I saw the screaming faces when the time کراچی

I saw the screaming faces when the time showed up

I heard a furious voice when the angel appeared

I hear the last sigh when the soul flew

I left the pale flesh when the heart cease its beat

I felt the helplessness of loved ones,

When I was taken to the graveyard

I murmured goodbye when the life stop

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William Blake

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour


منزل دور ہی صحیح

راستے کٹھن ہی صحیح

پاؤں چھلنی ہی صحیح

ارادے کمزور ہی صحیح

حو صلے ٹوٹے ہوے ہی صحیح

زندہ رہنے کے لیے

تم کو لڑ نا ہوگا زندگی سے

تم کو منزل طے کر نا ہوگی

کٹھن رستوں پہ چل کر پاؤں

چھلنی کرنا ھونگے

دلوں کو جوڑ کر حوصلا بڑھانا ہوگا


تمہیں زندگی کے لیے زندہ رہنا ہے

تمہیں پھر سے جی اٹھنا ھے

تمہیں پھر سے لڑنا ہے

تمھیں گر کر پھر سے سنبھلنا ھے

جیسے رات ہوتی ھے چاند کو روشن کرنے

جیسے سورج طلوع ہوتا ہے روشنی پہلانے

ویسے ھی تمکو زندہ رھنا ہے زندگی جینے کیلئے

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Gender Inequality:

Gender discrimination is a global phenomenon. It is deeply rooted in patriarchal societies of the world. The so-called modern world keeps a double countenance. It accepts gender parity but apparently, it doesn't consider women as equal to men. Yet women lag behind men in different dimensions of life.

The woman is a subject or the most alluring object of the glamour World. She is always introduced as a commodity. She is not taken as human rather projected as an item or product on demand.

In such patriarchal societies, women can't breathe freely. Pakistan is one of them. Yet gender inequality is hot and a serious issue for feminists in Pakistan. The institutionalised gender inequality hindered the smooth progress and development of women in urban areas of Pakistan. Many educated women in Pakistan do not pursue their careers after marriage because of their matrimonial responsibilities. Even at home, she is taken as a subordinate or second citizen by the male companions. She does twenty-four services for her family. She does not have the right to approve crucial decisions of the house. What she can better do is take care of house chores, children, and husband. She does all these duties to get a shelter for living, food for survival and clothes for covering herself. Taking care of the house, husband, children and inlaws are their prime responsibility. Some women also support their husbands financially by doing jobs. But she can't take off even for a day from her household duties. At home, she tries to manage family chores. At the office, she faces sexual and works place harassment. But for her family prestige, she sacrifices her happiness and faces everything with courage and dignity. There is no doubt there are humble families as well in such societies where women live a very happy and prosperous life. However, the ratio is relatively poor.

If we come across the rural areas of Pakistan, gender discrimination is at its peak. Many women have even no right to get basic education or take medications properly because of their gender. They are forced to enter early marriages only because they are girls. It is common yet deeply embedded in the custom and traditions of these rural societies. The victim can't make any complaints due to poor financial problems. However, the male member has more power strength and huge dignity as compared to the latter. These illiterate women spend their whole life in serving their parents, brother and husband. They are dependent on their male member completely.

Therefore, the government of Pakistan should provide basic rights to women. They should consider the fact that women constitute half of the country population. If they all have their all basic right of survival, they will contribute to the progress of the country. On the whole, gender parity can change the destiny of a nation.

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Hurshch Groved elnaaz in a trance Kala sha kala

Choreographer hurshch Groved Hookstep Of Kala sha kala after Lisa hydon

Other News Pakistan

Hurshch Biography Networth ,Age ,Height, News ,Movies, Songs ,Affairs

Abdullah best know for his screen name Hurshch is a Choreographer writer singer and models gromer He specializes in Contemporary Dance and many others forms of dance Best know for Nudity he started his carrer in FMD(the fashion model directory)in 2016 He was selected for that song in which nudity is common

Early Life:

Hurshch is a Choreographer writer performer and singer he starts his carrer in FMD(fashion model directory in 2016 he was youngest super talented person he face many problems in his life according to the interview but he never stop some peoples say him gay due to his nudity in fashion industry and for many others reasons hursh is well educated he completed his education from his born city okara went to CMR high school and then to best college of his time hursh performs in many events family events and fashion shows he started his carrer from zero but he done to many good things in fashion industry and now he decided to do css next in his life,He was crazy about music about his passion and believes in unleashed the madness

Hursh starts a new company know as fantasylive.inc which is not on socialmedia but coming soon

he did work as he needed he loves to love alone and now best know for his chreographic nudity moves and one of the highest paid person in industry


Hurshch starts his carrer in fashion shows performances then he choreographed a song in pakistan in which he is not credited clearly now one of the highest paid person in industry he works according to his need clearly hursh starts carrer in FMD (the fashion model directory) in 2016

Personal Life:

Abdullah Best know for his screen name hursh was born in okara Pakistan belongs to a muslim family,he is only one in his family who joins showbizz he has four sisters who are highly educated

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It's unfortunate how we become political every electioneering year

Shouting who we are supporting

Who supported you for the last five years?

God, your love Kenya

Who paid Your rent, school fees for your kids,facilities food on your table just to name a few

God, your love Kenya

Cutting across tribal lines... This is mediocrity Bana,

We need to think inner ward lyrics and outside the box,

It's no longer about where the president, comes from, my tribe how did it benefit you?

You probably buying cooking Oil the same price as everyone else is...

This frustrating country my Kenya

God, Your love Kenya

Everything is above the sky

skyrocketing prices on every basic commodity

Kutoka kwa mafuta hadi Unga

God, your love Kenya

I walk into a Supermarket I no longer buy any commodity for quality but for quantity and price consideration is my first priority.

God, your love Kenya

But till when will this go On....


I will not be put in the same shifty hole after 8th August 2022

God, Your love Kenya

We can't tell but then again we are left with ONE, To gather our thoughts and, for once make a sober and informed decisions in terms of who you vote in various seats....

God, Your love Kenya

Fail to which the suffering continues and we pass it to the next generation what a shame?

I wonder what our forefathers are thinking at this certain moments

God, Your love Kenya

It's like we probably sold our country but for WHAT?, You would ask yourself... Is it worth

We have spearheaded development in East and Central Africa we are so Much head compared with other neighboring countries...

But at what expense?


I really wonder...

God, Your love Kenya

We live at a time where the money you earn is not enough to cater most people livelihoods

Living in a deficit chasing money more than yourself....

God, your love Kenya

CATCH it if you may, Your life depends on it

Save yourself from the life your have created around yourself

Staying true to your course, your true happiness, love and harmony essentials for our soul

God, your love Kenya

My Country Kenya as we Go to Elections

I love you

May you be Peaceful

I pray and believe


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В Казани росгвардейцы выполнили задачи по обеспечению безопасности во время празднования Дня России

Военнослужащие казанского специального моторизованного полка Приволжского округа Росгвардии, бойцы ОМОН «Ак Барс» и сотрудники вневедомственной охраны Росгвардии по Республике Татарстан выполнили задачи по обеспечению безопасности жителей и гостей республики во время праздничных мероприятий, посвященных Дню России.

Традиционно, наиболее массовым местом проведения праздничных мероприятий для жителей и гостей столицы республики стала площадка возле центра семьи «Казан», где побывало около 35 тысяч человек. Помимо концерта с участием творческих коллективов и артистов эстрады там было организовано множество развлекательных зон. Завершилось мероприятие красочным салютом над акваторией реки Казанки.

Задачи по охране общественного порядка и обеспечению безопасности во время праздничных мероприятий выполнили военнослужащие казанского специального моторизованного полка Приволжского округа ВНГ России, сотрудники вневедомственной охраны и бойцы ОМОН «Ак Барс» Управления Росгвардии по Республике Татарстан во взаимодействии с сотрудниками МВД по РТ и работниками частных охранных организаций.

Благодаря совместной работе Росгвардии и МВД, при участии работников ЧОО, грубых нарушений общественного порядка и безопасности не допущено.

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Meet the 78 years old High school graduate Ted Sams...

It was a joyfull moment for Ted Sams (78) and his family when he finally walked on stage to receive his high school diploma sixty years after he missed his 1962 graduation because of some teenage mischief and $4.80 (E3.40) overdue library fine he owed at his former school.

During his high school days, Ted and a friend were in a photography class when they were caught by the vice principal for photographing people without their consent and Ted was later suspended, leading to him missing the final exam and graduation. While he tried keeping up with his studies by attending summer school, Ted then found that he couldn't get his diploma because of the overdue library fine book.

“So I just walked away from it and said, 'Forget it',” he says.

In 2022, after much persuasion from his family Ted joined San Gabriel California High school in Los Angeles and got his high school diploma

Sams says he never expected to be back in high school 60 years later after he dropped out. He recounted how he would repeatedly complain to his children how a meagre $4.80 kept him from having a degree.

His daughter Sherry then suprised him by asking San Gabriel High in Los Angeles for a reprint of his diploma so he can attend graduation.

Luckily for him, the school hasn't thrown away the diploma and It was kept in a box, in senior archives.

In 27 May, Ted received an invitation from the school to be part of the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was attended by his wife and five children.

Even though it has been a long hard road, Ted says attaining his diploma has been a great achievement for him and the graduation was one of the highlights of his life.

“Actually, when he walked and got his diploma, every person on that stage hugged him and then the whole class applauded for him,” Sherry says.

Although the $4.80 fine hasn't been paid, Ted is now a graduate of San Gabriel High School's class of 2022.

Source: News24

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