Toutes les publications de Olivier NDAYISABYE . Kigali , Rwanda

Olivier NDAYISABYE is a Rwandan who who holds a master’s degree in Land Management and Cadastres from State University of Land Use planning in Moscow Russia. He studied Real Estate Management and Valuation in University of Rwanda in the College of Science and Technology, where he graduated in July 2016 with Upper class. Before entering the University, he studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in GS Rilima where he finished his studies in this school with high marks that allowed him to get the government scholarship to go for Bachelor in Former KIST.

He worked with different Consultants companies from 2016-2018 as trainee Valuer before going for master’s studies in October 2018.

Now He is a Managing Director of HAiCO Ltd, and he is certified Valuer for the institute of Real Property Valuers in rwanda (IPRV). He can speak four language: Kinyarwanda, English, Russian and French.

Olivier, born on December 6, and he is the first born in the family of four children (two boys &two girls), and he is married since August 2019, and his wife is called Pascasie ISHIMWE (known as Happy). he lives in Kamonyi (around 20 km from Nyabugogo bus stop) in southern province.

Olivier is Christian, he is honest and he is perfectionist man. He loves to play football, read the books, to travel and he is very kind person.