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بدر ياسر المحيميد / ١٠٤

المدونات : المدونه تطبيق من تطبيقات الشبكه العالمية للمعلومات تُكتب فيها التدوينات لنقل الاخبار او التعبير عن الافكار و تسجيل المذكراتويتولى صاحب المدونه ادارتها واضافة النصوص و الوثائق و الوسائط المتعددة من صور و مقاطع مرئية و صوتيه مع امكانية الحذف والتعديل و تنشر التدوينات في المدونه وفق تصنيفات يحددها صاحب المدونه مع ارشفتها آليا حسب تاريخ النشر.

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General Secretary of Pakistani Community KSA Chapter Mr.Omar Iftikhar

Report By; Zainab Subhan Khan

Today in an online interview with Mr.Omar Iftikhar General Secretary of Pakistani Community KSA Chapter

Mr.Omar iftikhar born in Jeddah , KSA and did his final graduation from P.R.China At Xidian University as a Electronic Engineer and currently working as a sales and operations engineer in Rassa Communications Riyadh.

Mr.Omar ifikhar said the only thing which keeps me motivated is that if u help someone today someone will help you tomorrow , because living in a foreign country is not easy and our goal is to help our community as much as possible.

He also mentioned that under the supervision of President of Pakistani community KSA chapter they helped & supported the Pakistanis living in Riyadh & Jeddah. As per Mr.Omar Iftikhar their community representatives helped around 60 Pakistani bachelors and 5 Pakistani families who lost their jobs in this pandemic situation. Community official members helped these people like providing Rashan and financial support as well.

Mr. Omar Ifikhar said that recently we have launched a membership program, so anyone can fill the application and apply for the membership , once they are registered as a member they will receive membership cards and we will also share membership benefits with them. For now we are focusing to grow the community to gather more and more people

In last he thanked to President of PCKC Engr.Mian Zahid Khan for his support and helping the Pakistani community in Riyadh , Jeddah & Dammam in this COVID-19 Situation.

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Engr. Mian Zahid Khan President Of Pakistani Community KSA Chapter

Report by : Zainab Subhan Khan

Engr. Mian Zahid Khan President of Pakistani Community KSA Chapter also a social worker and social media activist in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In an online Interview today with Engr.Mian Zahid Khan Said Social work is concerned with individual and personal problems but also with broader social issues such as poverty, unemployment, and domestic violence.

As much as I am doing for my Pakistani community, I hope that the Embassy of Pakistan will always be at the service of the Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia. As you know rumors have been circulating against the embassy for a few days that the embassy of Pakistan is not doing its job properly and Pakistanis living in KSA are facing immense difficulties so I hope that the embassy of Pakistan at this difficult time will find a way for Pakistanis in supporting & helping.

Doctors of our community have solved the medical cases of Pakistanis living in Riyadh & our registered members of the community delivered rations (Food packages) and cash to unemployed Pakistanis in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

I thank all those who trusted me and I also thank Mr. Abdul Qayoom Khan (Focal Person For Overseas Pakistanis Ksa) who helped us in one critical medical case.

Engr. Mian Zahid Khan also mentioned that he will do his best to provide his guidance to the Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia and try to solve their problems also.

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The famous palaces of Riyadh, the decoration and pride of the city

Most of the old and modern residences are concentrated in large cities of the kingdom. One of these cities is the capital - Riyadh. Famous palaces are the decoration of the city, its pride. Some of them have important political significance.

Here is a list of the most famous palaces:

Al-Yamama is the official residence of the current King of Saudi Arabia. It was built in a traditional oriental style. Now here is the office and headquarters of the monarch. This is a very beautiful and greatest building.

Al-Murabba is one of the oldest buildings in the capital. Its construction began in 1936 and was completed in 1945. This was necessary for members of the royal family and the royal court. The palace has been preserved as a living example of the Arab royal life of bygone days.

Tuvayk is a unique building, built in 1985 with the participation of the royal family and the UN. From the Tuvay Palace, formerly known as the Diplomatic Club, you can enjoy stunning views of Riyadh. The heart of the palace is a giant tent, the walls of which resemble stained glass windows. Inside the tent is like an oasis. The outdoor venue for events is in Arabic style.

Al-Hakam is the residence of the emirate of Riyadh. The building was built in 1747 during the reign of Daham bin Davas. Built-up area of ​​11500 square meters. m. used for state purposes. Royal Council meeting and world class events.

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Innovative gates for complete self-sterilization in the Grand Mosque

To prevent the spread of the terrible Crown virus, the Great Mosque uses advanced technology from the medical industry.

Examples of this are the “gates of self-sterilization” opened by the General Presidency of the Holy Mosque and the Mosque of the Prophet. This device is equipped with the latest technologies, such as self-disinfection of the whole person with an antiseptic spray, thermal imaging cameras to determine the temperature from a distance of 6 meters, as well as an intelligent screen for reading temperature. Also, these advanced gates can simultaneously read the temperature of several people, with a reading speed of up to one second. The innovative design technology of this device includes a disinfectant storage unit, thermal imaging cameras and smart monitors.

Before starting their work, the workers of the Great Mosque pass through the disinfecting gate, and after their use they are periodically disinfected.

This innovative portal is only an addition to the main preventive measures during the epidemic. The presidency installed such technologies in two sacred mosques.

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Today the moon is perpendicular to the Kaaba

Today the moon will be perpendicular to the Kaaba. Mecca will witness a surprising and very special phenomenon.

A Saudi astronomer, an Indian mastermind, a member of the Arab Federation of Astronomy and Space, said that the phenomenon of orthogonality of the moon is found in many areas, but it is important to determine the direction of the qibla, orthogonality of bodies over the Kaaba, which is of great importance.

Since the moon is in the first square, the moment of orthogonality is in the area east of Mecca, night falls there, so it will be easy to see the moon and determine its direction, while there will be day to the west of Mecca, and it will be difficult to see the moon.

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Stone Castle Qasr al-Farid (Qaṣr Al-Farīd)

One of the most unusual archaeological finds in Saudi Arabia is the tomb of Qasr al-Farid. It is carved from a huge stone and is located in the center of Madain Salih.

Carved in a giant boulder, Qasr al-Farid, or the “lonely castle”, is a delightful old building, truly beautiful and unique, it is deservedly one of the most mysterious architectural masterpieces in the world. The facade of an unusual building, began to be built in the 1st century AD, but was never completed.

To be precise, this is not a castle at all, but a tomb belonging to the ancient Nabatean city of Hegra. The Nabataeans had a special architectural technique: they carved tombs of stone from top to bottom, like Qasr al-Farid. That is why it is clear how, step by step, the sculptor created a masterpiece of architectural art.

Since the monument is not completed, it is easy to see below that the work of the sculptor becomes less skillful and accurate.

This unique building should be among the best archaeological monuments of history.

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Riyadh Municipality Opens Shopping Centers on Certain Conditions

Riyadh Municipality decided to resume work of shopping centers and commercial markets from next Wednesday.

Shopping centers must follow all generally accepted precautions to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Also, a list of mandatory conditions was put forward by the shopping center during operation.

The Secretariat has established the following rules:

- shopping centers should close all entertainment areas and playgrounds so as not to let children in,

- provide devices for medical examination, namely thermometers for measuring temperature, and also be able to regularly sterilize them,

- body temperature measurements for workers and visitors should be carried out regularly at all entrances during the working day,

- shopping centers are required to remove all chairs and seats in the corridors,

- provide visitors and workers with masks and gloves.

Mandatory is the presence of security personnel at the entrances to monitor the mask mode.

Commercial markets are also required to regularly sanitize premises.

Also yesterday, the Guardian of the two holy mosques instructed to partially abolish the curfew, starting today, taking into account all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

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Edge of the World (Jebel Bahrain) - a miracle created by nature in the middle of the desert

This place delights in its view, it is hard to imagine that such beauty is in the middle of the desert, and it was created by nobody else like nature itself. High cliffs sharply protrude from the middle of a vast desert.

Rocks is located in the Arabian desert west of Riyadh. In the middle of the desert is a huge sheer cliff with a unique view. These cliffs are part of the Tuvayk slope. Riyadh from the west is surrounded by a long chain of sharp cliffs, which stretches for as many as 800 kilometers from south to east. These rocks, the local Grand Canyon, are called the Edge of the World in Saudi Arabia.

This place was formed in the Jurassic period 170 million years ago. In geology, such a sharp drop in altitude is called escarp. Ecarps are obtained as a result of the destruction of rocks by water currents and wind, or when the layers of the earth's crust move towards each other.

Due to its beauty, thousands of tourists wanted to visit this picturesque place. Everyone who gets here feels at the ends of the world and receives unforgettable emotions.

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Historical and tourist pearl - Al-Turaif district

More recently, the strict and conservative country of Saudi Arabia was completely closed to tourism. But time passes, and everything changes. A couple of years before the epidemic began, some reforms began to be carried out in the country to show the whole world its beauty and grandeur, historical and archaeological heritage.

One of such important heritage for the country is the historical district of Al-Turaif, the remains of the settlement of which date back to the 15th century.

Why is the historical district of Al-Turaif so valuable to the Saudis? It is rightfully considered one of the important political and historical places that represented the capital of the Saudi dynasty, it was the original home of the Saudi royal family and the first capital of the country from 1744 to 1818.

The area is located on the northwestern edge of the capital Riyadh, among the historical oasis of Ad-Diriyah.

The buildings of Al-Turaif district are made of clay brick in the architectural style of Naji. They overlook the oasis and palm gardens of Wadi Hanifa. Architectural structures include historic palaces, monuments, and administrative buildings used by the First State of Saudi Arabia, such as the Salva Palace, the house of the ruling family at that time, and the Saad bin Saud Palace.

Al-Turaif is undergoing reconstruction to preserve historically important buildings and show them as a reminder of the place and time of the appearance of the founding fathers of the Kingdom.

Do not forget that in 2010, Al-Turaif was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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The race for the long-awaited and most sought after vaccine from Covid-19

Scientists around the world are puzzled by the vital vaccine against coronavirus. As tests show, only she can save the world from this disease.

In some countries, progress is being made, let's see who managed to achieve some result.

First experience in the USA

In mid-March, an institute in the United States announced the first possible human test. The study involved 45 participants, these are people of different ages, without disease. Within 6 weeks, each participant receives two injections in different doses. This experience should prove that the vaccine is safe and stimulates the required response from the human immune system.

World Health Organization

Since March, the World Health Organization has announced that it is working with scientists from around the world to develop at least 20 different vaccines against coronavirus. Some of the vaccines have already passed clinical trials in record time.


In April, the head of a government research center in Russia and President Vladimir Putin announced that the country's laboratories were ready for clinical trials of human coronary virus test vaccines, which are scheduled for late June.

Clinical trials of Bioentek and Pfizer

Two leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer and Biotech, are targeting the vaccine for the progressive Covid-19 virus. Their current research includes the synthesis of nucleic acids, which stimulate cells to produce virus-like proteins.

Clinical Trials at the University of Pittsburgh

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the US state of Pennsylvania developed a vaccine that turned out to be positive for experiments on laboratory animals. She stimulated their body to produce enough antibodies to “neutralize” the action of the virus. The new vaccine is called PittCoVacc.

The company Johnson and Johnson

Giant pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, in collaboration with the Department of Advanced Medical Research, US Department of Health and Human Services, is developing the Covid 19 vaccine. The reputable company says it owns what it calls “the main candidate for the crown vaccine.” Clinical trials of this vaccine will begin in humans by September.

Bill gates funded experiments

With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the collaboration of many other non-profit organizations, a vaccine test called ENO-4800 will be conducted. It is based on the production of nucleic acids. Acin is obtained by constructing plasmids or molecules of genetic material, DNA, and injecting them into a patient with coronavirus in order to stimulate the body to form special antibodies to kill the virus that causes the infection.

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How to cook an antiseptic at home

Now antiseptics and disinfectants are the most coveted consumer product.

It is these fluids that can withstand the spread of the corona virus and protect many people from infection.

But, unfortunately, such necessary and treasured bottles with antiseptics on store shelves are becoming less and less, and prices are rising.

Now without a disinfectant it is impossible to imagine your daily life, therefore its quality and availability are extremely important.

If you do not want to visit the supermarket again in search of an antiseptic, we suggest you do it yourself.

Preparation of a disinfectant requires a minimum of effort, ingredients and costs, but its quality is not inferior to that purchased in the store.

You will need: medical alcohol (ethanol) at least 65% (2/3 cup), aloe vera gel (1/3 cup) and essential oil (3-5 drops). Mix everything in a clean container, and then pour into small bottles. Here you have a loyal assistant in the fight against the terrible virus is ready.

It can be stored for several weeks if everything was sterile during its preparation.

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Masmak Fortress - the citadel of old Riyadh

The mighty and old fortress attracts thousands of tourists every year and is part of the historic city center.

The fortress was built in 1865 by Prince Abdulrahman ibn Suleiman ibn Daban under King Mohammed ibn Abdullah ibn Rashid. But in 1902 she was conquered by the future founder and king of Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Aziz.

The rectangular construction of the fortress has 4 watchtowers and a high observation tower, inside there are a mosque and a well.

Since the 80s of the XX century, a museum has been located in the restored Masmak fortress.

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Lucescu intends to include Falcao in the ranks of Al-Hilal football team

On Monday, the press reported that Al-Hilal football team coach Razavan Lucescu insisted that Colombian striker Radamel Falcao join the team.

Insiders report that Lucescu told the Hilal Football Club administration of his desire to include Falcao, who is currently the Turkish Galatasaray striker. The club president offered the coach several other good players for the attacking position, but the coach insists on Falcao.

A big role in this choice was played by Saray’s mistake, now the coach wants to abandon this player in favor of Falcao, despite his high salary and good relations with the Turkish team.

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Saudi citizens returned from Washington

The citizens of Saudi Arabia, after the necessary isolation, were returned to their homeland from Washington.

This was the second flight after the return of the Saudis from abroad during the epidemic.

Flights arrived at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh by plane from Saudi Arabia, arriving from the capital of Washington and carrying 207 citizens.

The return of people to their homeland was carried out under special inspection and control. Saudi citizens followed the instructions and directions coming from the Kingdom.

Immediately after arrival at the airport, all safety precautions were taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

These measures consist of 12 stages that apply from the arrival of citizens at the airport of the country of departure to the arrival and exit of airports in the Kingdom.

At the first stage, a medical examination of passengers at the airport of the country of departure is carried out.

In addition, the country of departure must ensure the availability of seats between passengers so that there is a maximum distance between them.

Upon arrival of the flight to the airports of the Kingdom, the following measures were taken: passengers left the aircraft in a controlled manner, a second medical examination was carried out, the distance between people was the maximum permissible in an epidemic.

An additional and regular disinfection of the airport was conducted.

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Islamic University will continue its special education program

The Islamic University continues to pursue its curriculum, which it has established as part of a community partnership program plan for the Department of Education in Al-Mahd Governorate, designed for university leaders and school leaders, officials and educators.

This is a whole system of programs, which includes:

  • school administration
  • program of theoretical foundations and requirements for the formation of STEM
  • program "Educational communication skills of the 21st century"
  • "The needs of students in the educational environment"
  • “Tests based on learning outcomes”
  • The program "Skills of creative thinking"
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Riyadh Municipality Launches a "Spatial Portal"

In order for residents of Riyadh to reduce traffic in the city, the municipality launches a special “Spatial Portal”. It is designed to guide residents to markets and pharmacies near their homes.

The municipality of Riyadh, thanks to its resources, can easily find food markets and pharmacies near residential areas and provide this information to citizens.

This portal is a preventative measure in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

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Other News Saudi Arabia

نفذ الأمير محمد بن سلمان آل سعود إصلاحات اجتماعية واقتصادية كجزء من خطط لتحديث المملكة الإسلامية المحافظة وجذب الاستثمار الأجنبي في محاولة للتنويع.

بموجب خطته الإصلاحية ، المعروفة باسم رؤية 2030 ، رفع ولي العهد الحظر المفروض على قيادة السيارات للنساء ، وسمح للنساء البالغات بالسفر دون إذن من ولي الأمر ، ومنحهن مزيدًا من السيطرة على شؤون الأسرة.

في أبريل / نيسان ، أصبحت العشرات من المجندات أيضًا جزءًا من الأجهزة الأمنية في البلاد ، التي تراقب الحجاج في مكة والمدينة ، مسقط رأس الإسلام.

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