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When realization hits:

It's funny how we humans only realize the worth of something when it is taken away from us. How we only want the things that are not given to us. How we envy others because of their luxury.

Yesterday my mother, father and siblings left for Lahore and even if it were just for a day me and my brother missed them so much.

When they weren't gone I would complain to my mother that we would never have a decent conversation because she was always busy, I would complain that my father wouldn't take us anywhere and that my siblings were always crying and throwing tantrums.

Now that they are away I do realize that even seeing them in front of my eyes alive and well was too big of a blessing, eating the food that my mom cooked for me, hugging my dad when he returned from work, comforting my siblings when they were hurt.

It's strange that how in a span of 24 hours I've realized so many things in my life that if were taken away from me I would have remained traumatized for life.

Many times in cartoons, dramas they show the protagonist as an orphan who had been bullied and abused and yet still was happy and cheerful and many times us kids create our own character of this sort to fit in the show and wish to live a life as theirs but,

It's not that easy, manning up and facing the world, when many adults struggle with this so thinking logically how could we?

In the end my point is that these annoying siblings and controlling parents of ours are the truest and purest gift of life so no matter where you are and who you are just take a second and be grateful for this gift of life.

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Assalam u alaikum everyone!

Today instead of writing about some small perks of society I'm here to ask you to answer some of my questions.

Have you ever felt that even after having all the blessings of the world... you're still empty?

Is it really important to express yourself among people?

Why do people think that if someone tries to rebel with society they're mad?

Why do most people think that of all people they are the ones on the right path?

Does someone really need a bad past to be depressed?

Why are psychopaths considered mad or abnormal just because they have different views of the world?

What can a person really achieve by memorizing a book to get good grades?

I wanted to write about one of these things but I couldn't find the answers to any of these and lately I've been thinking about a lot of things so please share your answers with me.

Thank you,

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The recent Peshawar bomb blast:

Listening to the news few days before we were informed of a threat in Peshawar of a bomb blast and as warned a few days later the blast happened at a religious school or commonly known as ‘madrasah’ fell victim to the blast.

With many casualties, many parents lost the happiness of their lives who knows?

Now tell me just a few days before there was talk about Pakistan being in the grey list or such and I have noticed and I’m sure others have too that whenever this topic arises a blast after is sure to happen.


Some blame it on the army while others blame some mafia or government.

An old rumour was that only the children of civilians were killed in the tragic army public attack in 2014and those of army officers were barely injured, and also that it was a conspiracy of the army.

So many rumours mixed with the truth and filled with lies I believe that as citizens of Pakistan we have to raise our voice to know what is going on in our own country. The government, the intelligence can’t fool us forever... it’s time we actually know the reality and if it is not handed to us then fight for it.

I as a citizen of Pakistan refuse to live in a country where reality is kept from me and where I am being fooled just to keep alive the reputation of some punks standing as our leaders.

The holy prophet (PBUH) always favoured truth and he never cared about the reputation of the leaders of the tribe or rich families NO he always punished one who was caught doing wrong.

My point is that all that our dear prime minister has been babbling about ‘Riasat e madeena ‘ should also take in notice that in that golden age truth ruled over lies, the sahabah knew all that was going on on the inside and the prophet worked hard and really did feel the loss of his fellow musli s as a leader unlike him who sits freely and comfortably doing nothing but wasting money that he could be using to secure the country on lavish food he doesn’t even eat.

The country belongs to us civilians not to these fake two faced punks who never even thought of spending a penny for the betterment of our country.

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5 subscribers special!

Success is a long ride like life with many ups and downs. The road to success isn't easy, it never had been.

It all starts slow and sometimes with failure, but it is useless to give up!

Everyone has to start from zero, there is a starting line to every race, the first page of every book and what I mean is that you won't get on top in the span of a few days.

Success is something you will have to struggle for and in other words is a life long struggle and a war you could say, with all the criticizers, all the thoughts and failures that hold you back.

And even though I haven't reached reached my goal yet, I'm very thankful to my subscribers for motivating me by liking and reading my posts!

And so together let's promise that we'll work hard to succeed in life!

thank you once again to all my subscribers and I love you all!!!

Sincerely: Anonymous

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Self Confidence:

Today in class, it was our english lesson when the teacher started asking questions.

She signaled a girl to stand up and answer the question.

When the girl answered the teacher said "Are you sure?"

At that moment even though her answer was correct she began biting her lip and evidently started doubting herself.

That there is lack of self confidence.

Now what is the difference in between Confidence and self confidence?

Confidence is the ability to speak out loud, to speak your mind to the world, whereas, self confidence is the positivity that one feels when he is speaking, self confidence is that voice inside of you that says "You are right, you can do this!" you don't have to be an extrovert to have that feeling, you just have to feel good and strong about yourself.

Gaining self confidence isn't easy I admit that, cause I know that everyone doubts themselves even though they know they are right.

Though some people do have it but majority of the people don't have it... they overthink and doubt themselves, weather its about their appearance, something they said or did anything.

Even the most confident of people do it, but the difference is that they have learned to ignore that negative voice inside that says "Oh really? Are you sure? What if you fail?"

But that voice is wrong!

We are all creations of Allah and we are perfect in our own way.

You know? most people are generally shy when they lack self confidence. Not that being shy is a bad thing, but what im trying to say is that even if you prefer to stay quiet and unnoticed you should feel good about your decisions, the things you do and when needed speak. Speak in such a way that it makes a dynamic impact.

Im saying bury those insecure voices inside of you because they are wrong.

Stop doubting yourself and knw that the decision you made was the one you saw right in your situation.

All of us are special if not in one way then the other if not there then the other, all of us are special so stop hurting yourself from the inside and man up.

No one ever became a great person by doubting themselves, they all believed in themselves even after failing so many times.

So bury all those voices inside you, it may be hard but it is a war we all have to fight in ourselves.

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Goals in life:

Joining the senior wing all of our relatives ask us one question too often,

"So what do you want to be?"

Honestly, there are a lot of people who know what they want or their interests are forced to one stream, while these guys have a clear goal there are those left off like me,

I really don't know what profession should i take, what stream should I choose and I know there are a lot more like me out there. While my family is extremely supporting, there could be those who are being criticized over not knowing what they want.

But then there are more categories, some of us have really no goal at all while others have a goal that does specify our professional life, like the second one my goal is to fight for rights of human beings that are not being provided, I want to be a light of hope for those who have lost it.

My family is often telling me,

"You need a powerful post so that people will listen to and value your words."

But really what are we to do?

I say follow your heart and work hard so that when the time comes we have a wide range of options to choose from and regret nothing.

Forget all the criticizers and relatives who tell you to set a straight goal,

Of course it is vital to think about it from time to time but if you still are unsure it doesn't have to be that way, find something that suits you and go with it!

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A message to the women of the nation:

The current happenings in Pakistan have really showed us us women where we stand according to men huh?

Why do men think if Allah almighty referred to us females as delicate they can assault us and rape us for money? Do they really think we can do nothing?

What I want to say the women all over the country is to become stronger and find a way to fight because the devil will not stop till the day of judgment, it is time we raise our voice and show these rapists, kidnappers and whatever that you made a huge mistake messing with us.

In the past many powerful women have made their name haven't they? It was because they left no room for weakness, it is time we become like them , strong and confident. It is time we show the world the true power us women hold within us,

Written by: Anonymous

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As a school student myself no one could be more familiar to our education system than I am, and honestly speaking I am not satisfied by the system.

Yesterday afternoon, me and my mother were talking while my three year old siblings were happily playing till suddenly one of them said something extremely silly. That made me say that whatever the cost I will never let their imagination die.

Not a few seconds later my mother asked

"Are you not satisfied by your school?"

"No mama not at all"

"Why?" she asked me.

Why? Because schools today are so very narrow minded, everything is to be by the book all the answers to be learned word to word and there is no room for anything new.

So many times in class students are considered to have given the wrong answer just because they had changed it's wording. Today getting first place means you are smart and failing means you are dumb, but really what I think is that the children who fail really have more important things to do than sit down and memorize something you never really understood .And really this was the one reason I never got first place in really anything.

Today schools are killing the imagination, curiosity and common sense among students.

I'm sure a lot of us can relate to hearing students call for the examiner to explain that one question that had a bit of wording changed. Students today have become so used to being word to word that they have completely lost the ability to just sit and think something through.

In my opinion, a major reason to Pakistan's downfall is that now everyone is so used to getting the answers before hand that now most of us can't think "out of the box" that we were taught to stay in since preschool.

Another influence this has on students and even me, is the lack of confidence.

So many times so many students in class are being scolded and taunted for sharing their opinion. I believe all of us have heard these words too often

"Are you the teacher or am I?"

"No no no beta you can come here and teach the class yourself I'll be on my way huh?"

This is just an indirect signal to us that means

"Shut up your opinion neither wanted nor needed."

After all that the heads will still lecture us every single day of the week to build up some confidence and get on stage.

During this pandemic, staying away from our schools I have seen this positive change in myself and thus I am writing here.

There is so much more that is to be said but for this article all I request is a little independence for students to share their opinion, to not be judged by our competition prizes and to be given a chance in extra curricular activities even though our bad grades.

Written by: Anonymous.

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