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- Haney Serenio

Humans are wired to be curious about the unknown and to seek answers. A creation myth recounts how the world's wonders came to be and can be found in practically every society. A creation myth is a story that explains the origins of the world, the creation of humans, and the relationship between a god or gods and humans. These creations have a significant impact on people's perceptions. They have an impact on people's perceptions of the world and their position in regard to it.


The first of these elements is the idea of creation as a kind of birth often from an egg. The egg especially stands out in the creation myths of early Chinese Daoists, who told the story of a great cosmic egg from which the god Pangu emerged when the shell split. The top half of the shell became the sky, and the bottom half became Earth.

The second common theme found in creation myths is the concept that the universe has both a father and a mother.The mother and father are not always the figures which create life on earth.

The third element of creation myth is the notion of a supreme being. A supreme being appears in almost every myth. He or she is what triggers the train of events that create the world. Sometimes there are two beings, a passive and active creator.

Another element that runs through the world's creation myths is the question of whether creation took place from above or below. Not all cultures imagine life starting on earth . Some believe that it originated either above or below where we live now.

Still other myths claim the earth was once covered with water and the earth was brought to the surface. It sees creation as somehow having been pulled out from chaos or muck and these are called diver myths.


All these creation and foundational myths represent an effort on the part of the cultures that produce them to find a link between the present and the past, including the past of their ancestors. It is a part of being human for people to question where they came from and where they are going. Creation and foundational myths attempt to answer these questions in ways that reflect the cultural realities of a people at a given time and in a given place. Even science shares this wonder. We continue to wonder. Even now, as the 21st century approaches we continue to make theories on how earth was created. They are our new creation myths. We base our ideas on scientific evidence. However the creation myths were based on what people saw their observations.

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