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Why is everyone I know so broken?

They are holding on to expired love tokens

the days and nights her previous crumpled her’s aside

Sat her down with a hefty pound.

Am I a magnet to love that turns to gray?

To feelings turning the tide,

and hearts stumbling away?

Will they ever be free

from past moments shared and cherished?

Do I really have to see past the eye?

Mend and nature their broken hearts?

While the next better man,

Tears them in pieces apart?

don’t term it a calling

I can’t be the middle man falling

Like a river bound to its doom

Am sure to run dry.

to this quest, well I bid goodbye.

Siphesihle Moses Shabangu

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Often, we christians beat ourselves up when tables stop turning the clockwise way, when terrible terrors sing tunes of sorrow in our spiritualities. We often overlook that God has a greater influence on us when we are feeling down. Truly, it is then that we should seek his grace. In 2 nd Corinthians 12 verse 9, God says through Paul, “... my grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak...”. He who planned our lives long before we existed (Jeremiah 1 verse 5), to Him we should pledge our loyalty for eternity because the solid foundation that he has laid cannot be shaken( 2 nd Timothy 2 verse 19).

I know there are people who have suffered the threats of a longed suffering. People whom have lost the faith to praise God; their hearts have started to believe and adapt to the darkness that seems eternal even during the day. My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, there are some things that time can never mend, some hurts that go too deep that they take hold, but God’s grace can wipe the tears that have rolled down your chicks as Billie’s “ocean of tears”. It is time you change your constant prayers. 1 st John 3 verse 22 says, “we receive from Him what we ask because we obey His commands and do what pleases Him...”. You may have prayed for His grace that He may make your plans prosperous every year, but got no immediate responses. I say to you today, start praying to God for a plan, ask of the wisdom to get a prosperous plan, for through God given plans only can you emerge victoriously. He came that we may have life and have it in abundance (John 10 verse 10.) Even through your trials, listen and live by His

commands, for in 1 st Corinthians 10 verses 12-13, He says, “whoever thinks he is standing firm better be careful that he does not fall. Every test that you have experienced is the kind that normally comes to people. But God keeps His promise,

and He will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at the time of the test, He will give you strength to endure it and so provide you with a way out...”

Brothers and sisters, let us seek first the kingdom of God and all the good things shall be granted to us, let us bring forth the love of God before everything. The bible says, happy are the eyes that see what we have seen in Jesus, for many Kings and Knights desire to see what we observe but cannot and to hear that which we have heard, but did not (Luke 10 verse 23). Be sure to always show your faith because as the body is dead without the spirit, also faith without actions is dead (James 2 verse 26). Know that loving God is a personal task. It is not just inherited from family, friends or religions. You have got to stand to that faith from winter through summer. Stick by the word, hold on to the word and you shall see him (Hosea 4 verse 5).

Add effort into your salvation, least you want to lose it. Desire more spiritual doings. Submit to God all your sins. Well, you will never succeed in life if you hide your sins. Confess them and give them up, then God will show mercy to you (Proverbs 28 verse 13). Be sure to refrain from the use of hard words. The book of James 3 verse 10 reveals that, “ words of thanksgiving and cursing pour out from the same mouth. My brothers, this should not happen!” . We often take this issue of the tongue very lightly, this should not happen. Sweet springs do not give salty water, nor does a fig tree bear olives. The mouth speaks that which the heart is full of. The time to ask God’s complete

guidance is now. You do not need to be flashy to show Him loyalty. You do not need to be famous for the significance of the Lord’s power to elevate through you! He is always the missing part of the puzzle and a fortune treasures await your journey of life, on one condition; you make God your mentor, love your neighbour as you love yourselves and lean not to your own understandings.

To be continued...

Siphesihle Moses Shabangu

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Terrible Predicament

two decades of fluffy sweet years

a false fairy-tale tickled ears

from dust to dawn,

winter through summer

smiles widened through their faces

a golden spoon and a silver platter,

a blazing sunrise and a beautiful sunset,

a Shining Amour and a Royal highness...

oh! what a remorseful loss

to the noble garden of daffodils;

you left mystical Black Rose

along with the hope that flowed

in xylem as mineral salts.

you set off as the sunset

and never rose to glow again!

completely, explicitly and profusely

you vanquished love seared in their hearts

as your petals fell slow

and your stem wilted dry.

your existence faded right in summer

with no aid of frost and blizzards from winter.

you left amazing pure souls

vulnerable and prone to slumber.

you left mystical Rose

with no sick Rose time in quarantine

left all hearts pumping real low

and eyes dripping oceans of tears.

but all ain't lost, Daffodils

there's always a new summer;

there's always a next eclipse;

Solar or Lunar

celestial bodies shall align again

for that is how you came about;

as King among Daffodils.

Moses Siphesihle Shabangu.

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