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Time.......... End

Time ⌚, it's beggest problem and solution in the world.

According to Some of people time is spin which rolling and life become death by rolling day in night, night in morning, mornings in weeks, weeks in months and months become year.....

But according to others life is lideposit which you withdraw in life or after life...

But if you have any other thoughts about life.. Comment it... Thanks

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LIFE (suicide)

Life is too short, it's common definition which we known since childhood some time from books and some advises of elders, story, poetry and from many other huge sources. But issue is that depress people are also wish that same shortness....... So that is no matter how long or short the life so we should learn the actual meaning of life......

firstly we should understand that life is not only your......

(A. It is the blessing and chance of god to you for achieve the goals and blessing of life .

B. It is not only your life, because your parents serve their's life , for your life, or to make your life stronger.

  1. suicide is not solution of problem ( if you have life therefore it's means you still have the chance that you find solution of problems.........and any problem of world never remains forever.)
  2. if you suicide , there means you are uneducated. ( but your parents and dear want to see you as educated person and well competent person).

so don't think about the life is short, think that life is short because, god love you and god want to give you haven early, so bless you life in your positive thing which make your life happy with your relative , humans , your dears, your nears, etc.

Don,t think about problem.

(think about solution)

Don't wast your time, to think about problems.

( invest your time to think about solutions)

So don't think more, only enjoy your life with your dears..............

(happy life )

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