کی تمام اشاعتیں۔ Farishty shah . کراچی ، Pākistān


A letter to Allah

Dear Allah, I am not hopeless

I am frightened and alone When I see the screaming faces of people

I am not exhausted with this bombarding but we have no shelter to live in

We are facing this genocide of our people. Yet the world is silent.

Dear Allah we will stand by the side of our beloved mosque and Islam. We will not give up.

I know I am a little scared because my parents are not there to cure my wounds. Though We are being cared I miss them. You know I am a brave boy I don't weep. I only cry when my body shivers due to the cold. And I can't get on it.

I have lost my classmates, friends and my siblings. I have no one to play with. I miss my school and home. Now we live in hospitals. It has become our sanctuary yet it is not safe. They are attacking it as well.

We don't have any toys. Even the old one searches and plays in the rubble...Everwhere you see Wreckages of homes, school mosque, apartments hospital nothing is saved.our land has become a graveyard. Where life losing it's grip.

We don't have pure water to drink and healthy food to eat but we don't lose hope. . Still, we smile and believe you will appease us with great rewards.

I just pray may my nation lives a long life. and may my Palestinians get victory in this battle shortly. I wish we see a happy Palestine again. I pray all the Muslims become united and stand with us as one nation. Ameen


Every step we take in this life brings a new change. Every day we open a new chapter with different obstacles, hardships and lessons. Things don't stay the same. It modifies with every phase of life. The more you turn the new page, the more you learn.

Learning is a continuous process, It does not cease, we learn these lessons from our parents, teachers, friends, and colleagues, and even the younger ones also educate us on how to spend a life with utmost satisfaction.

The word satisfaction itself makes you worried about the level of being satisfied. People are incapable to comprehend their level of satisfaction. If they are asked how much satisfaction is there in life. They definitely will give you a pause. Why; because There are wishes, dreams, purposes and goals that energize us to do more effort. It urges us to carry more. Nothing appeases our instinct.

In this walk of life, People are running after their dreams they do all efforts to pursue their dreams. Chasing dreams is not an easy job. Those who become successful in fulfilling their dreams, compromise everything. They value their time and give respect to other times as well. it is a famous saying don't let your work on tomorrow. Those who do never get success. It does not come overnight. one must have sacrificed the precious moments of his life. If you want to run with the pace of life. Think hundreds time before you take a step.life is precious if you imagine.


Life you are unpredictable.

You have many colours

With every colour you

Have many shades

Knowing you is a puzzle

Playing you is mystery

Digging you is a history

Singing you is a melody

Life You are unconquerable

Catching you is a victory

Loosing you is a failure

Standing with you is a survival

Life you are incredible

Living you is a present

Thinking of you is a past

Forecasting you is a future

Life you are precious

Buying you is absurd

Selling you is vague

Only Breathing gives an existence.