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PasinBarata bungim umii🤝

Friendship (PasinBarata) is one thing that brings and units us together no matter where we come from, which provinces we come from, the family background or the blood we share, it is through the nature of heart that we are connected together as brothers.

MORGAN TOBENO a young man from New Ireland as a great story in Athletics shared his story of how he was inspired by one thing that's called "FRIENDSHIP" through his education career from Primary to secondary and in the tertiary level not only that but in his sporting career in Athletics and Rugby. Morgan Tobano through traveling to other province beside his home province for games or holidays trips he was able to meet new people in his life that became part of him thoughout is life journey. Mr TOBENO Morgan expressed his views that meeting new people, new faces in life that becoming part of him and his life was truly a blessing for him. Friendship is the most valuable and important human relationship a true form of friendship has a certain features including trust, respect, mutual understanding, sincerity, loyalty and selfless service, said Mr Morgan Tobano. Morgan in his travel was able to meet many people especially boys that gave him so much memories to take back with him. Despite the fact that Morgan may return to his home based in Pom or New Ireland the bond of a friendship he shared with the people he met in life, the friendship will last a life time in his heart. The friendship will provide Morgan with thousands of fun moments in life which he may memorize as he continues to live on even in his old age.

Nowadays, in the age of technology and quick communication beyond the borders, the taste of true and physical friendship has died. The physical friendship are being replaced by the digital online friends. We have thousands of internet online friends whom we don't know in personal life.

The digital friendship culture has completely shattered the foundation of true and life lasting friendship. On internet friendship is easily made as well as lost. The true purpose of friendship is dying.

Mr Morgan Tobano was and is truly grateful and honored to have the opportunity out there to meet many new people that were once strangers or even didn't know each other If they even existed in this world to become friends, friends that turned into brothers by the nature of heart having the strongest and the unbreakable bond of brotherhood between Mr Morgan Tobano and everyone he met in his life journey. Morgan thanked everyone for being part and puzzle of his life.

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