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After the Genocide against Tutsi of 1994, following the atrocities, the Government of Rwanda, focused more on providing urgently needed services to community, while long term development programme and strategies took backseat. In 2000, however, H.E Paul Kagame, The President of the Republic of Rwanda, set the country on an agenda of a rapid development that aimed at transforming lives of citizens, reduce poverty, improve governance and promote economic growth and development.

Since 2000, Rwanda adopted strategic vision 2020 for poverty reduction and economic development strategies to reduce the succession of poverty. Necessary policies and strategies were put in place and tools were designed to fast track the implementation. Among different policy established by the Government of Rwanda was Imihigo. Imihigo concept was designed and implemented since 2006 as contract and commitments to achieve particular targets in the District that impact the well being and economic transformation of the citizens. During the signing of the Imihigo, the Mayor commits to such activities as construction of health centers and roads, provision of electricity to local people, safer and clean water and infrastructure development and quality education. Today Imihigo has become an accountability forum where Mayors held accountable to the public in terms of service delivery, economic transformation, social transformation and transformational governance of the citizens. Thus, Imihigo is a yardstick for good governance. Due to the fact that the Imihigo speeds up development of the citizens, it is in vain important to assess the impact of signed Imihigo on the citizen’s transformation lives of all. The impact assessment so entitled “IMIHIGO IMPACT ASSESSMENT REPORT” aimed at assessing the whether the Imihigo of the Kicukiro District in the recent 3 years transformed the lives of the citizens and are sustainable for prosperity. The impact assessment targeted citizens in Kicukiro District who participated in the planning or not of the Imihigo and direct and indirect beneficiaries. The findings revealed that Imihigo are positively and significantly impacting the citizens of Kicukuro District at 87.9 percent. The extent of the impact was determined by the R-squared coefficient using the model of multiple regression.



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Who is internet expert and programmer

He got his certificate of programming

In languages like HTML, javascript, css

Php and server languages like and

SQL and he was certified by w3schools on

05 may 2020.

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Barbados: Rihanna made national hero as island becomes republic

Barbados: Rihanna made national hero as island becomes republic


Popstar Rihanna was honoured by Prime Minister Mia Mottley at an event marking Barbados new status as a republic.

The artist and businesswoman, also known by her full name Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was previously named ambassador to Barbados in 2018.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be sacked soon privately!!

  • NEWS

By Jean Louis segoe ( Ludo D'Afrique)

Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Manchester United training - with the clock ticking on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ’s time as manager.

Ronaldo was pictured arriving at Carrington in his black Bentley Flying Spur on Thursday having returned from international duty.

The Red Devils are preparing for a return to Premier League action against strugglers Watford at Vicarage Road on Saturday.

But reports suggest Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remains on borrowed time and the club are privately making plans to appoint his successor.

According to the Manchester Evening News, club chiefs have privately decided they will need a change of manager but it is unclear when a change will be made.

Should Manchester United sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Have your say in the comment section.

Brendan Rodgers is the preferred candidate to replace Solskjaer with Erik Ten Hag and Luis Enrique also identified although Solskjaer may remain in charge until the end of the season.

Despite uncertainty over Solskjaer’s future, United players seemed in good spirts as they returned to first-team training earlier this week.

Ronaldo returned to training after a disappointing week with Portugal which saw them miss-out on automatic qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

A late Aleksandar Mitrovic goal condemned Ronaldo’s side to a 2-1 defeat to Serbia and left them needing to get through the play-offs to reach the tournament.

Ronaldo’s frustration was clear after the game as he remonstrated with manager Fernando Santos on the pitch at full-time.

And Santos also revealed that Ronaldo took out his frustrations on a Serbian opponent after the game was over.

Ronaldo suffered frustration with Portugal during the international break ( Image: Eamonn and James Clarke)


"It doesn't make sense," Santos told TVI. "When the game was over, the disappointment was brutal. If it was for the Portuguese, imagine for the players and staff. The players were on the ground.

"I went to the field to support and comfort the players, he [Ronaldo] was telling a Serbian player: 'You wouldn't be laughing if the goal I scored there hadn't been cancelled out'. What I told you was to take it easy.”

Despite the setback, Ronaldo issued a defiant statement on social media insisting Portugal will make it to Qatar.

He wrote: “Football has shown us time and time again that, at times, it is the most winding paths that lead to the most desired outcomes.

“Yesterday's result was tough, but not enough to get us down. The objective of being present at the 2022 World Cup is still very much alive and we know what we have to do to get there.

“No excuses. Portugal heading to Qatar.”

In the meantime, United fans will hope Ronaldo can spark a turnaround in form after turning his attentions back to the Premier League.


Anthony Martial's remaining Man Utd transfer clause proves Jose Mourinho was right

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 'refusing to quit' Man Utd despite stars' discontent over tactics

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Anthony Martial's remaining Man Utd transfer clause proves Jose Mourinho was right


Reports suggest Man Utd are privately making plans to sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. (Image by @ldafrique)

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Ese mwiriwe ariko

Vuba aha ndababwira intego mfite yibyo ngiye kubazanira

Basi Mube mukoze #SUBSCRIBE


Project Title: Tegereza Wemererwe (Managing Social Distancing in clouded area)


Exceptional times require exceptional measures.

In order to meet the stricter requirements for social distancing for fighting against covid-19, public places statistics calculations, for security and we have developed an idea which give an opportunity to design a cost effective new product that provides a valuable support in managing the daily flow of people in different places such as Stadium, banks, churches, bars, market places, public transportation and many more areas.

Purpose Statement (Goals):

§ To avoid emotion in the safety of people in the area by rules of social distancing

§ To identify by counting how many people are located in the area, management of people based on the area we have.

§ Monitoring, keeping information you can retried anytime (Identifying where they are not respecting rules).

§ Sending a SMS to the administrator (Ex. Police Station or anyone who is monitoring the system) which is going to help for some decisions making.

§ Assist in Statistics, by identifying how many people are using the area or who have visited the area (Banks, Stadium, and Supermarket).

To alert someone on the entrance by making a noise and lighting in red as “Danger = Not allowed” and green as” Free = Allowed”, the noise will help for those who have a problem to see (Alert system, to avoid mistakes).

Deliverables (Objectives):

§ Security; identify how many people are in a certain place.

§ Allowing really number of people in the area not to overload people where they are not comfortable (People management).

§ Fighting against covid-19; social distancing.

§ Real statistics calculation

Identify fraud immediately (E.g. the room has the capacity of such a number of people, if there is a stranger, the system will not allow one of the authorized persons to enter the room)

Success Criteria:

§ Smartness City

§ Improve records availability, accessibility of information and documents.

§ Robots which works 24 hours by 7 days.

§ Increase the community of users of the information by providing ubiquitous availability and stability (Ex. Someone in the office is able to see where they are destroying rules which will help for some decision making).

§ Improve outreach campaigns through better tools and automation (Every community is able to get our products by automating they activity).

§ Response time to potential (Records are available anytime, online where it is going to be used if necessary).


§ Due this lockdown, we had time to think how we can deploy anything which can help our people to fight for covid-19 and we have found that our device is not going to work only for covid-19, in many more activities as we explained previously.

§ Producing many devices which are going to serve our nation where are needed.

§ Train users and technical staff how to use the products.

§ Establish support processes.

§ Affordable product


§ People – Mpunga Mediateur, Dusenge Patrick and Eric Maniraguha.

§ Time – implementation within two weeks.

§ Provide training to more people on how the system works.

Risks and Dependencies:

§ The cost justification in terms of ease of use, quality of information, speed of accessibility, ease of support and maintenance is difficult to quantify so that management can see improvements in the use of investments in systems.


§ We have thought about a solution to this pandemic (Covid-19), by avoiding overloading the spaces by using a machine which calculates and gives statistical calculations,

§ We need Support of Ideas to this system.

Tegereza Wemererwe project has the following parts:

1. Box or Pillar

2. Alarm system,

3. Sensors,

4. Process Unit

5. Internet system

6. Battery

7. Cloud technology or Google map

8. Server

I. Box or Pillar

This is the box or Pillar which holds the device, where it is going to be located.

It’s fixed at the entrance and holds sensors and an alarm system, which is activated when the number of people has gone behind a maximum.

So the pillar is a traffic light system placed at the entrance to manage the flow of people; It allows and/or blocks entrance with a help of a big display (green=Allowed to enter; red=not allowed to enter).

The device is covered with a waterproof material, making it usable in any kind of weather.

Note: The device is flexible for different sizes.

II. Alarm System

a) Light Alarm: A traffic light system with 2 different color display (Lighting in red = Not allowed) and (Lighting in green = allowed).

b) Sound Alarm: A buzzer is activated when a maxim number of people has been exceeded, this buzzer makes a loud noise until the number of people is reduced.

c) Data Center: The system can be controlled remotely (via internet / VPN). The system administrator can see everything which is going on. He/she can track and trace all places where they are respecting the rules.

d) SMS Message: The system administrator or owner of the system will be notified via an instance SMS, whenever the rules are not being respected somewhere.

III. Sensors

The counting of people at the entrance and exist is held by PIR motion sensors, which are directly connected to the process unit of the system.

IV. Process unit

This is the main part of the system which collect information from sensors and process the information, and put the information on the server.

V. Internet System

In order to operate, the system needs an internet connectivity. A sim card is needed to each device; we can easily get a good internet from our local ISP (Internet Service Provider).

VI. Battery

The system has an internal battery, which operates when there isn’t electricity, this battery can last for 10 hours in operation. And a solar panel can be added to it. We make sure our system operates 24/7.

VII. Cloud Technology or Google map

For an easy monitoring, the system has a map, with locations of all registered places. All notifications can be seen on the map as well (e.g. when a certain has more people than its maxim, an alert icon is being display on that exact location with a message alert).

VIII. Server System

The system needs a server to store all collected information. All needed information will be retrieved from this server.

Example of how our system will be connected to some buildings:

1. Church

2. Stadium

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Kuriy' isi hari abakobwa beza , bafite amasomeza, batereka amaso isazi zigatumuka, bafite ikibuno batambuka bagikaraga inyana zigata Izazo. Ariko icyomutarimuzi, Nuko harumukobwa umwe w'umutima, wuje urukundo rumwe rutagirwanabose, umutembanshyushyu umusindagiza bisabo umwiza wurwa Gasabo iwabo winka nabantu, uwarezwe gitore agatozwumuco nyarwanda.

Uwineza Mastulla, nintangarugero mukubananeza naburimuntuwese ndetse ntawamuhiga mugukora akazikose kabyarinyungu mubuzima bwaburimusi. MASTULLA, umutimamwiza awukomora kubabyeyi be bamwibarutse doreko mama umubyara ntamubyeyi numwe namunganya mugusangira nomugusabana ndetse ninyamibwa mumirimo ibyarinyungu yiganjemo ubucuruzi.

MASTULLA, kandi yiga muri kaminuza y'u Rwanda ishami rya Rukara ahoyiga uburezi.

MASTULLA, numwali ukunda kwerekeza umutima kugikorwa ahisemo gukora, kandi numumararungu akaba numusangiza misango burihamwe hose doreko yibitseho nimpano zitandukanye aho agenda azigaragaza kuri YouTube channel ye yitwa MASTULA TV SHOW

Nguyu umwali mbabwira Ni Murorunkwere, Mukobwajana, Uwahogoje beshi akariza benshi.

Channel mwakurikiraho Matula:



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Perezida Paul Kagame yazamuye mu ntera abayobozi bakuru muri Polisi y’Igihugu no mu Rwego rushinzwe Imfungwa n’abagororwa, RCS

Aha, Umuyobozi Mukuru wa Polisi y’u Rwanda DCG Dan Munyuza yahawe ipeti rya CG (Commissioner General) muri Polisi y’Igihugu.

Naho Komiseri Mukuru wa RCS DCG Juvenal Marizamunda ahabwa ipeti rya Commissioner General (CG) muri RCS.

Umuyobozi wungirije wa Polisi y’Igihugu ushinzwe Ubutegetsi n’Imari Chantal Ujeneza yahawe ipeti rya Deputy Commissioner General (DCG)

mu gihe Umuyobozi wa Polisi wungirije ushinzwe ibikorwa CP Felix Namuhoranye yahawe ipeti rya Deputy Commissioner General (DCG) muri Polisi y’u Rwanda.

Mu mwaka wa 2018 nibwo Dan Munyuza yagizwe Umuyobozi Mukuru wa Polisi y’u Rwanda. Icyo gihe Felix Namuhoranye yagizwe Umuyobozi Mukuru Wungirije wa Polisi y’Igihugu ushinzwe Ibikorwa.

Tariki 15 Mata uyu mwaka DCGP Marizamunda Juvénal yagizwe Komiseri Mukuru wa RCS asimbuye CGP George Rwigamba.

Mbere yo kujya kuri uwo mwanya, Marizamunda yari Umuyobozi wungirije wa Polisi y’Igihugu ushinzwe abakozi n’imiyoborere. Muri izo mpinduka ni nabwo Jeanne Chantal Ujeneza wari Komiseri Mukuru wungirije muri RCS yagizwe Umuyobozi wungirije wa Polisi y’Igihugu ushinzwe Ubutegetsi n’Imari.

ABazamuwe muntera.

Yanditswe na:

Munyarukundo Sylvestre

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Murahoneza nshuti zajye, ndifuzako twajya tubana mumakuru agezweho yaburi musi cyane cyane ajyanye nigihe tubatugezemo.

Ndabakunda cyane . Nkomeje kubifuriza amahoro ya Nyagasani, murakabyara ibitsina BYOMBI mwabyaje inka ZINYAMBO amata ateretse kuruhimbi 🙏🙏🇷🇼

Banyita SYLVA MU,

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Olivier NDAYISABYE is a Rwandan who who holds a master’s degree in Land Management and Cadastres from State University of Land Use planning in Moscow Russia. He studied Real Estate Management and Valuation in University of Rwanda in the College of Science and Technology, where he graduated in July 2016 with Upper class. Before entering the University, he studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in GS Rilima where he finished his studies in this school with high marks that allowed him to get the government scholarship to go for Bachelor in Former KIST.

He worked with different Consultants companies from 2016-2018 as trainee Valuer before going for master’s studies in October 2018.

Now He is a Managing Director of HAiCO Ltd, and he is certified Valuer for the institute of Real Property Valuers in rwanda (IPRV). He can speak four language: Kinyarwanda, English, Russian and French.

Olivier, born on December 6, and he is the first born in the family of four children (two boys &two girls), and he is married since August 2019, and his wife is called Pascasie ISHIMWE (known as Happy). he lives in Kamonyi (around 20 km from Nyabugogo bus stop) in southern province.

Olivier is Christian, he is honest and he is perfectionist man. He loves to play football, read the books, to travel and he is very kind person.

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H.E.R. Addresses Police Brutality With "I'm Not OK" Video

By: Kundwa Marie Leila

H.E.R. joins Affion Crockett for an extremely powerful music video

Jun 14, 2020

Over the last few months, numerous black people throughout the United States have been killed at the hands of police, as well as those who seek to divide. There is a lot of trauma in the black community right now and many artists are trying to represent that in the most tasteful ways possible. H.E.R. is one of those artists as recently, she released the music video for her 2019 track "I'm Not OK." While the song is older, the video certainly speaks to what is going on right now.

The black and white visual is led by dancer and actor Affion Crockett who portrays himself being arrested by the police. We are presented with various passages of interpretive dance that truly make you feel the pain that is being exhibited. Over the past few weeks, many artists have provided fans with powerful art that speaks to the moment we are living in, and this video is no exception.

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World physiotherapy response to COVID –19, setting up a Temporary home office:

Recommendation to workstation ergonomics practice

Version 1.0

09 September 2020

Endorsed by:


Working at home amidst COVID-19 pandemic means having no time and little opportunity to set up ergonomically sound workstations. Individuals have to adapt home environment to perform their job duties. However, this pose a threat to their health especially when working in such environment where the interaction with other things such as family members and the associated circumstances makes the work less safe. But this cannot stop us from practicing a safety culture no matter what circumstance.

So, what can office workers do to make their home table workspaces as comfortable as possible? We turn to Industrial Occupational Safety and Health Agency (IOSHA) for advice.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, workplaces across Rwanda have undergone a massive change at a scope and speed we have rarely experienced. Practically overnight, office workers from various workplaces across the country were told to pack up their files and documents and work from their homes. Many have had to fashion workstations out of dining tables, TV couches and kitchen chairs all on the fly, and often in cramped or shared spaces with their families, neighbours and / or communities.

In ordinary circumstances, remote office workers would need the right adjustable equipment to work in comfort and health. But during this period, we don’t have ordinary days. The worst advice can be to tell workers to touch on their daily living budgets to buy new fancy safe workstations, instead teaching them to manage and use available resources in a safe and healthily way.

So, what can an employee do to make the workstation as ergonomically sound as possible, with the things an individual might find around the house?

We turned to INDUSTRIAL OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH AGENCY (IOSHA) Scientists for Advice, Dr NUHU Assuman, who is trained in Physiotherapy and specialized in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and in charge of Training, Capacity Building and Advocacy Program and Research Program at IOSHA, NDAHIRIWE Chance Christian, who’s trained in Clinical Biomechanics and Kinesiology, in charge of IOSHA Special Care program, and BYIRINGIRO Etienne, a Clinical Orthopaedics Physiotherapist, Workstation ergonomics and Occupational Safety and Health Management, Managing Director at IOSHA. They provide an online and onsite training module on Office workstation ergonomics.

They recommended and suggested what can be done by workers to be safe and productive without discomfort.

Aim for a neutral sitting posture

While there is no single correct working posture for computer work, one common and relatively easy-to-achieve neutral working posture includes the following:

· feet flat, on a sturdy surface

· knees at 90-degree angle (the seat is at or below knee height)

· hips at 90-degree angle

· elbows at 90-degree angle

· wrists straight, in a neutral posture

· Neck straight, eyes looking slightly down into top third of computer/laptop screen.

· Work in standing positions with joints held in neutral position

If you can easily change the height of your chair or work surface to achieve neutral hip, knee and wrist postures, then do so. If not, here are some step-by-step tips on how to achieve that:

· Since you may not be able to change the height of your work surface (e.g. your kitchen table), let’s start here. Place your open laptop (or computer monitor, if using a desktop) on your work surface.

· Now set up your chair to achieve a neutral (straight) wrist posture while typing at the laptop. If your chair is too low (which is more likely to be the case than too high), put a pillow or folded towel on your chair so you are sitting high enough to type with your wrists straight.

· This can also make your chair a lot more comfortable to sit on.

· If your chair seat is too deep to allow you to use the backrest for support while still keeping your knees a few inches in front of the seat edge, try using a rolled towel to provide lumbar support. Place the rolled towel between your chair and lower back (in the “small of your back”). This is especially helpful for reducing slouching and preventing lower back pain.

· Now, sitting on your chair, if you cannot (or barely) reach the floor with your feet flat, use a footrest to raise them. Use a makeshift one like a big thick book, as long as what you choose is sturdy. If your chair seat is too low, consider the pillow solution noted above IF you can maintain the correct elbow angle.

· When setting up the computer monitor, aim for a neutral posture for your neck. Place the screen about an arm’s length in front of you, at a height that’s just below eye level. You should be looking slightly downward at the top third of your screen. This won’t be possible if you’re using a laptop (see more on that below).

· If you wear glasses with progressive lenses, you may wish to start with an arm’s length distance (as noted above), but adjust accordingly to reduce eye strain. If you view your computer screen through the lower part of your glasses, you should lower the monitor and/or tilt the screen, so your neck posture is neutral.

Using a laptop

If you’re using a laptop, placing your laptop at the distance and height discussed above will raise your keyboard. This will cause you to reach awkwardly with much less than 90 degrees at the elbow and put strain on your shoulders. The truth is: laptops cannot offer an ergonomically sound solution that allows for a neutral posture for both your neck and wrists. Either the monitor is going to be too low or the keyboard will be too high.

Here are a few options to consider when using a laptop:

· Ensure a neutral position for your wrists first, then tilt the screen up to allow a comfortable gaze angle. This is generally considered the best way to go, given the non-adjustable limitations of laptops.

· You can also change the laptop height depending on the work you are doing. If you are reading, place your laptop on something sturdy and tall enough that the top of the laptop is just below eye level. (Make sure that the surface you use to raise your laptop is stable and cannot be easily knocked over.) Remember to move your laptop back to allow for a neutral wrist position for typing and navigation (i.e. using your track pad or mouse).

· If you have a standalone keyboard (USB or wireless) to use with your laptop, then you can place your laptop screen at the height appropriate for your neck (remember to place it on something sturdy), while using the keyboard at the appropriate height for your wrists. In this set-up, you should also use a wireless mouse or track pad for navigation (at the same height as the keyboard).

And here is the most important advice: Make sure to take breaks or change your working posture often. You should take breaks for about three to five minutes, ideally once every 30-45 minutes or every 60 minutes at a minimum.

This is especially important if you cannot set up a workstation that allows you to achieve a neutral posture. In that case, you should vary your posture at least every 30 minutes. To remind yourself to take these breaks, set a timer using your cell phone.

Or Respect the 20-20-20 Rule of safety

One way to change your posture is to work while standing for a while. Note, though, that it is even more challenging to ensure neutral positions for the neck, the wrists and elbows when setting up a standing desk. You might want to use your standing time for reading or attending meetings. You should minimize the time typing, writing or navigating while in a standing posture if you do not have a separate keyboard and mouse. Stand for no more than 45 minutes at a time.

For more in-depth information on setting up an ergonomically sound workstation, don’t forget about IOSHA workstation Ergonomics training program which can be provided online. And remember, while the advice offered in this article may be helpful temporarily as we try to halt the spread of the coronavirus, if you work from home on a more permanent basis, you will need adjustable office equipment.

Additional tips from IOSHA Team

In addition to above article, the Industrial Occupation Safety and Health Agency team provide more tips on safe and healthy work-from-home practices. Below are a few of their tips:

· Don’t be tempted by the portability of laptops into working anywhere in the house. Set up one or two dedicated workspaces to get a consistent arrangement.

· Use bar stools with plenty of caution. Even though you might like the height of your kitchen counters for working, on a prolonged basis, bar stools offer very little back and foot support.

· Neck, shoulder and back strains may be caused by sitting off-centre before a screen and by having poor keyboard placement. Your monitor should be centred with your body. If you have a portable keyboard, the “h” key on your keyboard should line up with the middle of your body and the middle of your monitor.

· Use hands-free options as much as you can to give your neck and arms a break. Use the speaker, ear buds or a Bluetooth headset during phone calls and teleconferences.

· Stand for teleconferences or phone calls and walk during parts of them if possible. When standing to work, don’t stand for more than 30-45 minutes at a time.

They also have tips on what to do when you feel aches or pains:

· When your wrist, neck or shoulder begins to ache, try using the mouse with your other hand. Do wrist circles and wrist stretches to get the blood flowing.

· For a tight or achy neck or shoulder, do chin tucks, shoulder rolls and side neck bends.

· If you have lower back sore, stand at least every half hour.

· Extend your lower back to reduce disc bulging. To extend the spine, place hands on lower back, slowly arching backward as far as you can without discomfort. Hold for about five seconds, and return to starting position. Be sure to keep your head in line with your shoulders. (Do not tip head back.)

· When coming out of a flexed (seated) posture, do the same back extensions, and stand or walk to loosen the hips and lower back.

· Take advantage of the opportunity to move and stretch throughout the day. While it may not be appropriate to perform the downward dog in the middle of your busy work environment, you have the freedom to do just that—and stretches of all kinds—at your home workspace.

· Do short bouts of moderate- or high-intensity exercise (exercises that you have difficulty talking through) throughout the day? Examples are jumping jacks, seal jacks, push ups, burped, split squats, full squats and walking lunges (10 to 15 repetitions each , 3 sets each [4 combined non-stop exercises with 1 minute rest interval] . Even short bouts can have the benefit of improving mental health and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases when done frequently and consistently.

In case you case you get involved in lifting tasks try to not bend at your back instead use the knees and hips as hinges.

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