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Mental health awareness has increased overtime yet it still stays one of the topics of concern with less focus on it. We face many mental and emotional challenges through the day and with time few situations might end up creating a large stain on the on a person’s life. It has also become one of the major contributing reasons to the daily tasks of a person. Usually the negative impact is seen on the teenage community but it still affects the adult and even the child age group these days.

We should make sure to provide the pleasant environment and proper understanding of the situations the ages may face and to help them overcome or mature through a disturbance. Children should be carefully developed and be kept away from ant toxic situations at home or outside. It tends to grow on them a certain opinion is formed which usually isn’t very positive. Teenagers are the core focus and the hardest age group to control. They seem rebellious and quiet reckless in their actions and decisions but that’s where they should be supported. While you teach them the right and wrong make sure to not hurt or push away their feelings or thoughts and maybe give them the importance and favour of all the changes they are going through. Adults are considered the mature age group with a lot of experiences. Sometimes in unexpected circumstances and in work or home life things can get stressful and hectic. The key is to make sure to get your relaxation time and to enjoy little moments. As adults have several responsibilities it is impossible to avoid the tension. But we can nurture and sometimes reward ourselves with vacations and spa day at home and much more according to choice.

Mental health is quite a deep and vast topic to discuss up on but unfortunately there are still people out there completely unaware or unable to understand and analyse their situation. It should be given more value since every day the damaging effect keeps increasing causing cases like heart attack or brain damage due to stress, suicides and crimes.

Let’s bring the old ways back and get closer to one another. Instead of degrading or hurting others, help them and be a confidant for them. Small things like mocking or demoralising can also affect the mental health and turn into something much deeper and dangerous. Let’s spread love, support and positivity.

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Hi everyone I just wanted to share few of my thoughts and give you all a reminder to always stay strong and hopeful. Writing helps me grow and get through toughest times and staying connected with the world helps me write better. It makes me feel fresh and alive again. I hope you guys find your passion and happiness in things like that. I hope you guys find ways to stay connected with world and people. It’s easier to close yourself off but until you give it a chance you won’t learn and experience or ever know the beautiful feeling and strength of being with others.

Saying that i am working really excites me. It makes me feel like i am doing something productive and relevant. Sometimes you need a break to work on something more fun and loving to you. Finding and understanding yourself

Attending and nurturing yourself

Building a future for yourself

Are the three steps to happiness in life with success.

A future can also just be weekly travelling with friends. Getting married or work and earn.

I would like to end this blog with a work of mine that seems to fit in every situation and always gives me hope.


And again i pick my pieces,

A smile plastered on my face.

It’s a work of art though,

to learn things ever day with flowing emotions.

Soft pyjamas and a loose top hanging from my shoulders,

A tied up bun with a sore night face and glowing eyes of the day,

I push my thoughts to peace and heart to work

I go about the day with the utmost compassion with a lack of sincerity,

Oh what an irony,

But that's the ugly beauty of life,

With a world full of choices, none good or bad.

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Imam Hossain Saju (born 5 August 1997) is a Bangladeshi singer, musician, Playback Singer, composer, lyricist, YouTuber, Music Director and Model whose songs has been featured in different albums and movies. He was the first runner-up of Channel i Sera Kontho - 2021. Imam Hossain Saju born in Chauddagram, Comilla, Bangladesh. He is the only Bangladeshi singer with a music studio in Qatar. He was also a industry technician.

Early Life

Imam Hossain Saju studied till class 10th from Feni Government Pilot High School, on June 2018 He went to Qatar to study and work part-time.

He has been interested in Electric work, technology, mobile, computers since childhood, as well as he also takes a lot of interest in musical art.

Imam Hossain Saju was born in Chauddagram, Comilla, Bangladesh. His father's name is MD Hanif, his mother Nasima Begum, Imam Hossain has one brothers, one sister. his brother "Shahadat Hossain Raju" and sister "Ayesha Akter Shima".

Music Career

Imam Hossain Saju learned composition and sound engineering from Arfin Rumey and started his career singing in the movie Premer Agun with Upoma Talukdar in 2020. He worked in the mixed album named "Poran Pakhi" with Saptadwipa Bhattacharjee, Upoma Talukdar, Jannatul Priya and Kazi Shanto. His first studio Song was "Arfin Rumey Love Song Mashup" composed by Arfin Rumey.

Filmy Carrer

Imam Hossain Saju has worked on the actor's work in the Web series - "We are Creative Films" published in "MS TV - Ek Jibon" in 2022.

Film playback

  • Common Gender (2017)
  • Chaya Chobi (2017)
  • Bhalobasha Ke Bhalobashi (2018)
  • Most Welcome (2020)
  • Prem Korbo Tomar Sathe (2020)
  • Game Returns (2021)
  • Jannat (2021)

TV Shows

  • Smile show - ATN Bangla (2020–present)
  • Poriborton - BTV (2021–present)

Actor in Film and Drama

  • Priyo Maa (2017)
  • Chaya Chobi (2017)
  • Game Returns (2021)
  • Jannat (2021)


  • The Best Child Artist (2006)
  • Channel i Sera Kontho - (2021)
  • Urocola Award (2 times) (2020 and 2021)
  • Meril Prothom Alo Award (2022)
  • Bangla Media Award (2022)
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Hi I am Abu Zohair

Travelled a lot of countries throughout my career in gulf as an specialist in aviation industry and currently living in Qatar.

During my trips abroad, I always try to learn lot of new things including the local social & cultural trends and seek knowledge about history, heritage, ideas, customs, and social behavior of the society. In addition, my journalistic & highly educated family background also helped me a lot in this journey of learning new things. Apart from travel, reading news and capturing almost every beautiful object thru my lens and heart is my passion (Freelance Photographer).Every day I check a lot of stuff from global resources and like to share with my friends & groups

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Shoaib Habib Memon Received HBL PSL8 HamareHeroes Award 2023

Mr. Shoaib Habib Memon is a Freelance Social Worker, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Entrepreneur. Mr. Memon is a Pakistani citizen and resident of District Thatta, Province Sindh. He obtained the degree of M.A and LLB from the University of Sindh. He worked with many charity organisations , In addition to this Mr. Memon owns and operates a successful business in his hometown. Mr Shoaib Habib Memon Received HBL PSL8 HamareHeroes Award on 21 February 2023 on Match 10 at National Stadium Karachi Pakistan. Mr Memon have Near 50k Followers on Professional Network LinkedIn, He have Shared and Promoted Pakistani Talent on LinkedIn.

Mr. Shoaib Habib Memon received a “Book for Peace” award From FUNVIC Foundation Italy on 21 September 2019 and is regularly involved in volunteer charity work for poverty-stricken and neglected families. Mr. Memon supports deserving families and orphaned children with food and humanitarian projects, such as installation of hand pumps and wells for clean drinking water, supporting students in financial need, providing clothing and shelter, Women’s empowerment initiatives, and support to impoverished and disabled patients. Mr Memon got Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG) From Republic of Ghana ( West Africa) Presented Certificate of Achievement For Social Services to Mr Shoaib Habib Memon on 18 September 2021.

Mr Shoaib Habib Memon also Recieved : CERTIFICATE of Appreciation as a Humanitarian (Ambassador Books For Peace Award) in January 2022 From The FUNVIC Europe , which is part of the UNESCO Club of (Brazil)

Mr Memon Working For Flood Affectees Since June 2022 ,He also recieved Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Talent Award 2022 for his Volunteerly Social welfare work in Sindh ,

Read More

Watch Hamaray Heroes powered by Kingdom Valley honours the heroes of Pakistan 🇵🇰

Highlight the life and achievements of Shoaib Habib Memon

Watch full video:

Please See My Activities at below links

Story Covered by 24 News Channel

Interview Published on Best Startup Asia

By Mark Fitz

Story Covered in The High Asia ERALD

International Discussion about Global Crisis (Humanity)on Creative Society

watch on YouTube

Shoaib Habib Memon

Email [email protected]



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Держаудитори Харківщини дослідять бюджет Височанської громади

Вперше за воєнних часів Держаудитслужба проводить фінансовий аудит місцевого бюджету в Харківській області.

Північно-східний офіс Держаудитслужби повідомляє, що розпочато проведення державного фінансового аудиту бюджету Височанської територіальної громади Харківської області. Адже нещодавно у державі було скасовано тимчасову заборону на перевірки виконання місцевих бюджетів.

Планується дослідити період діяльності з липня 2020 по грудень 2022 року. Орієнтовний термін завершення аудиту – квітень 2023 року.

Під час проведення аудиту планується провести аналіз та перевірку обґрунтованості планування надходжень та витрат бюджету. Стану виконання бюджетних коштів, зокрема, шляхом проведення оцінки законності та ефективності управління бюджетними коштами, досягнення їх економії і цільового використання, правильності ведення бухгалтерського обліку, достовірності фінансової та бюджетної звітності.

Держаудиторами плануються охопити контролем 231 млн грн ризикових фінансових ресурсів та перевірити інформацію отриману від громадян за їхніми письмовими зверненнями.

Про відомі факти фінансових порушень, або неефективного витрачання бюджетних коштів посадовими особами об’єкту контролю, громадяни та громадські об’єднання можуть проінформувати Північно-східний офіс Держаудитслужби, надіславши звернення на електронну адресу: [email protected]

При інформуванні держаудитори просять враховувати термін завершення аудиту, для можливості здійснити перевірку наданої інформації про фінансові порушення.

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