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The girl, Quek Yu Xuan, weighed 212 g at birth and was 24 cm tall. She was born at the 25th week of pregnancy.

Her mother gave birth by emergency caesarean section four months earlier than she was diagnosed with "preeclampsia," a dangerously high blood pressure that can damage vital organs and be fatal to both mother and baby.

After discharge from the hospital, Yu Xuan weighs 6.3 kg. Doctors say that under their supervision her health and development have improved and she is now feeling quite well. Yu Xuan still has chronic lung disease and needs help breathing at home. However, according to doctors, she will get better over time

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PUB Rapid Response Teams were immediately dispatched to the above locations to assist drivers and pedestrians.

The water level in several drains and canals has exceeded 90%. Damaged and fallen trees were observed on the roads.

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Singapore “killed” coronavirus in 20 days

“Singapore crushed the coronavirus in 20 days,” another fake information quickly spread on social networks. It is assured that noone dead. “All forces were thrown, huge finances, tests for free, treated everyone for free. This is the state! This is despite the fact that they have no oil, no gas, no diamonds, ”says the posts, which gained thousands of reposts and likes.

Information distributed on social networks is fake. Singapore has a color-coded system that shows the current disease situation. There are four statuses in total - green (the lightest), yellow, orange and red (the heaviest). For each level, the government is taking specific response measures. In connection with the coronavirus pandemic in Singapore, Orange status has now been introduced. This means that the disease, although restrained by special measures, is severe and spreads easily in the country.

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McDonald’s Singapore prolongs shutdown of restaurants indeterminately

It has prolonged the shutdown after it was primarily reopened on May 5.

It did not say when it would resume the work, but said they would be shut down for “just a little longer” .

It justified that under the significant services framework, it would be permited to resume operations from May 4, but resolved not to.

“We’ve chosen to prolong our shutdown for just a little longer for the safety of our employees and customers.

“We will keep on monitoring the 19 situation in the soociety before reopening.”

The fast food chain said that all workers were safety and everyone would get salary.

It said there were no new corona virus cases either.Earlier in April,some employees had positive test results. There were only 7 infected people who were recovering”.

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Scientists from Singapore have estimated the likelihood of a new wave of corona virus

States in which the peak of the corona virus epidemic has been passed may again face an increase in infections, experts at the University of Technology and Design University of Singapore innovation laboratory сonsider.

Earlier, experts distributed a report indicating the dates of the end of epidemics in various countries. However, experts warn that the scenarios can change for the better and for the worse.

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Scientists from Singapore named the end date of the outbreak of corona virus in Russian

According to their calculations, the pandemic in Russian has already passed the peak on April 24. It will decrease by 97 percent by May 20, by 99 percent by May 28, and will cease to spread by July 20.

Calculations were made using artificial intelligence. They are based on regression data from different countries, taken, in particular, from the website of the scientific online publications Our World in Data. At the same time, SUTD warns that the calculations are made based on statistics on April 24, the data is updated daily, all calculations must be taken as "educational and research."

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Singapore extended nationwide quarantine until June 1

This was announced by Prime Minister Li Xianglong.

The residents need it to stop the distribution of virus.

The Minister hopes for understanding the residents.

“I hope you understand that this short-term suffering is in order to eradicate the virus, protect the health and safety of our loved ones, and restore our economy,” he said.

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In Singapore, over 930 cases of corona virus infection were detected per day

Over the past 24 hours, 931 new cases of corona virus infection have been reported. According to the ministry, the total number of infected in the country has reached 13 thousand 624 people.

The statement of the Ministry of Health also notes that the vast majority of those infected in the country over the past 24 hours are migrants who are isolated in student dormitories.

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Singapore lost control of COVID-19: thousands of new infected are in the country

Having experience in fighting the corona virus (the SARS epidemic claimed 33 lives in 2003), the country quickly responded and introduced quarantine measures.

But, they were not very strict: they closed the borders, banned social events, but schools and some restaurants continued to work. In addition, the state has introduced an application that monitors potential patients.

The situation has begun changing dramatically since April 1. At that time, exactly 1000 cases of the disease were registered in the country, and on 23 April there were 11178 of them — the last three days brought about 3000 new infected people.

75% of new infections are migrant workers living in crowded dormitories. According to them, sanitary standards are violated there and there are no means of protection.

“Singapore treats its foreign workers as if they were a third world country. The government allows employers to transport migrants in ships without seats. And after they are lodged in dormitories, where they sit 12 people in a room, like sardines,” the ex-diplomat said from Singapore Tommy Co.

Since April 5, all dormitories with migrants have been quarantined — people were forbidden to leave rooms. They can only go out into the shower.

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Superheroes fighting corona virus were introduced in Singapore, offended Liverpool and refused from them

The Singapore government has announced a campaign against corona virus. Five superheroes were created as program mascots by the name of Fake news buster (“fighter with fake news”), Dr Disinfector (“Doctor Disinfector”), Circuit Breaker (“Switch”), Care-Leh Dee (voiced with “Care Lady” — “Lady Care”) and MAWA Man. Together they form the Virus Vangard (Virus Vanguard) teams.However, almost immediately, it was decided to abandon the idea. The problem was the last “superhero.” The fact is that his abbreviation stands for “Man that Always Walks Alone” — “A person who always remains alone,” which is a reference to the recommendation to keep distance during a pandemic. According to the script, he hates the English “Liverpool”, whose slogan sounds like “You'll never walk alone” — “You will never be alone.” In addition, a crossed-out mascot from the Liverpool logo is depicted on its form.

The character caused dissatisfaction among Singaporean fans of the “red” — they even launched a petition demanding to ban it. The government went forward, abandoned the characters and apologized, “if someone offended.”

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There is a daily record of infected people

The amount of ill people in Singapore per day increased by 1,426, which made a record for all the time.

“The amount of new ill ones increased by 1,426, a total of 8,014 infected were confirmed in the country,” the report said.


Singapore has tightened quarantine after a new outbreak of corona virus

Prime Minister Li Xian Long said quarantine in the country would be extended until June 1. The government will also strengthen some restrictive measures, in particular, it will reduce more jobs and impose restrictions on entry to “hot spots” such as large public markets.

“We will implement these tougher measures until May 4. But after that we will not be able to completely remove the restrictions and return to normal life. Therefore, we will extend the quarantine for another four weeks after May 4, in other words, until June 1,” said Xiang Lun . He explained that Singapore is introducing new measures to contain the corona virus in connection with a sharp jump in the incidence of disease. So, over the past day, 1111 new cases of COVID-19 were detected. Almost all of them were recorded as a result of aggressive testing in the hostels of migrant workers.

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Singapore will grow food on house roofs

Singapore announces products promotion as the virus could leave town without food.

Among other measures, Singapore is considering the possibility of growing fruits and vegetables at home. Now in the city, only 1% of its 724 square meters. Km are allocated to agriculture, and production costs are bigger than in the rest of Southeast Asia.

The densely populated city-state makes about 10% of its food needs, but they plan to change the situation.

The authorities believe that they will be able to increase food production over the next six months. To do this, they will begin to issue grants for those who can produce eggs, leafy vegetables and fish as soon as possible and within the city. Residents have already been called upon to distinguish vacant spaces for setting up kitchen gardens. The best innovation ideas will be given funding. And the Singapore food agency will announce a tender for the construction of roof farms. Their mass construction will begin in May this year.

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