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Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Lose Weight

He thinks thousands of thoughts every day. He speaks to himself more than anyone else. He is your trusted and trusted mentor. Most of the conversations you have with you will never be shared with anyone else because doing so will expose the "real" you. You are full of doubts, worries, sadness, guilt, pain and disappointment.

But this is not “the real you” at all. This is what your ego and your beliefs are built for. These negative beliefs were created by you, and accepted by you as true. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Where did this false idea come from? They were very outgoing; parents, teachers, coworkers, and friends. They may have planted seeds by saying something like “you are fat” and you have developed those words to the point that they become your reality.

You let your whole life be governed by some vague comments made over the years. No one has the right or the power to tell you who you are. Only you know who you really are and what is in your heart.

At birth you entered this world without your present burdens of wrong belief. You have entered this world as a heap of joy filled with infinite power and opportunity.

I came here to tell you that you have not changed. You stand still and you will always be a beautiful bunch of unlimited energy and possibilities.

The only difference is what you pay attention to. Let me ask you a question. If you stop all the negative comments you currently have with you such as;

- I am very fat

- Why someone wants to love me

- I will never be thin

- I always fail

And the list goes on and on… How would you feel? Do you think you can feel it emotionally? Do you think you can feel happy? Do you think you can feel more confident?

Now you think about how your life could change if you could go further and change your speech by talking only about yourself. If you take the time and focus on what you love about yourself and focus only on your emotional state will be good until you are able to achieve anything.

Once you start looking for the good things inside you, you will be amazed to see your beauty always just below the surface. You have never been anything else at that time that pile of bright joy that entered the world years ago. It is easy to reveal the positive aspects of yourself by asking specific questions.

- What exactly is it?

- Who has benefited from being me on earth?

- Who am I, what in my heart do I know for myself?

- What do I like about my body?

Your goal is to make you feel good now. How do you feel now? If you just look at what you feel is good for you, you will feel happy, you will be happy. Decide right here and now how you want to feel. Decide that you will always look for the good in you and appreciate that good.

So what does all of this have to do with weight loss? Everything !!! Your emotional state is a control valve that determines what you draw from your experience. The way you speak on your own builds your beliefs and your subconscious plans. So you need to ask yourself if you want your beliefs and myths to be based on false reasoning. Or you want your beliefs to be based on the truth, that you are a perfect person and have always been a perfect person.

Start loving yourself and growing today. Let the fun, playfulness and enthusiasm you had naturally as a child begin to flow into your daily affairs. Allow yourself to celebrate each success no matter how small. Love and value every opportunity you have. Do this every day and watch your weight begin to melt just as your old negative stereotypes about you begin to melt.

Imad Khan

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Get Rid Of Your Diabetes

Today, there are at least 20 million people living with diabetes in the United States and the sad part is that it is possible to prevent and cure diabetes and type 2 diabetes naturally with a healthy diet, and basic exercise.

People at risk of contracting the disease drop dramatically by 60 percent if they can only lose 10 pounds by following a healthy diet and regular exercise such as walking, according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. (May 3, 2001).


This word means you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The good news is that if you have prediabetes you can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and even return to normal glucose levels if you follow the guidelines in this article.

Type 2 diabetes

It was formerly called diabetes which begins in adults, this is the most common form of diabetes. This type of diabetes often starts with insulin resistance, a condition in which the body cannot use insulin properly. People can develop this type of diabetes at any age and it is often associated with the modern lifestyle of fast food, stress and lack of exercise.

Obesity and inactivity increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes significantly. Traditional remedies include taking diabetes medication, daily aspirin, and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol with prescription medications.

But with moderate weight loss and moderate daily exercise, you can slow down or prevent type 2 diabetes and live a normal life. Let's look at a few steps you can take immediately in your daily life that will make a big difference in your situation.

Strength Training - Researchers have reported a 23% increase in glucose uptake after four months of strength training. Because poor glucose metabolism is associated with adult diabetes, improved glucose metabolism is an important benefit of regular strength exercise.

Today you do not need to sit in the gym to put on active muscles. Short-term High Intensity sessions once a week are all that is needed to improve glucose metabolism and weight loss.

The strength training method I use requires only 20 to 30 minutes a week. Gone are the days of a five-day weekly plan with 6 to 12 sets per body, an approach that has never worked. One short strenuous workout and weekly strength training will boost your metabolism more than you thought you could.

The two main components of this process are strenuous exercise and recovery after exercise. Abnormal, short, high-intensity training sessions, followed by the time required to recover and gain strength are what is needed to increase active muscle mass and improve glucose metabolism.

Nutrition - A way to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass is to have a healthy eating plan. A high quality diet and extra energy are the basics you will need. Excessive and unhealthy foods, low fat and sugar foods

they are not refined they must be beautiful.

Low-fat diets should be eaten throughout the day containing small amounts of protein to maintain muscle and strength levels. Foods that contain important vitamins and minerals should also be taken daily. A high quality supplement of vitamins and minerals should also be taken daily.

As before, get calories from high quality foods but if you can, use a blender to make concoctions with skim milk for any additives you want to use, as long as you count the calories in your daily total.

Now use these solids for solid foods and solid foods for your daily diet. Distribute with small meals a day instead of three traditional meals a day. The way to keep track of weight loss is to buy a calorie counter and record your daily calorie intake for a week.

Exercise - Fat is burned in the body when the cells oxidize to release energy through exercise. When exercise is done slowly to moderate then most of the energy is taken from the fat stores.

The key to effective aerobic training that burns high fat is long-term consistency and not stamina. It doesn't matter if you run a mile, run a mile or walk a mile you will burn exactly the same number of calories.

An excellent exercise for the purpose of losing fat is to move faster indoors on the press or outside. Other aerobic activities are treadmill, cycling, climbing and any other training gear available inside or outside the gym.

There is much you can do to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. With regular exercise, cutting down on fat in your diet and losing weight can all help you reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

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Easy Ways to Avoid Depression

It seems that there are so many depressed people that we have to look at the causes of the initial depression. The factors that contribute to depression are well-known, and well-researched, but the cause of this is not well understood. A new study revealed some of the factors that contribute to depression.


Depression takes the prize for first place. It is true that any stressful situation or situation can lead to depression. It could be anything like social stress, getting a job, relationship problems, financial worries, sleepless nights, unruly lifestyle, school pressures, and getting good grades. Other events that can cause depression are: death, job change, migration; even unknown fears can cause depression. The list goes on and on. While these events are inevitable, we must come up with an effective way of coping with stress so that we can thrive even in a stressful situation because they will not go away. Stressful situations are constantly changing.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

People who use drugs and alcohol often have depression. When used in childhood, these substances can affect the human brain in negative ways. These things help to make a person feel good for a while, but in most cases, people are addicted.

Drugs release dopamine into the pleasure zone of the brain. For example: junk food increases dopamine release by about 50 percent. Sex, on the other hand, doubles this number. However, the drug can increase dopamine release anywhere from four to ten times. This unnatural height probably leads to depression after a high-altitude walk. This is a sure way to fry your brain.

Drugs make a person more depressed than they please him. This effect will roll down the drain until a drug addict wants more to break the cycle of depression following each height and addiction is born.

It is not enough to sleep

Studies show that about 40 percent of adults do not get the right amount of sleep per day and among students, about 71 percent complain of sleep disorders and insomnia.

Sleep is important for a person's health. During sleep, the body repairs itself and rearranges the thought. Lack of sleep causes a lack of cohesion in the brain. This condition often leads to depression. Sleeping during the day and staying up late also disrupt the body's natural rhythm. This can lead to feelings of depression.

Here are a few ways to prevent depression.

Sleep is an important part of preventing stress. Balance your health with adequate rest and daily exercise. Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep a day.

Keep something normal in your life. Schedule your activities to come at the expected and regular times. Once your weekly, daily or monthly schedule is suspended, your body has time to get used to the activities. This will lead to a reduced chance of developing depression.

Do not push yourself beyond your limits. Keep stressful and try to avoid stress if you can. If this is not possible, try to deal with the oppressors in a way that minimizes the damage you are causing.

Sunlight and exercise can help the brain function at a higher level. Take the time to enjoy the sunlight and try to stay busy during the day if possible.

Avoid alcohol and drugs. They may seem attractive, but all they do is actually harm the human health.

Make at least one warm meal a day your priority. Good eating habits and good health are essential when avoiding stress.

Have fun every day. Nothing relieves the burden of depression as much as it did in the past. Community activities such as chatting, joining a support sports team, and other hobbies can do wonders in treating a depressed and busy mind.

Depression can be avoided and treated and it can be fun to do so. Follow the tips mentioned above to have a bright and happy mood every day. You will look and feel better about it!

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