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The things I learned from Xiao Zhan cannot be copied from others

Some people say that the most rare thing in the world is the kind of people who know the world but not the world, that is the most mature kindness embodied in the bones.

Everyone is an ordinary person in all things, but some people can stand out from the ordinary, doing extraordinary and extraordinary things on him, making him a shining star in the eyes of others.

And Xiao Zhan is such a person.

Ever since I became a fan of Xiao Zhan, I have found that I have changed a lot of bad habits before, and I have also seen many like-minded people, those who are full of warm heart and kindness, who are not Peter Pan, should be united by the name Xiao Zhan.

We all have people who love and guard in common, and we have the direction of the goal that we want to make progress together.

He has become all of us basking in the sun, sprinkling love forward, measuring life with warmth and touching, and experiencing value in time.

Look at the things Xiao Zhan taught us, and see the letters written to Xiao Zhan's heart full of sincere emotion every time we read these words, it makes us cry.

The biggest feeling and deepest impression of Xiao Zhan is his gentle side. However, his gentleness is not the kind of gentleness, let alone a good old man with no temper.

In his bones and in his blood, he also has the spirit of perseverance, as well as the stubbornness and bamboo-like perseverance of Chongqing people.

Compared with those who speak more than they do, the biggest advantage experienced in Xiao Zhan is that he is a pragmatist. He is also a gentleman who is quick to do things but to speak.

However, in dealing with his goals and dreams, he is also able to do his best to make every day and every second full and meaningful without regret. The road traversed is also full of directions and plans for the future.

It can be said that Xiao Zhan is also one of the many beings, and many of us ordinary people can be seen in him.

However, the most rare thing is his ordinary place, which makes it unusual through this name.

He will not complain about the hardships life gives him. On the contrary, he will regard this gift of fate as a gift of growth, a kind of rare wealth and experience in life, and let him become the driving force and spur of his own growth.

When he chose to step out of his comfort zone to enter the entertainment industry and enter the world, he had already cut his back, and he was already alone in armor.

Become the most shining self on that stage.

However, no one's success is achieved overnight, and no one can casually succeed.

In that countless days and nights, the appearance of his sweating and the appearance of clenching his teeth are what we missed and regretted, but in exchange for his dazzling light on the stage.

Don't say that he was a hit overnight, let alone Wei Wuxian, a character who made him popular, the two of them achieved each other.

In all this from scratch, he used his courage and perseverance to let us see a young man chasing dreams and dreaming of success.

He can say a lot of things that are refreshing for us, but it is definitely not the poison of the soul. It is the truth that he has the energy to use the road he has traveled to tell us.

He knows his surroundings and his position very well. Likewise, he will respect every worker around him and give them the greatest tolerance and consideration.

It is precisely because he has had a job that is different from ordinary people in the entertainment industry, so he can feel the difficulty of each position.

That's why he can be more empathetic and think about others.

Look at which networks, whether it’s fans or passers-by’s comments, what you see in him is more sparkling. The advantage is the power that makes us want to learn and get close.

Xiao Zhan is a person who stays awake at all times, but at the same time a very gentle person, but he can do the most decisive things with the most gentle attitude, and he has no hesitation.

The cleanness in his bones is one of the most appreciated

Too many shining points and too many advantages for us to learn. Before I became a fan of him, I didn't know how much an idol could bring to my life, and I couldn't deeply feel the meaning of star chasing.

And after I fell in love with him, I realized one thing, love can last for a long time. God will not disappoint everyone who runs hard.

From him, we all learned more that it is not to compromise and not give up in the face of difficulties, the calm self-sustainability and the firmness and consistency of the goal when facing the people around him.

So what is the biggest change that everyone has learned or obtained from Xiao Zhan? Let's leave a comment together.

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