपालको संविधान (२०७२) को धारा १०१ मा महाअभियोग सम्बन्धि व्यवस्था गरिएको छ।

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Miya Abdul Ajaj from Karuniyahi, 03 Kalyanpurjabdi, Siraha, Nepal had scammed (6 lakhs) Puran Bahadur Gurung from Vyas 1 Amreni on granting visa application to Qatar. Reportedly, he had also tricked other Nepalese and taken money in advance. The fraud is hiding in Qatar and isn't in contact for 6 months.

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काठमाडौँ, २४ कात्तिक । दछिण ललितपुर बागमती-५ , इकुडोलका किसानहरूले उत्पादन गरेका तरकारी बिक्री नभएपछि बारिमै कुहिएका छन् । बन्दागोभीले बजार नपाउँदा बारीमै कुहिएको किसानहरूले बताएका छन् ।

व्यसायिक रुपमा तरकारी खेतीमा लागेका किसानहरुको तरकारी बारीमै कुहिएपछि किसानहरू चिन्तित बनेका छन् । किसान तारानाथ घिमिरेले किसानले मेहनत र लगानी गरेर उब्जाएको खेती खेर जाँदा किसानहरू हतोत्साही भएको बताए ।

स्थानीय बजारमा समेत खपत भएन’, घिमिरेले भने,‘हामीले ७ रुपैयाँ देखि १० रुपैयाँ सम्म दिदाँ पनि व्यापारीले किनेन् । कालिमाटी पठाउँदा किसाले मूल्य पाउनुको साटो ढुवानी भाडासमेत बेहोर्नुपर्ने अवस्था आयो । कालिमाटिबाट प्रति केजी १० रुपैयाँको दरले माग आए पनि त्यहाँसम्म पुर्‍याउँदा प्रति केजी भाडा , झोला , काटाको हिसाब गर्दा किसानले उल्टै भाडा थप गर्नु पर्ने समस्या परेको छ ।

व्यापारीले बन्दाको माग नभएको भन्दै यो वर्ष नलिएपछि किसान मर्कामा परेका हुन् । आफूहरुले सस्तोमा भएपनि बिक्री गर्ने मनसाय लिए पनि व्यापारीहरुले लिन नमानेको उनले बताए । एउटा किसानको लगभग ८ देखि १० क्वीन्टसम्म तरकारी बारीमा कुहिएको छ ।

उनले सरकारले किसानहरुलाई कृषि गर्न आग्रह गरेपनि समस्या पर्दा नहेरेको दुखेसो पोखे । ‘सरकारले भन्नलाई त किसानहरुलाई कृषिमा लाग्न भन्ने तर बजार व्यवस्थापन नगरिदिने ।’ उनले भने । बजार व्यवस्थापन गर्न समेत उनले माग गरे । यसका साथै उनले गाउँपालिकालाई जानकारी गराएपनि वास्ता नगरेको उनले बताए ।

यसरी किसानहरूले उचित मूल्य नपाएर तरकारी कुहाएर फाल्नु परेको, बजार अभावका कारण बारीमा डोजर चलाउनु परेको घटना पहिलो भने हैन । एकातिर वर्षे कृषि वस्तु आयात बढिरहेको छ । भने अर्को तर्फ नेपालमै उत्पादित तरकारी बिक्री नभएर कुहाएर फाल्नु पर्ने अवस्था छ । तर सरकार भने बेखबर रहेको छ ।

किसान : तारानाथ घिमिरे

फोन नम्बर : ९८६९२३१३४७

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Lifeline Health home care in Nepal

Recently, my 80years old Grandfather had an attack of acute shortness of breath. We were scared of taking him to hospital due to current state of Pandemics. As I was in residing in Europe since few years I had seen home based health care in Europe, so I searched home care services available in Kathmandu.

I got name of some random health home care, some claiming to be first, some claiming to be largest in their social media pages. I tried to reach them but found them to be totally profit oriented in brutal manner than being focused in services. Some had missing experienced professionals, some were running just as HR agency without proper team and seeing that we were frustrated and had no hope that I would be able to find home based health care in toto at Kathmandu.

Luckily, I decided to try one home care company as my last try and came in contact with Lifeline Health Home Care Pvt Ltd which is situated in Pulchowk-13, Lalitpur. They responded so humbly and respectfully listened all our problems and worries. I found that this home based health care has team of qualified doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, an authorized lab, all essential portable equipments like oxygen concentrator, BiPAP, Hospital beds, IV stands and many more and has also been providing home delivery of all required medical supplies.

I was happy that at this time of Pandemics there is some company who claim to take care of all primary and chronic illnesses. I decided to take service from the company. They responded immediately and a team of doctor, nurse and lab technician arrived our home within an hour. The team was so humble and the way they take care of patient and the way the counsel was so convincing that we decided to take all their services. My grand pa was diagnosed as pneumonia after all check ups and lab reports was done and IV medications were started immediately under supervision of doctor by nurse. My grandpa's oxygen saturation was below normal so as per doctors advice we agreed to keep him on oxygen supplementation. Easy part was we could even get oxygen concentrator machine on rental service from Lifeline Health Home Care Pvt Ltd just at Rs. 200 per day, which aid us comfort as we didn't had to worry for searching oxygen cylinder and filling those cylinders.

We have been receiving service from that company for 10 days and now my grandpa is all ok now. Since all of our family remains busy for entire day that we are not able to take care of our grandpa much so we have decided to continue service from Lifeline Health Home Care even though he has won that acute illness.

Currently, my grandpa has became active, his oxygen level is normal and we are providing chest physiotherapy from qualified physiotherapist provided us by Lifeline Health Home Care Pvt Ltd.

Lastly, I want to thank lifeline Health Home Care Pvt Ltd. For all those supports they provided us, when all our family had gave up hope of recovery of our grandpa. And, I would like to wish Lifeline Health Home Care good luck for betterment and wish that service would flourish and gets established as topmost home care of Nepal. I would like to recommend everyone in Nepal who are in need of home care to please contact Lifeline Health home care as it is the best home care with best clinical team.

Thank you

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