The title looks like a Hollywood movie name but it is not. Somewhere on earth, there is a road recognized as the” road of dead bodies”. Neither it is because of any power of plague nor it is because of terrorists, thieves, and robbers. However, it is because of a highway with a single lane. A road that connects Baluchistan to Sindh is still one way. Where daily, almost five or six accidents take place and push innocent souls towards death.

Undoubtedly, roads play a vital role in connecting different cities. They are the biggest sources of transportation and the convenient way to import and export goods within a country. A road that is a part of the Main R.C.D road is still one way from Karachi to Quetta. Due to this killer highway, people are losing their lives more in comparison to terrorist attacks across the province. An estimated four thousand people have succumbed to death in the accidents that occurred on this road.

This single-line highway almost connects ten major cities in Balochistan. Surprisingly 800 accidents were witnessed last year on this deadly road.

All in all, many promises have been made by the Government of Balochistan regarding the establishment of a dual carriage from Karachi to Quetta. Yet nothing has been done practically. At last, it is my humble request to the concerned authorities to build a dual carriage from Karachi to Quetta and save more lives from being the victim of it.





Blaming others for our failure is the biggest failure ever . when anybody don't have encourage to overcome the failure or can not try to pass the failure then he obviously blames others for his loss/failure.

Failure does not mean that you are unable for anything actually failure teaches the real joy of success. To get success always is not greater then failing once then coming back and trying again. The comeback and trying again is the greatest encouragement .failing once then not trying again is worse but failing then blaming others is the worst ever.

Even don't blame, if you failed because of someone. Failing and then trying again is not an easy job. Be a source of encouragement for the ones who get fail and don't try again instead of being an example for the ones who get fail and blame others.

Blaming others is actually shows how weak you are. Accept the reality and try again. The failure will teach you how to celebrate your success . good is the one who gets success but the best is the one who gets success after his failure. Brave is the one who takes responsibility of his failure and try to make it better.





A building stands strongly because of it’s strong pilores in the same way a plant grows with good water, imagine a building without pilores or a plant without the requirments for it’s growth. University in Hub city is as important as these above examples. Universty is Hub of education.

University is the fundamental right of students of hub city but they are being deprived off from their fundamental right . the biggest province in terms of area has only 8 universities with their 11 branches which is the lowest number if we compare with Sindh , Punjab or Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. 8 universities with their 11 branches yet not a single one in the city of Baluchistan “Hub city”.

Main purpose was to tell that there has been lack of university since this city existed. Education is the fundamental right, and for that university is must. A university plays vital rule in any student's life. Education without university is just like a man without eyes and hands, a body without soul, a vehicle without tyres. 2.3 million out of 3.6 million are uneducated children which shows the higher rate of uneducated children of Baluchistan. The rate of uneducated people of Hub city is higher then other cities. Rate of uneducated in Hub city is increasing day by day.

LUAMS uthal is 90 KM for from Hub city and KU”KARACHI UNIVERSITY” IS 48 Km from Hub city. It is really a hard job to travel 48 km each side on daily basis or 90 km each side on daily basis. Mostly females could not study after passing inter. 60 to 70% students leave their education because of finance or they can not effort to travel "KU or Luams" on daily basis. Most of the people of Hub city don't allow their children to get education because they think their children can't do anything by education that's why the rate of uneducated people of Hub is higher then other cities.

Our neighbor country India is considered the strongest south Asian nation in subcontinent just because the number of universities in India is the highest among subcontinal countries.

Molvi Abdul Haq sacrificed his whole life to build a urdu university. The Urdu language which had become our national language that is just because of Molvi Abdul Haq’s sacrifices.we might had been speaking Hindi instead of Urdu if Molvi Abdul haq had not sacrificed him for Urdu University. This shows the value of a university in a city.

Education is must and it is third eye of human beings. The university is must for education same as oxygen is must for taking breath. University is the most powerful and the strongest pilor of education. The city even deserves two universities but yet not a single one here. If a university would not be built in Hub city with in some time it would complete disaster for this city .Hub needs a university as soon as possible.




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Results: The majority of patients (60.4%) were less than 30 years (mean age: 27.51 years). Most of patients (70%) had infra-mammary incision, 13.9% had periareolar, 9.3% had trans-umbilical and 4.7% had fat transfer. Saline-filled implants were used in 30.2%, whereas gel-filled implants in 69.8% of patients. Implant volume in infra-mammary, periareolar, trans-umbilical and fat transfer approaches was 278.9, 291.7, 277.5 and 325 mL, respectively. Only two cases of infection were recorded in early postop period. One patient responded to conservative treatment and in 2nd patient, implants were removed. There was only one case of hypertrophic scar. No case of capsular contracture was seen. Quality of scar was satisfactory in infra-mammary and periareolar incisions. Changes in sensations were noted in 6 cases, 4 of them had periareolar incision.


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