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Welcome To The Lawrence Bible Institute And Church Training Center, Sierra Leone

The Lawrence Bible Institute and Church Training Center - LBI-CTC, is both an internationally and nationally established Institution mandated to train, raise and commission Ministers of the Gospel and other personalities of the five (5) fold ministry. LBI-CTC is nationally registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Sierra Leone (CAC), and the Freetown City Council - Local Government as a Community Based Bible School. LBI - CTC is regionally or continentally accredited by the Africa Theological Education Network - ATEN, registered with Ministry of Education in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, West Africa and the CAC. LBI - CTC is in an affiliation partnership with ten (10) Biblical Universities, Colleges, Institutes and Schools globally. LBI - CTC also, has two (2) more international accreditations with the AICCS in the United States of America and the International Association for Biblical Education - IABE, in India.

Note! LBI - CTC is not a secular Institution but a biblical establishment that is genuinely established to train and prepare men of God and other religious leaders for the Kingdom work.


LBI - CTC offers Biblical or religious courses from Certificate, Lower Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Associate Degrees in the following courses below :

  • Theology
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Leadership
  • Ministry
  • Biblical Apologetics
  • Church Administration
  • Christian Business MA and Ent.
  • Christian Counseling
  • Divinity
  • Applied Theology and Intercultural Studies.


The LBI - CTC has designed modern classrooms with whiteboards, projector, computer, Bluetooth speaker with microphone and a well unified sitting arrangements ; one student to a chair and desk.


  • Certificate - 1 Credit Wassce with Passes (including English),
  • Diploma - 2 Credits Wassce including English,
  • Associate Degree - 3, 4 or 5 Credits Wassce including English.


Alusine Street, Mayenkineh, Calabatown, Freetown, SL


Telephone : +23279942151

WhatsApp : +23299907405


APPLY NOW - 099907405

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Police Officer remandedfor stealing Okada Bike

By Salifu Conteh.

In another development in the same court, Alie Sulaiman Turay, purportedly a Police Officer, was remanded for the alleged stealing of a Motor Bike TVS Star LX with Registration Number ANS 583 belonging to one Sheikh Mohamed A. B. Conteh.

The said property was in the custody of one Police Constable (PC) 15243 Kallon B. at the Operation Restore Sanitary, Central Police Station.

The accused was arraigned on a count of Larceny contrary to Section 2 of the Larceny Act 1916.

The Police Prosecutor Inspector Mabel M. Tarawalie alleged in the Particulars of Offence that the accused on Tuesday 4thJanuary 2022 at Operation Restore Sanitary, Central Police Station in Freetown stole one black TVS Star LX Motor Bike with Registration Nos. ANS 583 valuedat nine million, one hundred thousand Leones (Le 9,100,000) whilst in the custody of PC15243 Kallon B., property of Shekh Mohamed A.B. Conteh

The accused denied the allegation and the matter was adjourned to January 18th 2022.

He was unrepresented.

26 Judges for 1,013 Cases

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Sierra Leone’s economy contracted by 2% as the COVID-19 pandemic led to slowdown in all sectors following global supply chain disruptions and lockdown measures. GDP per capita fell by 4% in 2020, reversing some of the recent gains in poverty reduction. Real GDP is expected to rebound by 4.2% in 2021, reflecting the easing of COVID-related restrictions as well as the implementation of the government’s fiscal response to the pandemic. On the demand side, growth will be driven by domestic demand (as external demand remains subdued), with private consumption and investment contributing the most.

Recent Developments

Headline inflation fell to 8.9% in March 2021, before rising sharply to 10.2% by end June, reflecting an increase in food and fuel prices. Food inflation reached 17.1% in June 2021, well above its pre-COVID-19 level of 9.9%. The current account deficit is expected to improve by 1 percentage point to 16.4% of GDP in 2021, reflecting higher export receipts from the mining sector. In 2021H1, total public expenditure reached 12.3% of GDP while total revenue collection totaled 6.9% of GDP. The overall budget deficit is projected to decline to 3.8% of GDP in 2021. Public debt is estimated to decline to 72.9% of GDP in 2021, although the risk of external and overall debt distress was assessed as high in June 2021.

Risks and Challenges

Sierra Leone’s medium-term outlook is subject to downside risks. COVID-19 risks reflect limited access to vaccines including slow pace of the vaccination program and a resurgence of the pandemic. The main domestic macroeconomic risks are continued high public debt and domestic payment of arrears, slower than expected revenues, and rapid growth in monetary aggregates, including the associated inflationary risks and financial sector weaknesses.

Political Context

Sierra Leone held general elections in 2018, the most closely contested in its political history with the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party winning by 0.6% after a second vote. The new Government launched the Medium-Term National Development Plan (MTNDP - 2019-2023), which maps out immediate and long-term development goals and commitment to transform from a fragile state into a stable democracy. Tensed political rivalry especially between the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party and the main opposition All People’s Congress continues to characterize the complex nature of politics and this sometimes results to violent confrontations. The setting up of the Commissions of Inquiry to investigate the governance activities of the past administration, the annulment by the High Court of the election of 10 opposition MPs in 2019, and the trial of some senior opposition members for various offenses, added to the political tension. A Peace and National Cohesion Conference was convened in May 2019 to help foster national unity, and Parliament in December 2020 passed into law the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion. The Government recently repealed the draconian Part 5 of the Public Order Act of 1965 that criminalized libel, while the President has also signed into law the abolition of the death penalty.

Development Challenges

Until the outbreak of Ebola in 2014, Sierra Leone was seeking to attain middle-income status by 2035, but the country still carries its post-conflict attributes of high youth unemployment, corruption, and weak governance. The country continues to face the daunting challenge of enhancing transparency in managing its natural resources and creating fiscal space for development. Problems of poor infrastructure and widespread rural and urban impoverishment persist despite remarkable strides and reforms.

You guys clearly knows that we ken always focus on building the country’s economy

Nor ever compere the SLPP to that of the failed APC

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The President went on to recognise the United Kingdom, United States of America, The People’s Republic of China, France Canada, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Liberia, Guinea for their immense support in building the capacity of the RSLAF. The President said that, “over the last three years my government has engaged new and existing partners and advocated in the best interest of RSLAF for training and equipment needs,” The Commander-in-Chief explained that as a nation, Sierra Leone has come a long way and has a proud tradition of gallantry in various theatres of war and peace keeping all over the world.

The President disclosed that plans are now in progress to secure the necessary equipment to reconstitute a quick reaction force company to complement peace keeping operation to the United Nations. He continued to say this move will be good financially and personally for the country’s brave men and women in the Armed Forces. “We accelerate ongoing efforts to construct standard and conducive barracks accommodation for our officers, soldiers and their dependants across the country. Along with our partners, the People’s Republic of China, our work on the ultra modern Myong Officers Mess and five story single officers quarters at Wilberforce stands as a testament. It will be a site where young officers will build camaraderie and be nurtured into the traditions and ethos of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces. They will soon commission these edifices and other construction projects right across the country including billets and four patrol bases,” the President assured.

He reminded the new officers that, they have now sworn to serve the nation, and told them that it is their duty to respect, uphold and protect the Constitution of the Republic of Sierra Leone and to obey all lawful orders from their superiors without question. “You are soldiers first and always; you are not tools in the hands of politicians, and you must never be. Your duty is to protect our peace, our democracy and to support our national development; so professionalism is not an option, it is a way of life for an officer. It involves discipline, loyalty, respect compassion and character,” President Bio admonished the officers.

Brand new military vehicles were inspected by President Julius Maada Bio. These vehicles will improve mobility of the forces.

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Fact from UNICEF ''No matter what form of violence a child is exposed to, her experience may lead to serious and lifelong consequences. Violence can result in physical injury, sexually transmitted infections, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, unplanned pregnancy, and even death. Evidence also suggests that toxic stress associated with violence in early childhood can permanently impair brain development and damage other parts of the nervous system.

Long-term behavioral impacts on children include aggressive and anti-social behavior, substance abuse, risky sexual behaviour, and criminal behaviour.

Despite these grave physical and mental health consequences, the vast majority of child victims never seek or receive help to recover. What’s more, children who grow up with violence are more likely to re-enact it as young adults and caregivers themselves, creating a new generation of victims''.

In line with the above statement, the Future Leaders Initiative SL is committed to prohibiting violence, especially corporal punishment of children in all learning settings across Sierra Leone.

Not by words but by action; the Future Leaders Initiative SL, on the 26th of November, staged one-day national poetry and essay writing competition with the theme: ''Reimagine Sierra Leone Without Violence Against Children'' and it was successful. Children’’.

The motive of the event was to promote a broader knowledge on positive discipline practices, promote a broader knowledge on educational methods that serve as an alternative to corporal punishment against children, raises people’s awareness of the prohibition of all forms of violence against children in all learning settings and also the difference between Punishment and Discipline, raise awareness of the consequences of violence against children, advocate for a safer learning environment for all school children, and providing free alternatives to corporal punishment against children.

The event focused on issues like

I. Corporal Punishment

II. Child Sexual Abuse

III. Bullying

IV. Child maltreatment

V. Emotional Abuse

Please don’t forget to check us out!


Facebook: Future Leaders Initiative SL





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The riverbanks and pillars of our future are frail which means the future generation is at the ground of gambling. Those frail riverbanks can only be strengthened when the successors [Youth] are mentally, economically, emotionally, socially fixed, and fully empowered with a focused mindset and are given the lens to glance through the heart of the future. The tools are there, young people are willing to give all they have for a better tomorrow and that is BEAUTIFUL! Awfully a pity to notice that change has been hankering for the skin of its people but to no avail. It is only when a nation is ready to see through the borders of young people's potential then change will come at their doors.

The clouds are extremely clear for those who have the vision of

an eagle to make use of what is at their disposal [Youth] or else the future's

older self-will badly perish because of negligence, flimsy thinking from those

are responsible to think uprightly!

Over the years, young people across Sierra Leone have given up

on their struggles, their leaders, and their futures so they have dropped out

of school, engaged in heavy consumption of drugs and alcohol, arm robbery,

kidnapping, theft, sexual harassment, and the likes because that is where they

have shifted their minds.

Within the Sierra Leone context, young people [youth] are people

between the ages of 15-35.

They have practically made up 80% of the population but these

innovative, passionate and vibrant people are struggling to achieve their

goals. Now they are seen to be the victims of all sorts of violence and also

the perpetrators. Despite their ideas and power to change bad situations to

good, their dreams and aspirations are still in the drain.

When one imagines the capabilities these young people possess,

it could surprise you that 60% to 70% of them are living their lives


The country is said to have one of the highest numbers of

unemployed youth in West Africa.

According to the Sierra Leone Labour Force Survey, the

unemployment rate is higher among youth than those aged 35 and above. Sierra

Leone is known for its mineral resources but yet

still, there are few jobs for a population of 7,976,983.

A lack of skills and experience is cited as one of the main

reasons for the high youth unemployment rate. So true but how can they get

empowered without learning skills? How

can they stop stealing and all those bad things they do in the

night without giving them the platform to establish skills like tailoring,

graphic design, filmmaking, and many more?

The youth are encountering more hardship and unemployment than

ever before especially during this pandemic. They lack a sense of belonging in

their communities and the

country as a whole. The future often craves equality [for women

and girls] freedom, justice, and employment. When all these fail to be

delivered by the government, it causes youth to fly

across dangerous borders to find jobs, freedom, and justice even

if it costs them their lives.

Every country in the world is fully aware that young people

constitute a huge percentage of the population yet they remain marginalized,

neglected, and forgotten. The minds of the youth

are playing negatively and sometimes they find it very difficult

to control their burning emotions so they go wild like hungry lions.

Therefore, to ease their stress and please themselves, they join

bad groups, go to the ghettos or become involved in criminal offenses. If rural

migrants who have flown to the city expecting greener pastures do not find them

it can result in drainage of development and the country will have an

eco-system of gangs.

food prices sets a serious threat to food security in Sierra

Leone. This is another major problem for young people in Sierra Leone. There is

an adage that says a hungry man is an

angry creature. This is a huge call to action for the world to

support and invest in agriculture and the president to look into the issue of Price


Malnourished children have impaired immune systems that

predispose them to sickness and death. Nutrition is intimately interrelated

with communicable diseases such as HIV and

tuberculosis and it plays an important role in the etiology,

complications, and therapy of these diseases. Women who are malnourished are

more likely to face reproductive problems

that can lead to maternal and infant deaths. Improved nutrition

reduces the severity of some

diseases and minimizes the incidence of others.

Countless young farmers need financial, business skills, and

technical support to feed the country, as they are ready to farm.

Farmers in the upland country can produce what they eat but not

as much as they will sell.

They lack things like; simple farm tools [hoes, cutlass, rain

boots, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, and many more. They lack seeds like rice,

maize, onions, tomatoes, and pepper, and more. Even though they are ready to

farm they also need educations and skills on how to do it efficiently and


Cope with climate change, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss

1. Satisfy consumers’ changing tastes and expectations

2. Meet rising demand for more food of higher quality

3. Invest in farm productivity

4. Adopt and learn new technologies

5. Stay resilient against global economic factors

6. Inspire young people to stay in rural areas and become future


Since the initiative of the United Nations Sustainable

Development Goals [SGDS], young people have been at the forefront in making

sure they join the forces of change by forming sustainable organizations with

sustainable ideas but they have not been receiving financial support from the

government neither from any large international organizations. If you ask me,

this has

hindered the smooth running of the SDGs in Sierra Leone.

Having served in the capacity of local peacebuilding,

facilitation, coordinating young people, advocacy, entrepreneurship, research,

and youth capacity building

Sierra Leone is a very peaceful country but the lack of love,

unity and gross selfishness among our leaders has brought about this epidemic

called violence among you people and such has eaten the minds of young people

today across Sierra Leone and Africa.

Until you have what is now referred to as ''Cabal'' then you are

ready to survive or if you have a better paid job.

The issue of child sexual abuse, emotional abuse, offline and online bullying and corporal punishment is on the increase like never before.

If we want to see a better future for Sierra Leone and Africa, we must reclaim our dignity and restore our self-prestige. The children are looking up to us, the future is not tomorrow, it is now. Therefore, if we want the Sierra Leone we all have been yearning for, the present must be taken care of very well by teaching the values of humanity to our children, both in schools, homes, where we are Kings and Queens, Prince and Princess, Presidents and the likes. Sierra Leone and Africa are ours if we do not make it, the world will help us in making it but we shall pay a heavy price, that prize we are going to pay will take us back to eras of endless and horrible slavery.

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#FamiLee_Fame Is The Fastest Growing Musical Group In Sierra Leone. The Group Is Comprises Of Sahid Kin-Koma King Conteh With The Stage Name #King And Neckyan Sufian Tarawalie With The Stage Name #Swagg_Light.

#FamiLee Fame* Bonded Together At The Age Of 10 From Different Parents. The Group Was Originated In Freetown. Both Have Their Birthdays On The 13th 14th Of March Respectively

#King Attended The St Edwards Secondary School In Freetown And Later Applied For A Bachelor's Degree In Art At Fourah Bay College University Of Sierra Leone.

#Swagg_Light Attended The Sierra Leone Grammar School And Secured A Bachelor's Degree In Accounting And Finance..

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