Lahat ng publication ng Raymond Jacinto Sucgang . Quezon City , Philippines


The Nuclear Analytical Techniques Applications Section of the PNRI-- always ready to serve you. We are the Section with the most number of research Projects. As of 2020 we have 15 research projects in various fields : Environment, food safety, analytical work , and authenticity testing. The projects that we do are only 40% of our targets-- the remaining 60% is on our Services. Our staff manage at least six (6) International Atomic Energy Agency Technical Cooperation Projects as National Project Counterpart. We have projects on isotope hydrology to ensure sustainability and enhance availability of fresh water resources in the country. WE also do Isotope ecology wherein we apply isotope -based tracing of nutrient contamination in the environment and engage in monitoring of natural attenuation of these pollutants. We measure, characterize and apportion sources of air pollution in the country. We develop and optimize methods to authenticate food labels, detect and discourage fraudulent adulteration in food stuffs and mislabeling We monitor naturally occurring radionuclides in soil in selected sites. Our Service Analyses covers : Gross -alpha-beta and radon determination in water to protect the public from undue exposure to radioactivity-emitting nuclides in drinking water. We test drinking water before they reach your table. We ensure that food on your table is also safe as far as radioactivity is concerned through our Gammametric analysis. This test is also used for international trade as a compliance parameter for imports and exports. We also provide elemental analysis of your materials be it an environmental sample or an ore for mining potentiality screening. We will be testing and authenticating vintage coins and bills soon. We engage in Contract researches too to suit some special analytical needs of our customers. We are committed to serve --please come to us for your analytical needs.

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