تمام صارف پوسٹس S.M Hashaam Hasan . کراچی , Pākistān

Purpose that's proposed

(by Hashaam Hasan)

We all like direction, don't we? A clean, silver compass scarlet red hand clinking towards either north or south, or east or west.... or maybe towards the centre, the exact middle. Atleast somewhere, pointing somewhere as we stand in the lush green jungle of life and time. And so we all like to discover our directions in life, where we're headed to as a human and as a person. Both are different. They are synonymous but mean different things. A human is simply, a being. That exists together along with the very many elements of the universe. A human is blank, it starts off with knowing and feeling nothing but impulses. A person, in comparison is again a human, but a human regarded as an individual. A person, has characteristics, has a soul, has intelligence, has traits that circle around both yin and yang. A person is a specific someone. Someone who has a certain name, in a certain lane, with a certain fame.

In the process of being a person, that someone, we try hard. We use of our capacity. To build and exist in what we call an orderly and desirable life that glows moments of joy, like the rays of the flaxen sun and the iridescent moon, and like the varied hues of motley planets; And when eroded with moments of grief, gets them washed off eventually, like dusty leaves getting their particles washed off as rainwater falls on them. Slowly, sweeping them off.... leaving a dewy finish.

It's not that we forget to be humans and lose our humanity in the process of being a person, but it's just that we try too hard and expect very much, trying to force directions and outcomes. We all pray hard, hoping we'll find and fulfill the purpose we came into this universe for. We all try hard, to be useful and diligent, responsible and emergent. We try to achieve everything slowly - our happiness, others happiness, knowledge and money, the pleasures of life, experiences and environments. We try to fulfill all of these. Needs, wants, desires, wishes. We keep hope and we keep life in ourselves. But we never get all of these at once. As we slowly build this so called perfect, all and everything life, time runs out and we become old and helpless, still we feel unsatisfied.

And hence, we all cherish a balanced life. That has a little bit of everything. And hence, instead of finding directions and hustling and bustling, attaining things and labels, why not just live... a little more peacefully? Cut some slack. Manage. See what happens. Don't plan everything. Or expect to get an itinerary at every phase of your life. These days when I have been praying. I say this exact same affirmation - "I hope we all fulfill the purposes we came here for . But now I feel like the purpose we came here for, is to live. And then go. Maybe come back. As a new seed that was sowed. And so the purpose of life that is propsed, is to just live. As simple as that. Live well. Don't worry about attaining all that is considered important right now, in this society and century.

Routines get repetitive, people around become assertive. We share, we care, we bear. But we also judge, hold a grudge, and don't budge. At times, many external factors try to shake our core and make us do something that we cannot. Intrusive thoughts, grumpy moods, they all become a part. Living and getting through life seems easy, but is it? You know. You know it isn't. Getting through it is very hard. Devoting time to everything is hard. Being the extremes of anything is hard. As it is, we watch others, we hear stories, we get affected in many ways. Feelings like inspiration and appreciation, exasperation and depreciation - all struck us. We become a ball of everything - bitter, sour, sweet, salt and spice. We never know what we'll become further, how changes will occur in the weather. Even if we know our path, nothing is guaranteed. Even weather forecasts can't predict properly.

One day, what if we are born into a different planet? As a citizen of maybe Mars or Venus.... and the rules there are different from that on earth. Everything has changed - the means of livelihood, the seams of lifestyle. One day, what if we are in the world of either non living things, or maybe in another universe ? Parallel universe ? Then, devoting to your soul right now seems more useful than running behind things that are apparently important. Well yes, getting what you need to strive in the contemporary world is important, but what about you? As a human ? As a soul? What will you do if you're left with nothing and transferred to somewhere else ? You gotta start off new then. So for that, be adaptive and have courage. Live everyday aesthetically. Imagine you're in a movie, drama or series. Because you are . Even if it is reality, it is a story. So feel. Feel your senses, as you splash water on your face, feel the chills that run down your spine and reverberate throughout your body. Use your voice, say what you mean. Don't fake anything. Atleast to yourself. Complete all the tasks you can and finish all the duties you want to. Fulfill the most self-explanatory yet important purpose that has been proposed to us humankind by the universe - to live. And most importantly... TAKE CARE, my little human, nice human. Take care.