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Educators in this Time of Pandemic

COVID19 has turned the whole world 360 degrees. A lot of things that people are used to, were stopped because of the limitations due to the said virus. A nightmare that anyone would not want to happen in their entire life. Many countries have been greatly affected in many aspects such as their economy, health facilities and even educational institutions.

Philippines being a third world country, was hit by the pandemic very badly for it does not have enough resources unlike the other progressive countries. As the pandemic started it has been a challenge for the academe industry on how to innovate and cope with the limitations that the virus has brought for them to continuously provide education to their students, not only provide education but with quality. A lot of platforms have been used such as MS Teams, ZOOM, Google Classroom, FB Messenger and Groups etc.

The patience and creativity of the Filipino educators has been tested. It was difficult at because a lot of problems arises such as poor internet connectivity, lack of gadgets for the students, and familiarization of the system to be used. But Filipinos being known for their resilience, after a couple of weeks challenges were addressed and has been efficient in providing an interactive discussion between the students and teachers, specifically in the tertiary level.

Culminating activities were all shifted into online which seems to be impossible but with the combined efforts of the administration, faculty, parents, and students it materialized. Face to face seminars shifted into webinars that reach more participants, face to face meetings and conferences shifted to online to eliminate the risk of virus transmission and work from home arrangement were implemented for everyone’s safety.

This proves that educators are considered as one of our heroes in this modern age. A hero who doesn’t have a cape and superpowers but find ways to continuously fulfill his responsibility and passion in providing education to the Filipino youth in contribution for the betterment of the community.

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Be a Marketista, Be Everything that You Want!

Going to college is one big step in achieving one’s dreams. What university to enter, what course to take, and other considerations. Since, being in college plays a big part in achieving one’s dreams, the course that he is about to take is necessary for him to be aligned in the industry that he looks forward to be part of.

One of the courses that is underrated here in the Philippines is the BSBA major in Marketing Management. People says that the course is too easy and for students who are happy go lucky. They always incorporate marketing graduates as to salesman, promodiser, cashier and the like; which are reputable jobs that we can consider but are not high paying jobs. Most of them look at Marketistas that way maybe because people are not aware of the scope of the job of being a Marketer. They are not just limited to those jobs because there are a lot of skills needed for you to become a Professional Marketer.

Marketers are beyond how others look at them with the following aspects:

-Marketers study and understand different personalities and behavior of different individuals (consumers/market) just like Psychologists.

-Marketers identify, project and consider the profit and loss as well as the ROI of the company in creating a promotion, launching a brand, etc. Just like Accountants who do the numbers.

-Marketers handles consumer's expectations of a certain brand by providing good products whether it is tangible or not through thorough research, just like other inventors and researchers do.

-Marketers serve the companies by providing good brand experience to make sure that the brand promise is being met and satisfy the consumers, just like how professionals from the tourism industry provides hospitality.

-Marketers create and innovate products as Engineers build infrastructures and machines.

-Marketers design the product's packaging and overall look, considering all the factors that may affect it; as Architects design houses.

-Marketers find solution with all the complaints and dissatisfaction of the consumers with a certain product or service that the company offer as Doctors find cure for their patients.

-Marketers bring profit to the company.

-Marketers protect the company's image.

-Marketers create a good relationship with the customers.

With all the contributions of Marketers in the company and their respected industry, that makes a them valuable and a profession to be proud of and others that would look up to.

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Libingan ng mga buhay

Nag simula ang lahat nuong 1980 sa navotas cemetery, isa sa mga simenteryo na tinayuan ng komunidad

si Juliet Verzosa ay isang community worker nagsimulang tayuan ng komunidad ang simenteryo na ito nuong 1980's matapos bagyuhin ang probinsya ng samar, nag simulang lumuwas ang mga tao dito para humanap ng kabuhayan at matitiran, nuong 2014 mahigit 6,000 na ang mga naninirahan dito sa simenteryo at kilaunay naging isang ganap na komunidad na.

sa dami ng namamatay rito ay hinuhukay na ang mga bangkay tuwing sila ay nakaka limang taon na at naghihintay na kunin ng mga naiwang mahal sa buhay, Si Maldred ay isang tiga-hukay ng nitso sa mahigit dalawang dekada, tinatanngal nya ang mga katawan sa mga nitso at nilalagay sa sako para magkaroon ng libingan ang mga kamamatay lang. binabayaran rin sya dito ng 200 pesos kada apat na nitso ng mahuhukay nya at minsa'y napapanaginipan pa nya ang mga kalansay na kanyang hinuhukay.

sa mahigit isang siglo, ang navotas cemetery ay natayuan na ng mga bahay, karakoe, palaruan at kabuhayan .dito na naglagi ang mga tiga probinsya para humanap ng oportunidad na guminhawa ang buhay, malapit sa dagat ng basura at malayo sa maunlad na bahagi ng siyudad.

si Mariel ay isang dalawang buwang buntis, Si Mariel ay nakatira sa sira sirang bahay, kada bumabagyo'y wala ng natitira sa kanilang gamit dahil sa butas butas na mga bubong, pagktapos mamatay ng kanilang magulang natuto na silang mamuhay ng kapatid nya.

Sila ay isa sa mga halimbawa ng mga mamamayan naiwan sa laylayan ng lipunan, pinapakita dito na kung gaano kahirap ang maging mahirap at kung paano mabuhay kasama ang mga patay ang sabi nga ni Maldred" Sanayan nalang, saan paba tayo titira eh dito na tayo bumagsak"

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Farsite online the next big nft game play to earn.

Farsite universe is as immense and mesmerizing as it is unpredictable and frightening. In this world there is no place for faint-hearted, but for those who dare to take a step, it never fails to amaze.


The real space race is about to begin. But it is dangerous to dive into the endless darkness of space without trusty allies. But be careful - exploring the Universe in search for scarce resources can be a tough test to your friendship

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Where I can hide from cruelty...

It has always been a though battle for me. I don't know why but whenever I am trying to enjoy life, people around me will drag me down. I feel like I am just a dust floating as the wind dances roughly. I never tried having the rest my soul really wanted. It is very tiring, a pitiful kind of life. But you know what makes me calm? The nature. The calming air that seems to be convincing you to close your eyes, the silent surroundings, the view alone, is something that is undeniably exceptional. I remember going to this place before, I am really tired that time. I am drained and all I wanted is to disappear. But seeing this, makes me realize something. That there is still a place where I can hide from all the cruelty my heart feels. There is still a place who waits for me, a place which I can call as my rest.

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Daniel Larze

is A Puerto Rican singer was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico October 12, 2005.

The youngest Leader of MDO Kids.

Daniel Larze Was A Soloist Year 2009 and created the group MDO Kids as Puerto Rican Kids Band, year 2012 was the official Debute of MDO Kids And The First song of the Group is Dulces Besos.

Year 2021 when the group officially disbanded.

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Por Favor Trátame Bien

is The First Mini Series From Puerto Rico Ponce and Directed by Ruben Abreu And Daniel Larze, It's a song that dedicated from Daniel's ex and that's why the title of the song is

("Por Favor Trátame Bien") or Please treat me well. The First Daniel Larze Solo Album.

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