کی تمام اشاعتیں۔ Urooj Bari . سیالکوٹ ، Pākistān


How it feels being in your mid twenties .its like crossing a barrier and never look back .its like being old enough ...a young adult

You are expected to stand somewhere .your career goals ,relationship goals must b clear to you.

But all you have is history of rushing behind your degree ,surviving a war inside and out.Having failed relationships ,roving through fake n real friendships ,faking happiness n hiding irrational sadness

Here you stand recieving congratulations being graduated ,which is yet to be decided on your results ,queries about future plans ,having nothing in the pipeline except peace .

Let me think ,let me breathe now .

Dont ask me abt my future goals ,my relationship goals ,I have ruined half of my life chasing a piece of paper .And rest of it may be formulating a life for my next generation and seeing my happiness through their eyes and looking for my accomplishments through their acheivements ?

Where i am in all this ? IM nowhere.. building up myself what society expects .i have lost myself


Love comes in different forms .in different waves.sometimes ,you lose it from a loved one and it comes from un expected ways and surprises you .converting tears of sorrow to tears of surprise and joy.

Who knows that in this universe ,someone is praying for you unknowningly .someone wept for you centuries ago.And you think ,you are worthless and unwanted .

Only a bunch of people,only a few circumstances do not decide who you are .

You are beyond this my dear.

An ignorance by your fellow,a frown by a stanger ,a comment from your circle or an opinion of some random person does not decide who you are.

You are more than this.my dear ,you have a beautiful universe to explore.you need more positive people in your life.who do not calculate ,who you are ,but understand you and inspire you to live more .To live your own beautiful way .