کی تمام اشاعتیں۔ Maheen Saleem . اسلام آباد ، Pākistān


Humans have been evolving since this world came into being. We learned how to speak, eat, survive and procreate. One thing we still don't know how to do properly is speaking. We live in a country where more than half of the population gets swayed solely from the speeches our politicians give. Are our leaders paving the right path for their people?

One can safely say that politics is a cut throat business. many political families have given it their blood and tears. Literally and figuratively. Latest trend we see these days among this disjointed political family is the use of coarse language. Portraying the image of a righteous man while undermining the other in brutal ways. Not even stopping to think when talking about someone's daughter or wife (the only thing you pride yourself for). Not realizing the evils that come from your mouths gives a free license to everyone to do the same on a daily basis.

Our 'Leaders' have lost the meaning of governing a country. It's all just an ugly fight for the throne. One party fighting it's way to the top to just sit in all it's glory. The real reason of why and what your country needs from you is all blurred. We live in a country where half of the population is uneducated. They believe in what they hear and see. They learn from what is presented in front of them. And the only image in front of them is the image our leaders are putting up. A couple of gangsters and thugs who can say whatever they want. Regardless it being so explicit and immoral. That's what this country is learning. That it's okay to be like this. It's okay to be the person who can do whatever they want cause there are no consequences. Our crime rate is sky rocketing as we speak. And all this just adds fuel to the fire.

Nothing good can come out of this if they don't back away and evaluate themselves. Evaluate on the people they have become. Instead of this sick image, they should think about what they are putting out there for their people. Not only their words are damaging this country but we are also a laughing stock for the whole world to see.

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The easy answer is 'no' here but one does wonder why. Where half of our youth is streaming everything from Netflix these days, ranging from Money Heist to Fifty Shades of Grey. How does a Pakistani show causes so much hate?

Churails premiered on the internet in August and shook all the desi men and women. Men (of course) started using this as a devil's card where the religion and a 'Man's World' was in danger. Some women followed suite and said the same thing. Some were pretty happy because of the topics that were raised.

Many things mentioned in the series were all Taboo topics of Pakistan's society. Things we hide and sweep under the rug. From rape to domestic violence. From affairs to homosexual relations. All these things exist in our society but we don't talk about it or face it ever. These topics are considered haram and moving forward we teach the same to our kids. Yes somethings are very graphic for a person and disgusting to look at like a wife chopping off her husband's leg and making nihari. Yes that is gruesome. Or showing the prostitute underground setup in the elite societies. But how is that any different from the shows you watch on Netflix?

Shows on Netflix and streaming websites are all either too graphic or need a PG 18 rating cause of all the nudity and coarse language yet every one is fine with watching that and letting your kids watch it. The problem here is, we don't like things that point out our flaws. We don't like topics or discussions where our society is stripped away from it's covers. Yes churails is rated PG 18 but everything said and shown is the ugly image of our society which we try to hide. The show got produced by an Indian company cause of this very reason. The government would have never allowed it on television and they also banned it from the internet briefly. There are many things that shouldn't be in the hands of the young minds in our country but it is.

All in all the series showcased a lot of out taboo topics and shed a light to women and their daily problems in the society. Watch it or not, one cant hide from the evils of the society we live in. Maybe one day our country will talk about all these problems and challenges and try to find solutions more openly. Only then we can digest a show like that in our midst.

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In the light of recent events happening all across Pakistan, one can't help but wonder if the government is being smart in keeping the people safe. And another question arises if the people are being smart.

For the past month we have been looking at our tv screens with a new political gathering happening in some new city everyday. Thousands of people gather in support of their political party. Whether it's PDM or PTI. Some people show up for a chance of change. Some show up for one glance at their political hero. And then there are some who just come for fun. Debatable.

In the times of Covid, one can never be too careful. It's hard to believe that this thought didn't occur to our governing bodies. On one hand they are implementing new laws and rules to discourage public gatherings. On the other hand they ask people to come at their political affairs. One can't help but wonder if they have the best interest for their people. Politics should be at one side and the well being of the nation the other. These 'Jalsay' can be done online or on any social media platform. These 'Inappropriate chants' by our politicians can be held off for some time or find a different medium to convey them.

Risking lives of the people is no joking matter. If our government is being this careless on a wider platform, the nation will only follow suit. It's better if the people understand this themselves and try to avoid any such gathering. Stay safe and keep others safe!

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