Сви постови корисника Vladimir Vojvodic . Čačak , Србија

It all started with a bang.

The world came into fruition. I ate the fruits and became laden. They were slowly digested as I quickly figured out how my stomach worked. After being torn apart by my rock solid, white teeth inside my oral cavity; I catapulted the remains into my throat using my tongue and that's when I realized: it's my first time swallowing. As I was in an upward position, I felt the bits of fruit slowly moving down the organic pipe of meat and blood inside my body; eventually stopping and holding still. This moment of respite for what was once live matter only served as a calm before the storm, as the acidic spinning death machine inside my belly was preparing to devour it and make it a part of me. At that moment I felt a chill down my spine while realizing my body would never be the same again. Bits and pieces of myself were replaced by atoms not known to my person until this point - I ate a banana and now I'm more in tune with my primate ancestors. Realizing this fact a new sensation entered my brain - one of pure exhilarating ecstasy: I'm 5 years old and I just took a dump inside my diapers.

And that my dear readers, is the first memory I can remember.

Thank you.

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