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-University Life Part 2:

"The Girl who stops"

I am the student of university in 2nd year of Bachelors.

As being friendly with both boys and girls , i have experienced that what they have gone through in this time period of their Uni life. I am highlighting some girls issue which i have seen,heard,solved,observed till now.

-In our society there is still a thought that education for a girl is less important than that of boys , this is the very first thing that stops a girl.

-A girl who passes the entry test and is now entering the university with all thoughts:

1. Parents respect

2. Career plan

3. Future plan

4. People criticism

5. Her own respect

6. Fear of past

7. Fear of environment

8. Fear of new peoples

9. Fear of public speaking

10. And many more (every girl can relate)

With all these thoughts , when a girl enters in a university what she wishes and expect for is that a support from other girls , a homelike environment in hostels, a brother-like love from boys , a parents love from teachers, a respect guarantee from the environment of university but what she gets is :

1. Harassment through eyes:

(You feel insecure when people keep staring at you , no matter what your dressing is , people will stare at you , because they don't have a sister or they don't care about their sisters too)

2. Hooting from students:

(You keep on hearing the vulgar words from everyone because you are good looking , you are beautiful , you are fashionable , you are open-minded , but not everyone sees you with this sight , they will keep on shouting like an animal)

3. Harsh behavior from girls:

(Even the girls will not support you when you will share your problems , they are scared too , they will say you to ignore and you start ignoring and you will be ignoring it till your last day of university and after you another girl will face it ,because you didn't take any action to resolve it only because no-one was there to support you)

4. Insecurities everywhere:

(non secure contacts, anyone reaches you on social media and personal contact and that things keep on growing time by time and till when you are used to it)

5. Trust issues everywhere:

(Its so hard for a girl to trust anyone and share her secrets and problems , even the girls will change their behavior when you tell them about your weakness or problem everyday, how its possible for you to trust a boy , when you dont know that what his real intentions are)

What are the after effects of this in mostly cases are:

1. Depression

2. Studies failure

3. Illness

4. Leaving studies

-Love-life of a girl:

There are 70% chances that a girl or a boy falls in love in this age(16-26) , and another thing which can be a reason of girls construction or destruction , falling in love is not a BAD THING but falling from limits is WORST , a girl faces this and if it goes wrong , her life is almost destroyed after this.


"What should be the mindset of a girl before entering university" ?

-Strong speaking skills.

-Fearless speaking.

-Should know that there is HARASSMENT CELL and should take full advantage of it.

-Should be clear about her intentions and actions.

-Should be known of her values and priorities.

-Should be open minded and should not care of negativity from people.(If she is sure that she is Right)

-Should respect the opposite gender(and have good observing skills because not everyone is BAD)

-Her first priority should be her Career.

-Away from gender discrimination.

-Positivity and many more.


Via: Hamid Abbasi

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