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This happened in July 2020, and is a documented fact of deliberate hunting of any species of wild turtles.

“This is a completely unexpected behavior and has never been seen in wild turtles before. A giant tortoise chasing a chick along the log killed it and ate it. It was a very slow encounter, the turtle was moving at a normal slow pace - the whole interaction lasted seven minutes and was quite awful, "said Justin Gerlach, director of research at Peterhouse and an affiliated researcher at the University of Cambridge Zoological Museum.

This species of turtle is considered a vegetarian, previously they were spotted eating carrion, as well as the bones and shells of snails for calcium.

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The incidence of COVID-19 in the Maldives rose from 318 to 734 a week ago, most of it in Male, the health department said.

According to the Worldometer resource, the total number of detected cases of coronavirus in the Maldives has reached 32,665 so far. Since the beginning of the pandemic from COVID-19, 74 people have died and 25,473 have recovered.

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Almost 100,000 people live on the island. In three days, 500 new cases of infection were recorded.

One third of infections are in patients who have already received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Other cases are those who received one dose of the vaccine or did not receive it at all.

Schools in the islands were closed for two weeks and sporting events were canceled. Bars and restaurants close earlier, most public events are prohibited.

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