تمام صارف پوسٹس Komal karachi . کراچی , Pākistān


Over 84 children have died over the past month in Tharparkar due to malnutrition and various other diseases, according to data released by the Sindh Health Department.

According to statistics, the children to have died due to malnutrition were as young as several months old to five years old.

As compared to reports from prior months, the number of infant and young children’s deaths in October has been considerably high.

In total, 703 children have died due to malnutrition and different diseases to date in 2019.

In July this year, Prime Minister Imran during a meeting with United Nations Resident Coordinator Neil Buhne said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government was committed to addressing issues of malnutrition and adulteration, both of which in his view were adversely impacting the growth of the young population.

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A body was recovered early Sunday morning by police in Karachi's Clifton Block 2.

The body has been moved to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, while police claim the victim has been shot and killed.

According to Clifton SP, the suspect still has to be found.

On November 1, eight suspected criminals were arrested by Sindh Rangers in Karachi as the crime rate in the city continues to increase.

The suspects were involved in street crime robbery, a spokesman for Rangers said.

On October 5, Rangers ' special police powers were extended for three months in Sindh.

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Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said on Sunday that days of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government were numbered.

While speaking to reporters in Sehwan, the chief minister said that he sees a conducive atmosphere after the country is ridden of the PTI government.

CM Shah said that apart from causing a huge economic crisis in the country and depriving people of their jobs the government had also failed on the Kashmir front.

“The prime minister said on the Kashmir issue ‘what should I do’,” he recalled, adding that the PM had done little about the issue, except delivering one speech.

“The unrest spread in the country only due to the [federal] government’s failure,” the chief minister maintained.

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On Saturday, an accounting court issued a notice to the Adiala Jail Superintendent that Land Use Secretary Aftab Memon had not been produced before the trial.

Memon is named, along with others, in a reference to the unlawful allocation of state land. The notification was released at the reference hearing.

The property use officer, who is incarcerated at Adiala Jail, was not presented to the court at the trial, after which the court issued a notice to the jail superintendent and ordered him on November 12 to produce the accused before the court.

The reference also included nominations for Mukhtiarkar Muhammad Salik, Tapedar Abdul Aziz and Sub-Registrar Shahid Raza, according to NAB, and Memon is currently being investigated for involvement in another case involving fake bank accounts.

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It is reported that at least 50 people from Mirpurkhas and Umerkot districts are still missing three days after the incident at Liaquatpur. Mirpurkhas Assistant commissioner Syed Attaullah Shah Bukhari scheduled transport to Rahimyar Khan to provide their DNA samples for 16 people traveling by road on Saturday.

On Thursday and Friday, many families traveled to Rahimyar Khan on their own.

They are told that after seven days, the DNA test report will be released. Official reports in the DC office have reported that 45 people are still missing from Mirpurkhas, although non-official sources put the figure at 60.

The victims of the fire incident at Tezgam Express were laid to rest on Friday, including seven in Mirpurkhas and six in Umerkot. Another Mirpurkhas-owned person, Muhammad Liaquat, died on Saturday during treatment at a Multan hospital.

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The Severe Cyclonic Storm ' Maha ' of the Arab Sea has intensified into a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (VSCS) and is now less than 800 kilometers from Karachi, said Pakistan's meteorological department on Sunday.

The recent PMD advisory said that the storm had decided to move northwest over the past 12 hours and was "at a distance of approximately 794 km south of Karachi because of highest possible sustained surface winds of 120-140 km / h. "The department explained that none of Pakistan's coastal areas are currently under threat from the tropical cyclone.

"There is no danger to Pakistan's coastal areas today.

However, it is advised that fishermen remain cautious and avoid entering the deep sea on Monday, "read the advisory.

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Minister for data, Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani said the provincial government brought "miraculous reforms" to the education and health sector, but the media did not recognize these milestones.

Ghani shared these thoughts as he addressed the Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) convention as the chief guest on Saturday at the Expo Centre.

He said that any country's growth and success is related to the establishment of a good education system. The provincial minister said that if the fact that Pakistan's founder had attended this university is a matter of pride for SMIU. "For every student at this university, it's also a matter of pride," he added.

He responded by saying SMIU is now considered to be one of Sindh's best universities and lauded the efforts of its Vice-Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh to advance the varsity.

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For its growing crime rate, burgeoning population and deteriorating infrastructure, the busy metropolis and the largest city in Pakistan are often under scrutiny.

A myriad of problems that prevailed over Karachi affected the development process to some extent and marred a potential that has yet to be fully explored.

As though the current problems were not enough, Karachi has been ravaged by the recent monsoon season.

Saturday's 7th Annual Karachi Conference addressed the future development of Karachi in the face of these recent challenges, highlighting the impact of the recent rains on the sewerage, drainage, electricity and transportation network.

Trying to speak on the event, former Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) chief Farooq Sattar said national, federal and local government criminal negligence was responsible for the deplorable state of Karachi after unprecedented rains.

"This is a collective failure of all concerned authorities. The largest cosmopolitan city, Karachi, lacks land. There is a tremendous need for systemic and institutional changes," Sattar said.

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On Saturday, the Department of Transport launched a crackdown on intra-city commuter busses charging high transport tariffs.

A fine of Rs 56,000 for receiving high fares was levied on at least 41 busses. In addition, ten buses were not operating in the city because they were unfit for carrying passengers and collecting high fares.

Sindh Minister of Transportation Syed Awais said the crackdown was initiated in Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur, Dadu, Mirpurkhas, Badin, Thatta, Khairpur, Shikarpur and other provincial cities.

He instructed the cancelation of the licenses for buses collecting high fares and directed the secretary of the transport department and regional secretaries to send reports on this issue on a daily basis

The Minister of Transport also said that more than 40 unregistered chingchi rickshaws were restricted from operating in Larkana, each with a fine of Rs 10,000. In addition, multiple vehicle LPG and CNG cylinders, in Hyderabad, Sukkur and Jacobabad, were confiscated because they were unfit.

Challans of Rs 11,000 was given in Sanghar to 13 vehicles and Rs 5,000 was returned to the passengers with extra money received in the name of tickets. He has said that the drivers of unregistered chingchi rickshaws had been given time for registration. The action has been taken after the expiry of the deadline for the carriers

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A protest of employees, including Gadani's shop-breaking workers, here Friday demanded that the government implement national ship-breaking policies and remove heavy taxes from this critical economic sector.

As per the details, on the occasion of the third anniversary of the martyrdom of 29 workers in Gadani ship-breaking fire mishap, a Gadani rally was held by the National The Union of Trade Unions and the Union of Gadani Ship-breaking Workers.

Trying to address the protest, the speakers said that three years have passed on to this tragedy, but the Balochistan government has so far failed to provide ship-breaking workers with legal protection. 

As a consequence of ship-breaking jobs, in the worst conditions today they are forced to work. It is a distant dream for the implementation of labor laws and health and safety.

 Despite the passage of three years to no proper law-making for shipbreaking workers, this could lead to a major disaster.

It is important to bring proper lawmaking to the ship breaking in the industrial sector. A draft law made with broad labor consultation should be tabled as soon as possible in assembly. Health and safety laws should be applied in this sector and the process of contract labor should be terminated.

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