Incredibly beautiful city in China.

Guangzhou is a huge port city northwest of Hong Kong, lying on the Pearl River. The city is famous for its avant-garde buildings, including the Guangzhou Opera House, designed by architect Zaha Hadid and resembling a sea-stone rounded by the sea, Guangdong Provincial Museum, which looks like a box with slots, and a television tower in the form of thin hourglasses. The Guangdong Folk Museum was opened in the Chen Ancestral Temple, founded in 1894.


US President Donald Trump refers to a law allowing the army to suppress riots, the military says the army cannot be used inside the US

Donald Trump promised to deploy troops in response to ongoing protests in many cities around the country.

Yesterday, the president called the violent protests “domestic terrorist acts,” which should be suppressed by law enforcement.

"If a city or state refuses to take the necessary actions to protect the lives and property of its inhabitants, I will deploy the United States troops and quickly solve the problem for them," Trump said. He referred to the Uprising Act of 1807, which allows the president to use troops to suppress riots.

At the same time, CNN Pentagon interlocutors talked about the deep and growing concern among the military that arose even before Trump’s statement. Some military officials said the situation does not require the deployment of troops unless state governors provide convincing arguments that this is necessary.

"I would very much like local law enforcement officers to take responsibility," said a spokesman for the Department of Defense, citing laws prohibiting armies from performing law enforcement functions within the United States.


Are the online studies valuable to students?

There has been a press release on 15

April, 2020 by the consent students of University of Cape Coast, Ghana to share their grievances on the government's decision to study via e -learning.

It is obvious that the government is doing it best to provide quality education to their future leaders as they decide on an online studies in a time like this. Due to the pandemic virus, Covid-19 that has slowed down all activities, it was of course a good initiative by the government to introduce e learning platforms for students.

But have they thought of students living in remote areas with poor network service, and even they should support us with us with data. In as much as they can. Because our parents whom we rely are also home not working especially those in the lock-down areas such as Accra and Dumas. Students are in psychological trauma and emotional too. It is however unfair if these measures are not taken into consideration.

In view of these there has been a press release to appeal to the government and administration to tackle these issues very well.


As the the corona virus takes the whole world by storm and governments all over the world resorted to lock downs the same is not entirely effective in the sew Saharan Africa.

In order for a total shutdown to happen the citizens need food stocks that will last the whole lock down period . Sadly this is not feasible for Zimbabweans. The truth of the matter is that there's 90 per cent unemployment which basically means that the majority of the Zimbabweans are self employed. They live from hand to mouth and do not have disposable incomes to stock food and other basic necessities. People will be starving very soon and this IDs going to pose another calamity on the already vulnerable people.


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Breast augmentation is an elective surgery used to increase the size of the breast in females. This study was undertaken to determine the breast augmentation in Pakistani females.

Methods: From 2006 to 2011, 43 female patients who underwent breast augmentation via infra-mammary, periareolar, trans-umbilical and fat transfer were enrolled. For augmentation, saline-filled or gel-filled implants were used in the supine position under general anesthesia and local infiltration of adrenaline (1:100,000 dilution) on each side. After the surgery, postoperative dressing was changed after 3-5 days and post-op bra was used for next 3-4 weeks. The patients were followed up for any complications too.

Results: The majority of patients (60.4%) were less than 30 years (mean age: 27.51 years). Most of patients (70%) had infra-mammary incision, 13.9% had periareolar, 9.3% had trans-umbilical and 4.7% had fat transfer. Saline-filled implants were used in 30.2%, whereas gel-filled implants in 69.8% of patients. Implant volume in infra-mammary, periareolar, trans-umbilical and fat transfer approaches was 278.9, 291.7, 277.5 and 325 mL, respectively. Only two cases of infection were recorded in early postop period. One patient responded to conservative treatment and in 2nd patient, implants were removed. There was only one case of hypertrophic scar. No case of capsular contracture was seen. Quality of scar was satisfactory in infra-mammary and periareolar incisions. Changes in sensations were noted in 6 cases, 4 of them had periareolar incision.


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