को सबै प्रकाशनहरु Anuska bhattarai । काठमाडौं , संघीय लोकतान्त्रिक ग


Thousand of days passed away.The time was running so fast that people had started forgeting the difference between day and night.The world seemed to be in silence.The weather had already changed than what it used to be before.Sometimes it felt that life was to be lived,thats why I am living;whats so surprising in that?But sometime,i questioned myself in dilema,"Is life really worth living it?I dont think so."

Whole world wanted me to run in their way but I, wanted in my own way.When I stared at the clock ,even time used to give me warning ,but I said,"No,i will run in my own way."

People,friends,time and present had gone so far away,when I tried to return in middle,my habit of living in past had always followed me behind.Heart was so much into other things that it didnot want to live in present at all.Everyday,i was going back and back and others,they were walking very far away from me.I was seeing others go away but it had stopped giving me any effect .I knew I was disturbed,everyone knew it,but i was not recovered at all.

(I currently study in grade 10.In my article,I questioned myself on my life.Unlike many students,there may be students facing same problem and mental disturbance.My article to those; in the darkness,in the pressure and hesitation to see side effects of this corona period on life of many people.Let there be light,let their be life.)

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