کی تمام اشاعتیں۔ Sanaullah Noohani . Larkana ، Pakistan


Thought of Student in "Student life".

It is story of myself ( Sanaullah Noohani). Once upon a time, when I was 10 years old. There was not my interest in study. And I always think that when I will pass out from School. After 6 years later, finally I passed School and got admission in College. At that time I realize that," what I am going". What is my destiny, where I have to reach in my future. At that time I was too much away from study, then I started my study. I worked hard day and night. Now I am student of Graduation.

Student life is the Golden opportunity, before it we will never touch that opportunity, so be careful.

Evey thing is easy and possible with the Education.

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