Alla publikationer av SILLY JoKa . Göteborg , Sverige


Scammers scammed a little girl

It all began when her parents started making fun of her so Jenny decided to join secret society.

She Googled #how to join #illuminati. There she found a number from #Ghana. Jenny was happy to see that she going to receive $700 000 benefits for joining the brotherhood of illuminati.

She made payments since April until July where she was tired to pay for nothing after she was threatened to be killed by a person who she borrowed money from.

What do you suggest she should do?

Put down in comment if you got any kind of question or a suggestion please

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The city of Joy

Did you know that peace is everything, well there are many things which are hidden in the world.

My city got excited things things like beautiful girls, beautiful atmosphere and anything you wish to.

This city is located in the west side of Sweden

Coffee i always available in each area, we always free and proud of Gothenburg

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