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Dynamics of Agriculture in Pakistan

Pakistan is developing country and agriculture is the backbone of it’s economy . Pakistan is an agrarian based nation and out of 80 Mha of the absolute land, 22 Mha is being used for the rural creation. Critical increment in the trimming region has been seen in the course of the most recent multi decade as the editing region expanded from 16.62 Mha to 22.15 Mha during the time of 1971 to 2003 however because of the fast increment in the populace, per capita land accessibility has definitely diminished. The anticipated yearly development rate is portraying a more regrettable picture sooner rather than later regarding rural economy. Our 70% of entire population is directly and indirectly dependent upon agriculture. Economy of the nation is laying on the shoulders of horticulture segment. With a commitment of 21% in GDP and work of over 48.4% of the absolute working power, this division is the greatest giver in the economy of the nation. Trimming segment has 60% of the absolute horticulture commitment to the GDP while the domesticated animals and ranger service represents 40%. Agribusiness division in Pakistan is likewise confronting the absolute most significant issues and there is a need to feature and settle these issues from the start need.

Pakistan, a nation once a water-surplus nation, is currently picking up consideration as a water-shortfall nation. Indus River is likewise called as the foundation of Pakistan's economy for the most part because of arrangement of 90% of the water commitment towards horticulture area

Burden shedding is considered as a part of some of genuine dangers to horticulture. There is an expanding loads noticing with the progression of time. In excess of 1,075,073 cylinder wells (Government of Pakistan. 2011) are inundating the land and because of the genuine power setback, these neglect to work in an ideal way.

Rural expansion is one of the main impetuses that are liable for the development of rural profitability by moving most recent and improved advances to the ranchers and at last fortifies the national economy.

Low quality seed majorly affects the germination just as the general power of the plant particularly on account of wheat which is considered as the staple nourishment in Pakistan. Commonplace Seed Corporations are proposed to appropriate the quality seed.

Significant expenses of the manures are primarily because of the expansion in the costs of the petroleum gas and syndication of the compost organizations working in Pakistan. Expanded General Sales Tax on the petroleum gas is additionally one reason for this climb in the costs. The expansion in the gas costs directly affects the per sack cost of each compost particularly urea which is by and large purposely utilized in the agrarian division.

Pakistan is an agro based nation and the issues identified with this significant division present dangers to the general economy and the vital circumstance. In long haul setting, the current circumstance is disturbing a direct result of the absence of enthusiasm of higher specialists towards this significant division. Receiving the useful proposals given right now unquestionably increment the Agricultural GDP of Pakistan


Tayyab Shahzad & Dr. Muhammmad Yaseen

Department of Agriculture Extension,

College of Agriculture, UOS, Sargodha

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Many many congratulations;

Its going to wish all Muslim brothers and sisters congratulations for reconverting hagia sofia museum once again to Masque by Recep Thayyub Urdgan. InShaAllah soon Khilafat Usmania will be established in Arab countries. This were the first step towards Khilafat.

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How enzyme work;

Enzymes work in two different machanism.

Ist of all enzymes catalysis occur in change of energy of a substrate or reaction. Thus an enzymes give an alternate way of reaction it low energy state. This is different from uncatalyzed reaction, because in uncatalyzed reaction the energy change does not occur.

Second is that an enzyme active site facilitate in catalysis of chemical reaction.

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Breast augmentation is an elective surgery used to increase the size of the breast in females. This study was undertaken to determine the breast augmentation in Pakistani females.

Methods: From 2006 to 2011, 43 female patients who underwent breast augmentation via infra-mammary, periareolar, trans-umbilical and fat transfer were enrolled. For augmentation, saline-filled or gel-filled implants were used in the supine position under general anesthesia and local infiltration of adrenaline (1:100,000 dilution) on each side. After the surgery, postoperative dressing was changed after 3-5 days and post-op bra was used for next 3-4 weeks. The patients were followed up for any complications too.

Results: The majority of patients (60.4%) were less than 30 years (mean age: 27.51 years). Most of patients (70%) had infra-mammary incision, 13.9% had periareolar, 9.3% had trans-umbilical and 4.7% had fat transfer. Saline-filled implants were used in 30.2%, whereas gel-filled implants in 69.8% of patients. Implant volume in infra-mammary, periareolar, trans-umbilical and fat transfer approaches was 278.9, 291.7, 277.5 and 325 mL, respectively. Only two cases of infection were recorded in early postop period. One patient responded to conservative treatment and in 2nd patient, implants were removed. There was only one case of hypertrophic scar. No case of capsular contracture was seen. Quality of scar was satisfactory in infra-mammary and periareolar incisions. Changes in sensations were noted in 6 cases, 4 of them had periareolar incision.

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