National hero of Pushtuns:

It would be injustice to the history of resistance without including the story of Advocate Rahim Mandokhail for the Afghan culture, history and language. A true son of an Afghan soil who thoroughly defended the nation at any platform he fittest against giants as like khushal khan khattak, Pir Roshan and Ifi faqir while politically like Bacha khan and khan Shaheed Abdul Samad khan Achakzai.

In the village of Zob “Aomzha Murseenzai” date 12 January 1937 the man of resistance and existence born. The beginning of his educational career had been started from the Govt High School Zob in 1942; later on he went to Govt Science College Quetta and then completed his graduation degree in law from Peshawar.

Furthermore, he started his practical politics in 1954 when Khan Shaheed had been jailed by the administration due his political thoughts and struggles for the national integrity in the umbrella of “Waror Pashtun” so, Mr Rahim abruptly inspired from the struggles of this numantain man. In line of rationality he believed that it would be impossible without the collective struggle so, he started to join the study circles of these of rational, nationalist and progressive mates. As nation we have lost the running library of pushtun’s geography, and history.

Moreover, the enclosing of nomadic pushtuns in set of rules and teaching them their values, importance of their land, state oppressions and plundering of resources is one the main goal which he had achieved astonishingly and prudently. And he were a clear concept about “Jihad” against Soviet that this is not play of an Afghans, the world powers is using our land for their nefarious interest and they are bluntly using us as missionaries, our shoulders are being used as hide guns. Meanwhile PKMAP historical narrative were being ratified by the Pakistani generals in Talks that we used an Afghans against an Afghans for our interest.

Factually, Abdul Rahim Mandokhail has had true Muslim Afghan Nationalist. The prophet Muhammad(PBUH) were of one the his favorite personality, thenceforth, in the arena of Pushtun Nationalism, Khan Shaheed Abdul Samad khan Achakzai, Bacha khan Pir Roshan, Ifi Faqir and more others heroes were his political keens and ideological mentors.

Furthermore, he were titled by the Party colleagues that man of who memorized history because his essence of knowledge can be acknowledged by his writing, lectures on Vietnam War, Cuba revolution, Marxist history and revolutions.it would be not wrong that he were a master of this history and learnt it by cons and prons.

The intellectuality and bind grip on knowledge of social sciences and nationalist, progressive and scientific knowledge is the legacy of Advocate Rahim Mandokhail in the Pushtunkhowa Milli Awami Party and finally, the Sun of wisdom splendid at 20 May 2017 in Quetta Bolan Medical Campus.

At last the Two lines in Pashtu poetry is dedicated to his struggles and personality.

موږ بۀ نۀ موږ بۀ مړۀ يو، موږ بۀ خاورې

خو دا زمــــوږ کرلی فصل به لـونګ کړي

Sources of Article:

The Pashto article of Rafiullah Pashtoon

Written by Farooq kochai


"Oppressed students”

History of enlightenment is the story of education. The ancient Greeks are being considered a tatom of rationality, because of cynic thoughts of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. The rational cognitive revolution of Athens

played a maternal role in Industrial Europe. These ancient schools of wisdom have banqueted modern mathematics, Astronomy, and digital algorithms.

Subsequently, after the overcome of civil war amongst Europeans, the "treaty of Westphalia" was signed as a charter of sovereignty, and territorial autonomy. This treaty had played a tremendous role in making welfare Europe, because nation states secularized national politics and built up existing cynical institutions, like; Cambridge, and Oxford and more like this. These types of institutions nourished the youth, skilled and acknowledged them with new techniques’ of technology.

"History of enlightenment is the story of education"

After that, perpetual peace, tranquil and prosperous societies healed all Europe. But Alas! Pakistan didn’t adapt to the key to their success. The weak colonel institution is not enough to fill up the vacuum in medical, engineering, and social sciences.

Anyway “some is better then non” and this "some” is converting to non for the students of Baluchistan and Ex-FATA. Because hundreds of students of Baluchistan and Ex-FATA are protesting on roads of the provincial capital Punjab and the Federal capital Islamabad. These sit-in just to restore the cutup seats of Medical which was 264 and now it is decreased to 29.

The Pakistan Medical council has had very parahonic behaviour since the first day. The vice chairman of the Council totally has a diplomatic stance with students.

The registered Medical colleges assured us that these seats have to be restored on an immediate basis. The main slogan of this was to make a welfare state “Naya Pakistan” but to be realist, all govt institutions are going towards destabilization, daily wager’s, govt employees and students.

Finally, I shall conclude this area of chaos with a famous quote by Aristotle that “Wise men learn from others experiences while the fool doesn’t learn from his own experiences”. So, it is up to Govt it learn or to not.


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Global Warming

The competition among nations for the sake of economic stability has led the world towards industrialization. The industrialization era has not only brought economic prosperity but has also brought horrible consequences in the form of global warming. Global warming can be define "the average temperature of earth's climate system called global warming" is driving change in rainfall patterns, extreme weather, arrival of seasons and more collectively global warming and its effects are known as climate change. The factors helping in global warming are Industrialization, deforestation, unplanned urbanization and wars which are the main cause of green house effect. Although Kyoto Protocol of Japan, Poland Conference and the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change is to limit the global warming well below 2.0 C°. The sustaining or bringing below 2.0C° is not possible until the emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4) and Ozone (O3) are not reduced. If it is not curbed, the world must loss their biodiversity and some parts of land. In which Shanghai city of China and Miami city of America and some Deltas such as of Bangladesh are prominent in the list. The water level is already up to 1 meter and expecting to 2 meters due to floating of glaciers. It is expecting in 2100, the world will loss glaciers from the earth. Global warming is a terrorism creating by humans for self economic eagerness. Therefore the world must run a camping for the sake of future generation. The world must formulate a strategy to minimized the further increasing of temperature. It is possible to overcome deforestation including some important like Amazon Basin in Brazil, Congo Basin in Africa, and Esoterical Forest in Malaysia and Indonesia. Additionally, unplanned urbanisation must be watched. Side be side, the world ought to overcome the usage of fuel and the use of nuclear weapons. By adopting such measures, we can maintain the sea level and save cities from displacement. Agricultural production could be enhanced. Moreover, the biggest threat of water scarcity can be also be minimize by building dams. The world leaders should show big hearts in this regard. So that, our future generation could see the nature beauty (biodiversity).

By Mehmood Khan


Pakistan-United States relations.

Relations between countries are always based on bilateral principles. Unfortunately, in case of Pakistan the ground reality has always been changed from United States of America. Pakistan was a newly emerged country during 1950s, and her leadership was busy to handle the worsened situation, other countries were busy in industrial and agricultural competition. After the world war II, states such as Soviet Union and United States (US) were in cold war. In this condition the newly born country received invitation from both sides. As Pakistan is a Muslim country and Soviet has Godless ideology which was not suited to leadership. So, the country's inclination had towards US. In 1950s, the country was US allied. Pakistan joined Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) called Manila Pact in 1954 and the Central Treaty Organization (Baghdad Pact) in 1955. Pak- US enjoyed the relationship till 1960s, after which, Pakistan came in favour of China and US in support of India. The relationship in 1962, more wrecked when Sino-India war took place. Washington declared India as most closed ally in Southeast Asia. Before 1970s, US shown realistic ties. In 1971, war against India, US helped Pakistan by aid arms and military sharing intelligence. It was done due to Soviet fear, because losing war for Pakistan means paved way to Soviet. In the Zia-ul-Haq regime, both states enjoyed relationship during 1979-1988. Than the era of 1990s was started when Pakistan faced many restrictions. The country was degraded by Pressler Amendment to watched on nuclear proliferation. All types of aid for Pakistan were stopped by US. Although, India had detonated nuclear bomb in 1974 but on 18 May 1998, India conducted nuclear tests. In response Pakistan conducted nuclear tests on 28 May 1998. United States imposed further restrictions on both countries by Glenn Amendment. However, the sanctions were lifted in 2001, in the same year 9/11 tragedy occurred in US. This incident has changed world politics. For the compensation of American citizens US declared war on Afghanistan with the help of NATO. To target Taliban's chief such as Al Qa'ida, Haqqani network and Tahreek e Taliban Pakistan unmanned flying planes used in 2004. These drone attacks were targeting militants group in Pakistani territory. Meanwhile, President Musharaf has given permission for some attacks in tribal areas. But when Pakistan Peoples Party came into power has shown annoyance to US but these drones attack kept on to Pakistan Muslim League N government. In the result of 522 drone attacks from 2004 to 2015 approximately 3852 causalities afforded Pakistani nation. These attacks were not decreased until November 1, 2013 when Tahreek e Taliban Pakistan chief Hakeem ullah Mehsud was killed in Abbottabad (near Islamabad). The operation has given birth to mistrust. In these type of operations innocent people lost lives. After watching the inhuman violations Imran Khan took stance on drones. He compelled Obama's administration to stopped these erroneous attempts in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa (KPK). However, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) kept on the country violation. CIA spy Ramyon Davis killed two men in Lahore, Pakistan in January 27, 2011. Than CIA conducted Operation Neptune Spear in Abbottabad and killed Ossam Bin Ladin in May 2,2011 by spy Dr. Shakeel Afridi who had done Ossam DNA test. Shakeel was later sentence 33 years jailed. Additionally, the violations are not stopped here in November at Salala Air base an offensive attack was did on Pakistani patrolling soldiers. In incident 28 soldiers were martyred by NATO near Afghanistan border. Consequently, on public demonstration the government has issued ordered to evacuate Shamsi Air base which was using for drone attacks on tribal areas. Alongside US was insisting on Pakistan for 'do more policy' regarding Pak- India border. India is considered enemy of Pakistan from the day of independence by Pakistan's. Several skirmishes has been occurred on Kashmir issue. Despite all these issues, Bush administration signed nuclear engagement with India. In 2005 and 2008 not only Defense Agreement but also Nuclear Civil Agreement deal signed with India. Additionally $14 billion military equipment deal and granting six nuclear projects to India are the factors beyond dilapidated relationship. These deal affected bilateral relationship between Pak-US. Pakistan has changed her foreign policy under the auspices of Prime Minister Imran Khan administration. He has rejected 'do more policy' from the first day of premiership. Prime Minister Imran Khan visited United States in 2019. During a meeting with President Trump on July 21, 2019 he stressed on peace dialogue and bilateral relationship. Khan was also appreciated for his speech which he delivered in United Nations General Assembly ( UNGA). Although, Pakistan was remained in socioeconomic from 2000 but she has given many sacrifices for world peace order. The war on terror brought to Pakistan due to US mistrust and operations. In result, the country has lost billions of dollars and humans life. Pakistan images was blurred in comity of nations. US must to reviewed her policy regarding Pakistan because Pakistan has great importance in Southeast Asia. The country can play vital role in Afghan peace dialogue and settlement. On the other hand, US must show some elasticity towards Pakistan. USA should to play role as mediator on Kashmir issue. The Americans should not violate the sovereignty of Pakistan which can hurt people. Dual police ought to not be about Pakistan because this type of diplomacy can not run for long. Setting on one table is best for both countries, because geopolitics has been rotating for cold war.

By Mehmood Khan

By; Mehmood Khan


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Breast augmentation is an elective surgery used to increase the size of the breast in females. This study was undertaken to determine the breast augmentation in Pakistani females.

Methods: From 2006 to 2011, 43 female patients who underwent breast augmentation via infra-mammary, periareolar, trans-umbilical and fat transfer were enrolled. For augmentation, saline-filled or gel-filled implants were used in the supine position under general anesthesia and local infiltration of adrenaline (1:100,000 dilution) on each side. After the surgery, postoperative dressing was changed after 3-5 days and post-op bra was used for next 3-4 weeks. The patients were followed up for any complications too.

Results: The majority of patients (60.4%) were less than 30 years (mean age: 27.51 years). Most of patients (70%) had infra-mammary incision, 13.9% had periareolar, 9.3% had trans-umbilical and 4.7% had fat transfer. Saline-filled implants were used in 30.2%, whereas gel-filled implants in 69.8% of patients. Implant volume in infra-mammary, periareolar, trans-umbilical and fat transfer approaches was 278.9, 291.7, 277.5 and 325 mL, respectively. Only two cases of infection were recorded in early postop period. One patient responded to conservative treatment and in 2nd patient, implants were removed. There was only one case of hypertrophic scar. No case of capsular contracture was seen. Quality of scar was satisfactory in infra-mammary and periareolar incisions. Changes in sensations were noted in 6 cases, 4 of them had periareolar incision.