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Article:National Exam Decisions.!

Name:Bipin Saud(Dadeldhura)

Himalayan Whitehouse International college,Ktm

Email:[email protected]


Exam is an official test that shows your knowledge/ability in a particular subject for a limited coverage of their potential. The reason for me to believe exam being unfair assessments of progress is the study pressure. Whereas the key is to make the students see that exam results are important not life defining.


Decisions of SEE,NEB and other important exams are pending.Ministry of education is in favour of exams to be done.


Each and every student is tensed and heartly worried for their exams.Decisions are being too late.For the revision,materials are not available.Internet is not widely accessable.online classes are conducted but has become a matter of worry for the students from poor background.A student even committed suicide for same reason. The updates of the Ministry Of Education and NEB Is taking the heart away of every students.


Declares that The Constitution Of Nepal doesnot allow to pass the students without the national level exams and doesn’t meet the international standards.

As constitution is for the people and by the people.The COVID-19 Effect wasn’t mentioned in the constitution being a special case.so decision should get a reform here. Even the internal exams also were brought out in the NEB formats that fulfills the international standards. Exams should be cancelled and moved on for new academic year. Besides that, decisions should be as fast as possible.

Ministers will not be effected as they are taking decisions through discussions virtually. But we students will have to face the various problems physically.AS in context of Nepal, administration is not so effective. If the education ministry is thinking of conductiong exams with safety measures then RIP to the Education Ministry!!

!!Whatever will be the decision,I hope the decision would be students friendly!!

Lets Hope for the best

#stay Home

#stay safe

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