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Daniel Larze And Isaac Mendoza interview

Sally: So today the two members of latin american group or Kids Band That Turn To Teen band called MDO kids of course no one else It’s Daniel And Isaac!

Daniel And Isaac: Hello everybody!

Sally: so today i have question about you isaac,daniel and a lot of questions are from MDO Kids fans club. so how MDO Kids starts? and how Isaac and Daniel Friendship started?

Daniel: isaac was my first bestfriend and we met in caguas puerto rico of course, I was 5 and he was 6 that time, so since my fav hobby is singing and also Isaac was singing, so we’ve decided to make kid band called MDO Kids.

Isaac:yeah MDO Kids was based on Teen Band Menudo if y’all know about Menudo.

Sally:Yes i really like The Menudo I’m bigfan of Charlie And Also Robby, So there’s one more question since Carlos was leave MDO so early so what’s the reason why he left the group so early like that?

Daniel:Well, When MDO tour in Caguas Puerto Rico for the NightParty(Noche De Gala 2015) Carlos told me he’s about to leave the group after his last performance and the reason why is he wants to focus on his study.

Sally: There’s no issue why he leave? Cuz they say that there is a conflict between felipe and carlos is it true Daniel?

Daniel:Well, Sometimes that I’ve noticed when they don’t get along to each other, If they have a conflict with each other, Well thats out of mdo group.

Sally:Yeah so how about you isaac how are you and how’s your life going.

Isaac: I’m fine and my life always good and happy with my family of cours-

Sally:Since everyone knows that you is the one of the best member of MDO Kids so what do you react?

Isaac:Well I’m happy that all of you like my song, And Thankyousomuch for supporting me since day one and now I’m here I love y’all guys!

Sally:So now what message do you have for your fans?

Isaac:I just want to say that if you want to make your dreams come true then keep going and never stop pursuing for your dream and it will be successful soon.

Daniel:Yeah that’s right and the most important is ignore what your hater says, And ignore someone who keeps underestimating you.

Sally: Yeah i love that message boys, so now this is the end of program say Goodbye to Daniel And Isaac! See Yah Tomorrow!

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Daniel Larze

is A Puerto Rican singer was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico October 12, 2005.

The youngest Leader of MDO Kids.

Daniel Larze Was A Soloist Year 2009 and created the group MDO Kids as Puerto Rican Kids Band, year 2012 was the official Debute of MDO Kids And The First song of the Group is Dulces Besos.

Year 2021 when the group officially disbanded.

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Por Favor Trátame Bien

is The First Mini Series From Puerto Rico Ponce and Directed by Ruben Abreu And Daniel Larze, It's a song that dedicated from Daniel's ex and that's why the title of the song is

("Por Favor Trátame Bien") or Please treat me well. The First Daniel Larze Solo Album.

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Ang Magandang Amoy ay Lasa ng Sinampalukang Manok

-Written By: Alec Jullian K. Alindahao

(“Sinampalukang Manok”)

Sa sarili kong pananaw, ang amoy ng sinampalukang manok ay kamangha-mangha.Naaamoy mo ang pagka-asim nito kahit hindi mo pa natitikman. Punong-puno ito ng pabango galin sa luya, bawang, patis, at ng paminta o pepper. Higit sa lahat, mas-nalalansa sa ulam na ito ang bango ng dahon galing sa sampalok. Sa dahon ng sampalok nanggagaling ang sariwa at malinamnaman na amoy. Isang amoy pa lamang, mararamdaman na ang kasarapan nitong ulam.

Masarp din ang lasa ng sinampalukang manok. Ang laso nito mas-maasim pa kesa saSinigang kung ikokompara ang isa’t-isa. Kapag mabigyan ng isang tikim, biglang mapipikat ang mata dahil sa asim. Ang asim galing sa sabaw ay napupunta din sa manok na nakababad, pinapabuti ang kabuuan ng lasa nito kapag kinain. Nakakatulong din ang kangkong sa ulam na ito, na ibinabalanse ang asim sa mas-banayad na lasa nito. Dahil sa pag-hahalo ng mga lasa galling sa sangkap, nagiging masarap ang lasa ng sinampalukang manok.

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17 people died.

There were a total of 92 people on board, including three pilots and five other crew members.

The Air Force says the Lockheed C-130 crashed during landing.

Rescue work continues.

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Online learning blog

Online class

When I say I am vehemently having hard time learning, I don't only say it for myself but I am speaking as someone part of a whole society all having the same tumult rendezvousing inside the head-the students of the present time.

There are numerous issues that any understudy faces with the way that instruction is being managed nowadays. To begin with on the list I would like to enjoy our consideration to is the reality that each understudy is being challenged by the changes made to their lives not as it were as understudies but as people. In truth, each one of us was challenged by these exceptional changes. It may be a extreme organize of life as a understudy to all of a sudden move from being instructed with few to truly hands-on direction from a instructor to abruptly learning on a student’s claim tirelessness and self-help. Sure there are very few understudies who don't require consideration from instructors but the lion's share do, numerous of us, counting myself, require a making a difference hand from our instructors. The truth that we, in a few way loose this hand makes it indeed harder for us to manage with the at that point challenge in learning. There are few times where our instructors reach out to us understudies but as much as I would like to appreciate it, I have to say that it will never level the same amount of learning every student gets with the old form or learning.

Another challenge, and likely one of the greatest challenges of online learning is the precariousness of web association. The reality that Philippines have an awfully destitute web association does not make this circumstance news to everyone. Maybe, I may not be the as it were one who vented out the disappointment of the unending “loading…” to the things close my locate. It is genuine that the gradualness and precariousness of the web connection makes it indeed harder to memorize and to communicate.

If I were to be honest enough, I would also like to add that another thing that hinders learning through online is the incapability of some students, including myself to keep oneself away from the computer and do other things that are far less necessary than studying. I had been through a lot of times where I had to fight with myself between doing what is essential, and what is captivating in the eye, between what is required for me to do and what is making me happy to do. The presence of social media and other social networking sites, which, if I may add, is the only setting that lets us get communicated with the people around us, makes it harder to have focus in learning.

Needless to say all the components that make online learning a lot challenging than learning face-to-face, we do know that it is indeed hard to educate one’ s self today. However, we do need to recognise the fact that there is no such thing as always a glossy and clean road. We will always have our rough roads where we may swerve and stop, a rough day, week, month, or year where we may shed buckets of tears, but as cliché as it may sound, nothing in this world is permanent; everything is just for a specific time span; everything is temporary. One day, we will all be through these hardships and what will matter by then is not the memory of hardship, but the way we cope with the hardships and challenges. Just like how there is an end to every endless “loading…” there will be a time for “finished.”

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Earthquakes should be expected, but the earthquake, which occurred at a depth of 112 km, is unlikely to cause harm.

"Because it is a deep earthquake, it took place over a large area," said Renato Solidum, head of Phivolcs.

He also added that there was no threat of a tsunami.

The epicenter was reported in the province of Mindoro and was felt in the capital Manila.

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Quotes of the day:

Always thank God, no matter how hard life is.


A Learners Experience Having Problem Based Type of Activity

John Donald M. Alfaro

Bachelor of Physical Education


Criteria for Judging


1 (Below standard)

2 (Acceptable; standard)


4 (Very Good)

5 (Outstanding)

The story board where clear

The story reflects the idea of a student’s experience about the activities

The activity reflects the idea of project based assessment

The writer uses appropriate word or phrases in the blog


Today’s lesson is all about nutrition, to start the class, the teacher divide the class into 6 groups and I belong to the 3rd group. We have 4 members in our group, the same as the others. Each group was given a task and the task is to determine the essential macro and micro nutrients that needs by a person to achieve its body goal and it should be followed by explanations on how is it that the nutrients are needed to achieve the specific body goal

Our assignment is to determine the macro and micro nutrients to add muscle mass in a person so basically we are assigned to determine what the essential nutrients for muscle building

Our group started to surf to the internet, after a long hour of researching, we found out that all of the nutrients are needed to build muscle, that’s why we decided to search for the important nutrients only.

After searching the web, we were able to determine the important nutrients to build muscle, first is protein, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin C, Omega 3, Vitamin B12 and Magnesium

After we determine the nutrients, we use again the web to search for information on how this nutrients helps a person to build muscle. And this is the result

Protein- Eating adequate amount of protein helps maintain muscle mass and with the proper training and exercise it will promote muscle growth. We can get protein in eggs, fish and other meat products

Carbohydrates – carbohydrates is basically giving us energy, this will help us to maintain our energy level while we do our training to build muscle. Sources are bread, oats, rice, potatoes

Calcium – it is vital for muscle contraction and energy metabolism. Good sources are cheese, milk, almonds, sesame seeds

Vitamin C – it helps metabolize carbs for fuel. Good sources are citrus fruits

Omega 3 – essential to get fatty acids, this will help blood flow and makes the heart healthier. Good sources are fatty fishes,

Vitamin B12 – plays part in forming red blood cells, and it also ensures the brain and muscle coordination. Good sources are eggs, marmite, meat, milk

Magnesium – helps muscle contraction and prevents fatigue.

After all the research works, we compile all of our results into 1 folder and submitted it in our PE teacher.

This group activity gives us realization that nutrients alone will not be enough to build muscle, it only helps the person to achieve their body goal. Proper exercise and training with the help of nutrition will lead us to achieve our body goal.


This activity helps me to enhance my problem solving skills, as an aspiring Physical educator, I must be aware about the proper nutrition and treatment to a person to achieve its body goal. Some of us may think that the activity is so very simple but if we will think deeper, this activity is only a part of our learning experience. This activity helps us realize something that will help us to cope up to the problems that we may encounter in the near future. Obesity is one of the major problem that we are facing as of now and I believe that this simple activity will help us to realize the importance of eating a nutritious meal that will help us to avoid the increasing rate of obesity in our community.

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