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Fouzia Rehman Tips Making life more easy if you are struggling or making your career!

"If you personally ask me what's my thoughts on woman being confident and making their own career, it is possible in anyway to have a normal and easy life. The answer is "No" not at all. But you can at least make it to the edge where you can manage to have some ease days.

I think being a woman itself a major job for a woman. They got some duties some roles to be fit in flawlessly.

Here some of my Tips to make life an Easy that's what actually worked for me. I hope these tips must helps out women out there who are seeking way of Easy life.

1) Don't think too much: You can't change your mistake so don't try to erase them instead erase them in your mind. Learn from them and never lose hope. Hopeless people can never become a long time race Horse.

2) Stick with your Decision: if you taking decision on something very important it's ok to complete your home work before making it official but when you are done then learn to stick with your decision. Like I said don't think too much in my first point. So don't think too much you can be wrong at making that one decision but learn from it and use your second chance. If there is no second chance then make it for yourself. Don't be hopeless.

3) Choose positive person in your life: i am very proud to have many positive people around me but I have negative people around me as positive ones. It's completely your call which kind of flavor you are choosing for you Lunch time. Obviously no one likes burnt food so avoid as much as you can those negative people.

4) Do not see other person small: I had personal experience I am sharing with you, hard workers always work for you to become Strong. But most of the time we move our attention to bigger fishes. You should put more trust in those people who helped you to be able to achieved this position. This point makes your professional life easy and safe.

5) Open your ears before Mouth: your tongue has a power to make you King of the jungle or The Ant of a jungle. Don't make fake promises, don't give people fake hopes and never lose your voice in front of bigger fishes or else they will bite you before you even had a guess.

These are some my Rules for having easy life professionally and personally. I hope you make some more rules of your life according to your career. But add my rules I am giving you grantee you never face tough time mentally if you apply then with right pressure and at the right time.

Fouzia Rehman.

Real Estate specialist/Law affairs consultant.

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