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"A state governed by feudal and nationalists, Pakistan".

Being a citizen, many of us have been struggling to meet the basic needs of our lives while the rest of the world is working for the benefits of humanity and mankind. Whether it be the field of medicine, science, or technology, progress is taking place. In Pakistan, the word " Democracy" has been misused by the rulers since its birth. On the other hand, our neighboring countries I.e China and India performed much better for the past few decades. If we examine the said countries, both have been striving for their economy and information technology. On the other hand, Pakistan has failed to provide security, infrastructure, and education to its common citizens. There has been war, dictatorship, favoritism & trust deficit due to which instability has taken place. The economy depends merely on Agriculture. Exploitation is done by the leadership due to which national growth has slowed down. Pakistan needs a stable and competent leadership to endure the damage done by the former rulers and nationalists. It needs to work primarily on its education sector.

Easy access to quality education may lead to prosperity and consciousness. It may help us to get rid of feudalism, terrorism, and poverty. Furthermore, reforms in the export industry should take place. Somehow tourism in Pakistan has boosted due to which we are successful in portraying a better image of the country.

~Syed Umer

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The all balochistan teachers bycott is still going on.

The federal govt has allowed to every province to increase the 25% of salary every govt employ but due to the unaware govt of balochistan has denied from this demand. Here not only govt employer but also with farmers because in rural areas the shortage of electricity in 24 hours has exacerbating for the farmers.

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At the age of 25 years old

i am zafar marri from balochistan .i say to that i am feeling hestiate the age of 25 years old in balochistan ,beacuse there is no rules and regulations in our country ,everyone has talking about own nepotism thus there is favourism in areas.Our balochistan and their sovereignty makes us low valus.i am not happy at all at the age of 25 year's old .

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Baluchistan and Fatal Educational system

Education is the least discussed topic in Pakistan and it is the main reason of any backward society. The other provinces of Pakistan are somehow stable in terms of education as compared to the least developed and under privileged province of Pakistan, Baluchistan. Today lets raise voice for the education system of Baluchistan which is about to fall. The education systems of other provinces have some flaws but education in Baluchistan is a failure. The province is deprived of each and everything which is now near to collapse and the main reason is fatal educational system.

Education plays a role of oxygen in the society which should be in appropriate oxygen keeps environment or earth to be live on, in the same way education brings ethics in masses which is important for creation of a good society but Education is not the priority of the government that’s why the system has just been paralyzed. Some of rural areas do not have the facilities of education. people are mostly illiterate and people are not aware of their basic rights due to which every illegal thing is happening with them this situation is brought by their sardars and beneficiries, mindset of people from such areas can be estimated by well known fact in which reporter once asked a man from these areas about the use of CNIC and his reply was “this card is given to us by our sardar and we know only one use of it and that is to vote our sardar during election so such illiteracy in rural areas has led the society to destruction and mostly all illegal works are being done with them and by them, in urban areas worst scenario can be picturized, in urban areas where exists abundance institutions but with no output. They are also unaware that what is happening around them.the system is showing its worst result for common people they are not playing the role for common people due to which people are becoming tired of such system which are not performing or facillitating them but people who are in power or authorized this is dueto the incompetent educational system. The education here becomes a topic of none and that’s why we have buildings empty of ethics I have mentioned that the system has become fatal here in Baluchistan because whatever they are producing are black sheeps which are helping to deepen the ongoing system because they are the beneficiary of such paralyzed system. Here black sheeps are not the illiterate but the educated that gets degree from the institution and get into practical life where they act like black sheep that is what we have enormouse institutions but no outputs which is suffocating this system and deepening this paralysed system. The doctors are not working in government hospital; they are incompetent in private hospital but still have high status and have strong hold in this system. Engineers don’t have that skill that can be utilized, cannot work well without corruption. Teachers are incompetent and lost ethics. The educated bureaucracy is corrupt and brought their department to a very low level in fact all the departments are in deficit which collectively affecting the economy of province. Hence the province is near to collapse. This is happening in each and every department of Baluchistan and this is why I called this educational system fatal for this province, because whatever is the output, that is just deepening the same system and kind of cycle has been created which make easy entrance for such people. This cycle is too much strong and it is not the outcome of one or two years but about seventy years that has helped such people who should have become a part of prosperity are now liabilities for the province and the system is still alive and attracting good people to be bad for other so they could survive, the fatal educational system start from the school level where a child could be polished in his /her early age but unfortunately they are providing the worst environment specially in government schools and private also not lagging teachers who are not good enough to be teachers and are on high posts. They have really bad behavior, drugs are normally used. child behavior changes from that point and still they are running the institutions. when such children reach to level of middle and matric, they become habitual of cheating where whole department of education is involved under the supervision of government. The students changes its mind from positivity to negativity and in intermediate level, he tries to understand the corrupt system and he gets it in bachelors, student who should have become bright future for the province becomes corrupt and tries to convince himself to live with this corrupt system in master level he fully become a depressed person. By depressed I mean he loses the sense to think positive and becomes unknown to the basic rights and the teachers at that level give end touch to the mind which is useless for a good system but is well prepared for the paralysed system. when he gets all of this at different levels then he never tries to do something profitable for province but for himself, such acts are damaging this province and the country has lagged alot if we say something worst happening in this province, is the educational system that we have today in the province because education is the center for each and every department it is a kind of factory that produces products and supply for different department to run well if your product is containing the toxic substances it kills and maybe whole system that you want to run well is damaged and will lead to collapse ,the resources of this province is not utilized due to the paralyzed system of education ,education that we have is not telling us about such resources and we all are deep and dump about such resources and have changed our minds to do illegal thing to gain personal benefits and damage the country”s economy to great extent.

There is nothing impossible in this world Lets not hinge on seventy years disasters that have been brought by different governments. I know it might be difficult but not impossible. Let’s not let this province to collapse. .Baluchistan have many resources which are still not discovered and such incompetency is due to the worst educational system that made the incompetent people who are not able to explore this resources and take advantage out of it we can save this by applying strict rules . We should know that that societies develop through education so we need to change our focus from other problems and focus on this fatal problem we should be very clever to give chance to the government whose priority is education and knows well about education department who should be strict enough to overcome such harsh situation. Those ministers should be in power who knows his/ her targets. If we get this department to a level where we can provide pure education then this province has the potential to play a handsome rule in the economy of Pakistan. This province can have good doctors, engineers and scientists which collectively can produce enormous and extraordinary results for the province but at the end you have to be focused on your targets that no force could halt you.

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Eid Ul Adha is a Muslim festival that basically marks the end of Hajj or Pilgrimage to Makkah. This Eid is also known as the Eid of sacrifice, and it basically commemorates the faith of Abraham and devotion to Allah. According to the Belief of the Muslims, Allah asked Abraham to sacrifice his son for Allah’s sake, and even though he was a good man and loved his son very much, his devotion and faith to God was so strong that he did not hesitate to take this bold step and agreed to sacrifice his son (Huda, 2011). The willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son for the sake of Allah caused Allah to spare his son’s life, and therefore a lamb was sacrificed in his place. This was a miracle of Allah and it proved that he has command over all things and the known and the unknown. It is because of this holy incident in the History of Islam that the Muslims now celebrate Eid ul Adha every year to earn Allah’s blessings and forgiveness.

Eid ul Adha is a sacred Muslim event that is celebrated every year around the world with sacrifice, prayer and food. Eid Ul Adha is also known as the greater Eid and it is the second most important festival in Islam. Eid ul Adha takes place in the month of hajj on the 10th of Zil hajj after all the pilgrims to Makkah have performed the obligatory events.

In the United States and Canada many Muslims gather and offer the morning prayers at a mosque or in an open environment instead of eating breakfast. After the morning prayers people gather with their family and friends and they enjoy being together. In Egypt EId-ul-Adha is celebrated by offering morning prayers and enjoying the feast. The morning prayers and the sermon are an important element and Muslim tradition around during this Eid holiday. The people meet with each other like that in USA in order to celebrate socialize and enjoy this historic day in Egypt. The people also offer sacrifices in the form of Goat, Lamb, Camel and Cow. The meet from the sacrifice is then distributed among the poor people in the form of charity.

Eid Ul Adha is celebrated as a four day event in Pakistan. All the stores are closed on the day of Eid and like that in other countries Muslims gather for the prayers and listen to the sermon in the mosque. And it is celebrated in the same fashion in the countries like Morocco and Bangladesh. All these countries are Muslim dominated societies. For the Non-Muslim countries there are no national holidays and the Eid Al adha is celebrated with some limitations. However it is a fundamental festival of Islam and a time of happiness for all the Muslims around the world .

The prayer for Eid Al adha is wajib and consists of two rakats with additional takbirs (Muslimah, 2011). The logic behind these Eid prayers is to thank Allah for his infinite blessings.

Prior to the Eid prayer there is a Khutba, and it is necessary to listen to the khutba.

In the first rakat of the Eid prayer, one performs 3 additional takbirs after the opening takbir and before reciting the fatiha. One should raise his hands for each takbir like the opening takbir.

In the second rakat again 3 additional takbirs are offered after reciting the Fatiha and the surah. All the takbirs are like the first rakat except the third takbir, after which one goes into a normal takbir for going into ruku world..

Mir Meharullah Mengal


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A black day in the history of Pakistan 16-12-1971

A black day in the history of Pakistan 1971. Who was responsible to cut off the right hand of Pakistan in 1971.Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, Commander in Chief East Wing or President General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan. What is reason behind Niazi surrender? Who ordered Niazi to surrender?

If President Yahya was responsible then why Niazi and other competent officers were dismissed their services? Why committee failed to take action against President Yahya Khan?

We all know that this war was badly effected the image of Pakistan in all over the world. We cannot remember that day but we need to learn the lesson of this war. If we want to stabilize our country/institutions we strictly need to found those peoples in our rows whose are trying to destabilize our country either they belong to political parties or either they belong to military. If we want to protect our country with corrupt peoples we need to take strong steps equally without any pressure.

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A land without people for people without land

Due to the strong position of Hamas in Palestine; they need collaboration with Israel to make central government in Palestine because Israel has a strong position i.e. economically, socially and politically to stabilize the Palestine also played a vital role for the recognition of Palestine rather than Arabs and Non-Arab.

Israel is not only one state it has fully support of Eastern countries and at this stage, any aggressive behavior from Hamas towards Israel will create more complexity between them. The present crisis of the Middle East showing that these Arabs and Non-Arab are not in a position to resolve their own conflicts; now Hamas needs to change their policy towards Israel if they want to recognize its nation.

Hamas should decide that who playing a role for the stability of Palestine; in this context, they need to well come Israel’s development projects and try to protect and make a collaboration for re-develop all structure because without Israel’s support they cannot be survived in future. The recognition of Palestine in international community without the support of Israel will not be done so, at this stage when Arabs and Non-Arab which are already in the critical situation, especially radical Islamic movements, Hamas should shake hand with Israel for protecting Palestine.

Last but not least, if Hamas cannot change their aggressive behavior towards Israel then, Israel should change policy and restructure Palestine territory; they need to cover more territory of Palestine especially in central areas whereas Hamas is in position. Secondly, cut off supply lines of Hamas from Arabs and with the support of the neutral public, those are not supporting to Hamas and nor Fatah-al-Islam and recognized a Palestine State under Israel Jurisdiction.

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Thirst of Blood

Approximately three billion years ago, a flame had been created the universe in the minimum second. This flame came from where scientists are still failed to find the answer; but after the blasting, the Electron and Proton spread all over the air and when the heat of this light about 300,000oc decreased this Electron and Proton joined together and universe created. In Jews perspective; God created the earth within seven days. Firstly God created light, then make the sky and gives the name to it heaven, Earth; Sun was created along with the moon. This sequence was continued and created other animals and also put a divine soul into a body which God made of earth and clay. In the last seventh day, everything was created and put into shape and order. The evaluation of humanity in the perspective of Jews is that the name of the first human was Adam which made by soil the Eva was created which was the wife of Adam.[3] The Bible opinion is a little bit different with Jews. The Bible states that God created heaven and earth. In fact; this broad statement makes no sense and reference in which they failed to show the length of time to create the universe. In their perspective, the God created each and every thinks within 24 hours but this concept is refused by scientists.[4] In Quran God saying “In fact a man created from a product of wet earth, then placed him as a drop (of seed) in a safe lodging; then We fashioned the drop into a clot, then We fashioned the clot into a little lump, then We fashioned the little lump into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators!” [23:12-14]. “It is he who has created you from dust then from a sperm-drop, then from a leech-like clot; then does he get you out (into the light) as a child: then lets you (grow and) reach your age of full strength; then lets you become old, though of you there are some who die before and lets you reach a term appointed; in order that you may learn wisdom.” [40:67]. In materialistic perspective, they do not believe in Adam and Eva or a conscious creation of the universe. In Greek two philosophers work on politics is very famous i.e. Plato and Aristotle. The Western philosophy origin is Greek society because that time city-state system was ruined and various political organizations worked i.e. tyranny, monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, and democracy. The Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle was very impressive and Roman political philosophers developed their structure according to Greek philosophies. On the other hand in China and India, Confucius, Mencius, Mozi and Legalist school of thought and the laws of Manu and Chanakya also find means of restoring political unity and political stability. The Chanakya school of thought is similar to Chinese legalists and the idea of Niccolo Machiavelli. The Augustine rewrites the ideas of Plato philosophy in Christianity context. The City of God written by Augustine and was very influential that time. The ideology of Islam is rooted source of Quran and Sunnah and practices of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The conflict between Shiite and Sunni School of thought was started 7th and 8th century. The famous philosopher, Ibn Khaldun was considered a political theorist in the 14th century. In medieval period Thomas Aquinas who reintroduced Aristotle’s works. After the theological-political thought; in Europe secular political philosophers began emerged and the famous philosopher was Niccolo Machiavelli’s famous book “The Prince” which was written between 1511-1512 and published in 1532 after his death. During the English renaissance, a famous philosopher Thomas Hobbes’s theory of social contract was very famous in the 17th century. Another famous theorist John Locke has given the idea of “Two Treatises of Government”. In his work, he proposed that a state of nature that directly complements his conception of how political development occurs and how it can be funded through contractual obligation. In the 20th century during Modern industrialized era; Karl Marx gives the idea of Communism along with Friedrich Engels which was the most influential ideology.


The creation of human and universe were the result of four elements i.e. water, soil, fire, and air. In fact, the universe which was created by God is perfect for human nature. After creation, the universe the God establish two ways Heaven and Hell and gives the right to a human for choosing anyone but the question was arising that what was the reason behind to create the universe and humanity? Why is scientific approach still silence to locate the origin of flame who created the universe in less second? In fact, God gives us two ways i.e. hell and heaven but the question is that what God wants to human? What just wanted to assure that he is God of the universe? In fact nobody except (Materialists) knowing that God is one who running the whole world structure from Sky to Earth. In the light of Holly book of Quran “when God said I want to make my Khalifa (Caliph, nominee) i.e. Adam on the earth then angels argued that why do you want to make him? He will create anarchy on the earth. Do you want to spread blood all over the land? That time God said you don’t know which thing that I know and that time God announced that all the angels should prostrate before Adam and every angel followed the direction but only (Azazeel) Shaitan rejected the order and argued that I am made by fire and I am one of the most prostrate rather than others; how I do prostrate to Adam it’s against my ego. That time God said to (Azazeel) Shaitan gets out from heaven and he challenged to God, I will do my best to convert your humans from heaven to hell until I am alive and God accepted his challenge. Now the question was raised that what was the logic in which God cannot want to share with their angels and what God did not knows about Azazel (Shaitan)? When God sent Adam and Eva from heaven to earth and that time both did not know about their organs. Suddenly they looked their organs and getting upset; so they covered their organs with leaves. That was the first movement of a human when they converted their nature towards the world. After that, another step was taken by the son’s of Adam and Eva when they fought with each other and one was killed. This was the second movement which shows the greediness of human nature. Human tried to convert their thoughts, feeling, and habits according to the society; by this, their ethics and attitudes changed time to time. After a long period when human lived in forests, they used only natural fruits for eating and leave for wearing. Day by day the greediness of human increased the fear starting to emerge in the nature of human. To protect from the threat internal or external they started to live in groups and felt safe. After some time the group's population increased along with human thought; then they decided to make more strong the tribe so, they were on track to conquer other small tribes and start killing women, children, and men and clarified their selfish, greediness and barbarian nature. Now, if we talk on the other way that is nature of the soul; it is too much far from greediness thought. Unfortunately by the greediness, selfishness, and barbarian; human suffered a lot and tried hard to protect him/herself but failed by their nature. Now we can say that the good nature of human was decreased and greediness nature continued and human changed their society from tribes to kingship, but the thirst for blood still continued.

The thirst of blood from the period of Stone Age was not ended until; but human changed their thoughts and to reshape the world structure from Kingship to Nation State and draw boundaries between them and considered that this is a civilized world. In fact, the name of the civilization of the new world cannot change the thought of human but it will reduce the greatness thought. Now we live in the 21st century but necessity is to change our behaviors toward others. We are using religion as a tool in power politics especially in Islamic countries and that is the reason the image of Islam badly damaged. In the Middle East, three big brothers playing proxy wars and every day lots of human killing but their thirst for blood cannot end due to their selfishness behavior. Actually, it’s a big problem for our society is that they failed to analyze who are with us or against us. Secondly, the education ratio in Muslim countries is very low that is the reason the conflicts cannot be resolved. Actually, the responsibility of the supreme leader of Iran and king of Saudi Arabia is to protect our society but they failed due to their interest and they are using religion as a tool to make a fool of public. Same is the case of Pakistani Ex-President, General Zia-ul-Haq, he used the slogan of Jihad against USSR with the collaboration of the United State of America. The literature of Jihad spread in (North West Province of Pakistan) present Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa and build the Talibanization. The USA fully funded to these Non-State Actors. In fact, it was not jihad; their interpretation was wrong by the concept of Jihad. Unlikely, President of Pakistan got lots of benefits but it badly impacted upon Pakistani society and after the Afghanistan war these Non-State Actors started to fight against Pakistan. Actually, the necessity is to create a society in which thirst of blood will reduce. In this context, super powers have a responsibility to reduce the tension and stop proxy wars in the world. Although human nature is selfish and greediness but on the other hand in its nature, some proportion of soul is also living just necessity is to utilize our good ways.

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Discrimination of United Nations between Core, Semi-Periphery and Periphery countries

Syria Crisis and role of UN Security Council

When human rights were openly violated in a state and the people were persecuted ruthlessly then other states could intervene in the affairs of such a state in order to check such persecutions and violations of human rights. Let me give an example; In 1827, conflict of Greece vs Turkey. In this conflict England, France and (USSR) present Russia jointly intervened in the conflict to check violation of human rights. In 1860, intervention was made in favor of the Christians of Mount Lebanon. In 1878; Intervention was made to protect the independence of Balkan States. Now, what is happening in Syria; One side USA and its allies intervening to stop violation of human rights and terrorism on the other Russian block also claim that they are protecting Syrian peoples.


What is reason behind the intervention of these two blocks in Syria? Most probably USA allies wanting to maintain its hegemony on the other hand Russian's feeling the threat of USA allies; if they are successful to destroy Bash-al-Asad regime. In fact the USA and Russia are the responsible for massive violation of human rights/Genocide of Syrian peoples for the sake of their own interest. At this stage we can say that the "Protection of Human Rights" slogan of UN Security Councils is totally fake in its practical form because the rules and regulations of International Law are made for semi-periphery and periphery countries instead off Core countries.

Let me give you an example; world community are raising voice against killing innocent of Syrian; but UN Security Council is not ready to take any strict action against USA and its allies; because the rope of UN is in the hand of the United States of America and if i start these dramas with western peoples; then definitely the UN will take action within 24 hours.

This discrimination behavior is clearly showing that the I Law is made for make colonized the world through socioeconomic and political way. Those who think that the colonial system is ended after WWII; they should think again. Actually the technique is changed not policies of super power countries. The necessity is to open the eyes for the semi periphery and periphery peoples if they wanting to protect their generation.

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Issue: Israel Prime Minister in Pakistan; Public Opinion


Diplomacy is a political activity with the purpose to enable state to secure their foreign objectives without using Law, Force and Propaganda.

Diplomacy technique “Flying Kites”

‘Flying Kites’ is a useful technique. It involves the floating of an idea, proposal or formula through the media. Flying Kites’ helps in assessing the public opinion, which is of critical significance.

This technique is using by the government to check the reaction of public; before taking any step. Its fact; the United Nation has recognized the Israel State and no other state can challenge this fact. Due to ideological conflicts; some peoples of Pakistan refuse to make a relation with Israel since its creation. Last day an issue was raised that the Israeli Prime Minister secretly came into Pakistan. A public reacted brutally and opposed to make relations with Israel. This reaction provided a path to the government if they take any step against public opinion it will badly impact on them.

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Overview of US troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan (Obama Era)

The United State has never set strategic goals for Taliban war in Afghanistan. They cannot take a stand seriously about ending the threat of terrorism. It is fighting a war without a defined and meaningful objective. They have not overall plan for withdrawal that links United State and other allied forces; changes in the aid efforts of the United State and other countries and the buildup of Afghan Security Forces and governance in given areas. The Military may have a battle plan but the US and its allies do not have an integrated civil military war plan. The development of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) is totally confusion. It is being rushed forward while spending is being drastically cut, long before it is clear how long it will take to create effective force elements and how serious the limits will be to the quality of much of the military and police forces. This is particularly critical because major elements of ANSF cannot possibly be ready to stand on their own by the end of 2014 and the Afghan Government officially stated at the Bonn Conference that it will need major outside aid and support through at least 2020.


According to the announcement of President Obama in June 2011; his plan to begins withdrawal of United State troops from Afghanistan; but he did not clarify that all the US troops would leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014 or not. In his statement 10,000 troops would be removed by the end of the summer 2011 with 23,000 additional troops leaving at the end of the summer of 2012. He said that his mission will change from combat to support by 2014 as well as this process of transition will be complete and the Afghan people will be responsible for their own security.

White House, Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed that President Obama never said US troops would be completely withdrawn by the end of 2014 only that it will cease to be a "combat" mission and become a "support" mission. No end date for the war in Afghanistan and no date for full withdrawal have been specified in his statement.

In 15th November, 2012 report shows that Afghanistan and US had begun negotiations for a bilateral security agreement which will govern the US military presence in Afghanistan post 2014 including how many troops are left in Afghanistan and for how long.

Three option were being considered in March 2012:-

The draw down plan said to be favored by Vice President Joe Biden would draw down troops rapidly to perhaps 20,000, by the end of 2013. A more gradual draw down plan calls for removing 10,000 troops by the end of December 2012, leaving 58,000 troops. An additional 10,000 to 20,000 would be removed by June 2013, leaving between 48,000 and 38,000 troops in Afghanistan, still more than were in the country when President Obama took office. Military commanders are said to favor delaying further cuts until the end of 2013, including Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti who was the second-in-command of US forces in Afghanistan until June 2012 and is now the Director of the Joint Staff.

Plan of General John Allen (Head of International Security Assistance Force)

On November 12, 2012, General John Allen, head of the ISAF has submitted three plans for an enduring US attendance in Afghanistan: US mission would be on counter terrorism missions logistical and training support for Afghan forces would be limited; only 6,000 troops focus of the mission. 10,000 troops the US could expand training and logistical support from the 6,000 troop plan. US conventional forces could be used 20,000 troops for patrol certain areas. 12th November, 2012 plan shows that Pentagon want to keep between 6,000 and 20,000 US troops in Afghanistan until at least 2024

Taliban spokesmen have made it quite clear that peace requires a willingness by the US to leave; but the US military has done just the opposite through its negotiations with the Afghan government to keep tens of thousands of US troops in Afghanistan indefinitely. The lack of a timetable for withdrawal is a key obstacle in peace negotiations with the Taliban.

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Environment pollution and its Impact of our society

Pollution may be defined as addition of undesirable material into the environment as a result of human activities. The agents which cause environmental pollution are called pollutants. Pollutants may be defined as a physical, chemical or biological substance unintentionally released into the environment which is directly or indirectly harmful to humans and other living organisms. One of the greatest problems that Rawalpindi society is facing today is that of environmental pollution, increasing with every passing year and causing grave and irreparable damage to the earth. In Rawalpindi region environmental pollution consists of four basic types of pollution namely, air, water, soil and noise. In Rawalpindi region Air pollution is cause by the injurious smoke emitted by cars, buses and rikshawa’s namely sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Even smoke from burning leaves and cigarettes are harmful to the environment causing a lot of damage to the society. Due to increasing air pollution is seen in lung cancer, asthma, allergies, and various breathing problems along with severe and irreparable damage to flora and fauna. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), released from refrigerators, air-conditioners, deodorants and insect repellents cause severe damage to the environment. This gas has slowly damaged the atmosphere and depleted the ozone layer leading to global warming. The lack of education in this area where as people are pollute water with large scale disposal of garbage, flowers, ashes and other household waste. One can still find people bathing and cooking in the same water, making it incredibly filthy. The element of environmental pollution in Rawalpindi is Noise pollution, soil pollution and light pollution too are the damaging the environment at an alarming rate in Rawalpindi. Noise pollution include aircraft noise, noise of Cars, Buses, Rickshaw’s vehicle horns and loudspeakers noise are extremely harmful for the environment. If we talk about Soil pollution, which can also be called soil contamination, is a result of polluted water which leads to bad crops. Look like smokeless chullah’s have high thermal efficiency and reduced emission of pollutants including smoke. The house designs should incorporate a well ventilated kitchen. Use of biogas and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) need to be encouraged. Those species of trees such as baval (Acacia nilotica) which are least smoky should be planted and used. Charcoal is a comparatively cleaner fuel. Indoor pollution due to decay of exposed kitchen waste can be reduced by covering the waste properly. Segregation of waste, pre treatment at source, sterilization of rooms will help in checking indoor air pollution. In Road traffic noise can be reduced by better designing and proper maintenance of vehicles. Noise abatement measures include creating noise mounds, noise attenuation walls and well maintained roads and smooth surfacing of roads. Retrofitting of locomotives, continuously welded rail track, use of electric locomotives or deployment of quieter rolling stock will reduce noises emanating from trains. Air traffic noise can be reduced by appropriate insulation and introduction of noise regulations for takeoff and landing of aircrafts at the airport. Power tools, very loud music and land movers, public functions using loudspeakers etc should not be permitted at night. Use of horns, alarms, refrigeration units, etc. is to be restricted. Use of fire crackers which are noisy and cause air pollution should be restricted. A green belt of trees is an efficient noise absorber.

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There can be secret articles in all agreements between governments, due to security reasons. There is nothing against the idea of Lausanne treaty having an article about Turkey promising not the drill oil fields for 100 years. Otherwise it would be a threat to Western dominance in the region. For the West to let her go free, Turkey had to promise something. Turkey was also exhausted at the end of WW1, so Mr.Inonu had to give up something. Now lets try to lay this broad outline of the story on lab table of logic, and see if it makes sense, in light of what realities we already know.

First off, you know well that we are just a neo-colony. We are usurped by trade and finance deals very contrary to our national interests. That has to be obvious as our politicians too go to AIPAC, and ADL for political campaign money. Those get to dictate things here.

Now, about oil business in 2023:

1-) A few times almost every year, newspapers report new found oil fields. Then the next day it all goes completely silent. Its not 1–2 times this happened, but dozens of times that I remember.

2-) Engineers and technicians of state exploration institute themselves told me that each time they find oil, upper management instructs them to mark the place and seal it shut with concrete.

3-) Most importantly the new “Greater Middle East” map of the West starkly shows parts of Turkey taken out. Now we all know Middle East map was drawn by the British along petrol fields, according to their control interests. Now a new map pursued and financed by the zionists and western zombies, can only mean new oil interests. Nothing else, as you well know. Current rulers were also financed by AIPAC/ADL. Given Jewish Courage medals, etc. Plenty of connections.Blaming the victim with the crime inflicted upon the poor sod is an old zionist tactic. So while the puppets work for their masters, they play national heros, while they herd our uneducated hordes to our slaughter. So their hero rhetoric does not guarantee that they are not hired spies. :)

Now, it will be the litmus test of your sincerity here, to dismiss this phenomenon simply as tea shop talk for some unexplained reason, or explain the solid physical movement pointing towards it. Can’t wait for your response, Mr. “Snow”.

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You can kill me but you can’t kill my ideology

The legend of Islam; Tipu Sultan was a great leader of Mysore state; and he preferred to die instead of surrender in front of British Empire why? He said; it is better to live like a lion for a day then to live like a Jackal for hundred years.

Do we born to live like a Jackal? No; we born to live like a lion; like Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib, Khalid ibn al-Walid, Musa bin Nusair, Tariq Bin Zayad, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Ṣalaḥ ad-Dīn Yusuf ibn Ayyub, Tamerlane, Zahiruddin Babur, Mehmed II and Hyder Ali. But how can we forget our legends? Where is the history of these legends in our books? Who changed our dimensions? When we understand these issues?

Think about it; Muslims ruled over the world from East to West; North to South; but what happened? There are almost 52 Muslim countries in the world with a lot of mineral resources; mostly consider as 3rd world why?

Our generation is living under poverty line, our sociopolitical and economical structure is totally damaged. We have a one religion and how we divide into sects? What will be the future of our generation? Shall we remain slave till the end of world?

Education is the first step for societal growth. An education is the key to success; we should improve our educational institutions with the link to our history. It is an important element to groom our generation. The inferiority complex can be removed from the human mind when he/she is being taught the history from the ground level.

Secondly, the big issue is “lack of unity” in Muslim world. We should learn from Westphalia treaty (1644); how the sun rises in Europe? In fact; we forgot the lesson of unity. Our biggest mistake is that we are not following one thought, also do not have one agenda for whole Muslim community like United Nation.

It is fact that the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCT) which is led by Saudi government was made to counter terrorism; but what they are doing? It is made for the sake of King Saudi national interest. If the center of the Islam (Saudi Arabia) is playing a game with its community then who will protect us? Who will bring one thought and one agenda for us? Is Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan or any other Muslim country? Nothing! We should think individually; and link with our thought to others and make a channel to bring out our generation from slavery.

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I strongly condemn the aggressive behavior of Palestine’s groups against a sovereign country. Their reaction is creating a trouble for the peoples of Palestine; whose are already suffered due to the lack of unitarily policies between both groups i.e Hamas and Alfatah. The divisions between public is the responsible of these groups.

At this stage when Israel is in strong position also having western blocks support; I do not think so the aggressive behavior will bring changes, impossible!

It’s a rational choice! If any state have a power and in opposite state have less power than the best option is to resolve the conflict through negotiations. If you think you get support from others; it will not be useful until you have not public support unitarily.

In fact; the basic issue for the Palestine peoples is that their structure is running two groups having support Arab and Non Arabs and they are the responsible for massive killing innocents on their territory.


At this stage the peoples of the Palestine should think whose their friends are? And who are their enemy?


1. Saudi Israel Relations

2. Turkey Israel Relations

These two countries are called the big pillar of the Middle East and why they are not changing their policies towards Israel? In politics; every country prefers to protect its own territory and national interest without any discrimination of Religion, Sect and Ideologies.

In fact those countries who support these groups against Israel; are failed to stop recognition of Israel in United Nation and now they do not have any other option to tackle Israel that is the reason they still remained the issue of Palestine to engage Israel and using the people of Palestine’s blood like a playing cards.

On the other hand Hamas and Fatah are failed to resolve their own issues unitarily and they felt insult to sit on the same bench then; surprisingly! why the peoples of the Palestine are still relying on them?

The people of Palestine should come out from the thought that Arab, Non Arab counties will resolve their issue. It is impossible so, if they wanting to resolve the issue they should unite without any discrimination of sect, religion and ideology and bring changes in their divided political structure; otherwise their blood will be wasted and no Muslim country will came there for the protection. Their upcoming generation will lived under same condition.

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Author: Syed Nawazish Ali

Edited by Ms. Joan Wohlner, citizen of US and Sweden, Former English and History teacher, school owner and Principal

After World War II, the socio-economic sector was brutally damaged in Europe and it was necessary to re-develop. Often, collective thought is more effective than individual thought in creating a strong institution. That is the reason European Union was established, for economic cooperation and maintaining peace.

Through their policies, the members played a vital role in making Europe stronger and bringing peace and prosperity to their countries.

In the light of EU article 50, every member has a right to leave EU. Tension arises in the face of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union at this stage when the hegemony of the dollar is strong. UK's pound is going to bring more complexity for the world. The three powers i.e. Dollar, Pound and Euro are trying to compete each other at this stage.

That the US will accept the Pound and the Euro when they will not even share their sovereignty with United Nation is questionable. Due to this supremacy race, Europe will be moved towards conflict and benefit will be gain by Yuan and Rubble.

To protect the West from the fire of World War Ill;these big powers should come out from the thought of supremacy and stand with each other on one platform. Otherwise the Dark Age period of the West will return soon and will not end till the end of Dragons and Bear's.

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Old players with new techniques

Author: Syed Nawazish Ali, M. Phil (IR) & Editor: Ms Joan Wohlner, Former English and History teacher, New York (USA).

Every individual, organization, State and Empire introduced new techniques i.e. Colonialism, Post Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism, Non-state actors and its role on Terrorism to gain power in the world. Unfortunately, the new term “Non State and Actors and its role on Terrorism” was introduced by the United States of America and its allies. This technique was very successful because in this practices State or Country does not have a direct involvement (until they create a threat for their sovereignty i.e. 9/11 incident) and not coming under the jurisdiction of International Law.

This tool was utilized by the US and its allies in Afghanistan and Iraq and the rest of the semi-periphery and periphery countries to gain below-mentioned goal;

To maintain its hegemony, to capture natural resources, to dissolve the government structure, Military intervention and to create a threat for its enemies.

The present situation of Afghanistan is very interesting. NATO and US having latest technologies, ammunition, experienced military personals, world famous agency Central Investigation Agency (CIA) and they failed to resolve the issue of Talibanization. Why the US investing huge budget on its military in Afghanistan? It is clear that the US and its allies are not getting ready to accept the failure of their policies and their aim is different (Russia-China, Central Asian minerals) and did not want to leave Afghanistan.

Geographically Afghanistan is the most important country who is playing a role like a bridge between South and Central Asia also its border linked with Iran which is the biggest challenge for the US due to its nuclear reactor. If the US and NATO leave this territory; then their influence upon enemy i.e. Russia, Iran and China will become weak. It’s a good technique to create a threat for the enemy from different dimensions.

Interestingly! the drama who was created by the USA President Bush i.e. Talibanization; its drop scene has been done by their own President Barak Obama. Before drop scene this film; already new tool was ready to plant in the Middle East and that was ISIS.

Do you think why every time semi-periphery and periphery countries are targeting instead of core countries? Let me give you some clues;

1. Bad governance 2. The war between dictatorship and democracy 3. Corruption 4. Poverty 5. illiteracy, 6. Sectarian, Ethnic and linguistic conflicts

Last but not least, new powers are emerging and the world is moving towards Multi-polarity. This is the biggest challenge for the US and its allies in the coming years. Now, the drop scene of this tool (Non-State Actor and Terrorism) would be ended in the next 10-20 years but what will be the next card which will be played by the US and its allies? This Pandora box will be opened in upcoming years and the card decided the supremacy of the US will be remaining or not.

Submit your expert views/comments on [email protected]

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Russian Encroachment towards Middle East

After Lenin, Joseph Stalin the leader of USSR said that a strong country needs a strong economy. Through economical policies, he expended the chapter of industrialization and made the powerful USSR in the world. Unluckily, his policies were demolished by the descendant leaders of USSR and resultantly the external and internal pressure raised and USSR disintegrated.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is an only man who comes up with expansionism thought. He is containing western policies, through his direct involvement in Middle East crises. Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen and Palestine are getting full support of Russian foreign policy on socio-economical, militarily and political grounds but the question arises that why Russia is spending its huge budget to protect these countries from Western hegemony?

In fact, the basic conflict is among Russia, US and its allies, ultimately they are trying to restrain each other circuitously. Resultantly this restraint war is damaging the whole structure of the Middle East. Further, Russia is trying to create its own hegemony in this region while waving off the Westernization policies. Will Russian President concur to re-build the socio-political and economic structure of this region? Impossible! As its human nature when one gets power, he prefers to make other countries its dependent.

Although Middle East countries are rich in mineral resources but they do not work collectively to solve their issues because they are divided on basis of linguistic and sectarian grounds. The countries that rely on other for getting solution to their problems they can never get back from darkness.

The people of the Middle East should consider the example of the United Nation and European Union; how they are protecting their member’s interest and sovereignty? The setting sun of Middle East can rise again if they realize why these two elephants are not directly attacking each other as this is the game of power and to create new hegemony. If they failed to understand and did not work out on this issue then most probably they will fell from Sky and stuck in the Date Palm.

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The superpowers were demolished after World War II, and they left behind two schools of thoughts i.e. Communism and Capitalism. In 1945, Joseph Stalin and the United State of America’s joint military operation pinch out the Japanese from whole Korea and this territory was verbally divided into two mandates. The Northern Area of Korea gets USSR and Southern part take over by the USA.

Unfortunately, the tension was raised when south military photographers executed by North and after that North Korea Reds declare war and invade by South part from land and sea. At 04:00 am on 25th June 1950, the North Korean army entered into South Korean border within two days they captured the capital. That time security threat was raised for the US and they felt that if South Korea captured by the communist doctrine their next foot will be on the neck of Japan so they decided to participate in the war.

On 19th July 1950, the US president, Harry S. Truman immediately call to US Navy and Air Force to attacked N. Korea. Before the declaration of war; USSR tested its first nuclear bomb on 29th August 1949. Both doctrines intervened and it was the alarming situation for the world that may be this conventional war transformed into nuclear. It was the first unconditional victory of the USA after WWII that was achieved in which the vital role was played by the Chief Commander, Douglas MacArthur, (the legend of the WWII).

After recapturing South Korea, the biggest challenge was the Chinese invasion of Seoul and Pyongyang. The US forces failed to demolish the block then General Douglas MacArthur wrote a letter to Pentagon on November, 28;

"We face an entirely new war, and our present strength is not sufficient to lead an undeclared war with Chinese. This command had done everything for humanity but now this condition is by beyond control due to its strength."

Although, the relation between President Truman and General Douglas MacArthur was critical and President removed him from his service. During the election when the public pressure was raised then the USA decided to peace talks with N. Korea but failed due to Chinese confrontation. On July 27th 1953, an agreement was signed and Korea was divided into two parts and borders were created at the city of Seoul. Today the tensions between the USA and N. Korea's root link with the USA policies in which they divided Korea for the sake of their own interest. Every state has a right to play a role for its development and protection their sovereignty.

Does the US protect other state’s sovereignty? No! because the USA has too many nuclear arsenals and did not want to neutralize it. On the other hand, they always raise the finger upon other countries through its sanctions and sometimes direct attack on them. E every state have a right to compete and to protect its sovereignty but if the power should be balanced then the hegemony of the US will be wave off from the world. Surprisingly! the United Nation does not play its role against the US nuclear arsenals. This type of attitude/policies are spreading fire, and will not succeed to control the arms race in the world.

There are lots of treaties signed on arms control but their outcome is nil why? In fact, the hypocrisy and military threat is not the solution to this issue. If you want to control arms race in the world with honesty; the powerful countries should start to defuse their own nuclear arsenals then their policies will be effective in other countries. Presently, the President of the USA, Donald Trump has announced that they will be ending the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia, a decades-old agreement. At this condition when you also want to end the treaty you will not force to the others to stop nuclear programs.

A good policy maker before shaping new policy making a link with Past, Present and Future but on the issue of Korea, US policymakers failed. On the other hand, the state remains its power to give respect to the other state’s sovereignty. The history is endorsed that those powers who develop their policies on weak grounds they destroyed. Now, the President of N. Korea Kim Jong-Un successfully contained the US policies due to its strong grounds and world is looking that their policies towards rest of the countries are not aggressive. The US policymakers should learn from their mistakes and change their policies according to the condition. Otherwise, a day will not be far when their supremacy will be ended.

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