I am Tarak Khanfir. I am from Sfax, Tunisia. I had obtained the fundamental license in English language, literature and civilization in 2015 from the faculty of arts and humanities in Sfax, and I am actually jobless because of theft and corruption practiced by the successive governments and parlements in my country, and it is probable that I am blacklisted from state and private jobs. The most important thing is that I am a writer who has a heroic experience of almost two decades full of challenges and risks since the Tunisian state abused a big part of my right of cultural activities, and I was exposed to various types of abuses and conspiracies. I have been marginalized, segregated, oppressed and persecuted during my whole career as a writer either at the age of the deceased dictator Zin Al Abidin Ben Ali, or after the system reverse of January 14th 2011, because I strictly refused to subscribe into any political party (neither the RCD, nor any other political party after 2011), I strictly refused to be a slave or a propagandist to any president or leader, and I strictly refused to involve myself into the corruption lobbies that rule our country as MAFIA gangs that that penetrated into all the state establishments. An oppressive terrorist case may be fabricated against me one day. I am also internationally marginalized and segregated because I am a Non – Zionist artist. Since 2014, I have been working on a very challenging, very revolutionary and very complicated series project whose main antagonist is Princess Shama. The primary step of work was separate and non – organized drafts that mainly consisted into separate written texts, oral expression videos and web pages. Those separate and non – organized drafts were mainly delivered into DVDs among many official and non – official parts around the world, especially in Europe and in the Middle East, and the DVDs were sent to many international TV channels and cinema production companies in failed attempts to extract my desired TV series from them. Now, I am in the matures terminal step of the business that is carrying on this project in a form of full official novels; I published an Arabic novel called Nisai E Tama in June 2020 with Thakafia Editions in Munastir Province, and I also managed this project as e books on international websites, Bang Women 1, 2, and 3. Now, I will make for you a brief presentation of my series. My series mainly deals with the story of an amazingly and terribly evil woman whose dream was to be the supreme princess of the world, to own the earth and all what it contains and to make of all the humans in the world slaves under her feet. Shama made many suspicious relations with important persons and common people: she exploited them while she was making a wicked and well managed mixture of seducing them and affecting them in one time, deluding them another time, using violence with them a time and killing everyone who really represented a danger for her future as a president of the country. Shama could overwhelm and seduce crowds to make them held her establish international alliances and create large public bases and administration networks, so that she becomes the president of the country. Later on, Shama established suspicious relations and aliances with international important persons so that she exploits them for her own benefit then scam on them, ruin their lives, and kill some of them. Shama established relations and alliances with MAFIA bosses: she seduced them, deceived them, exploited them for her own benefit then murdered them in well managed traps. Shama also started to establish her networks of agents, boys, men, grils and women she deceived and seduced successfully, so that they make media and publics propaganda for her that helps her achieve her dream. Shama established alliances with some multinational companies and scammed on many companies; she also collaborated with the Zionists and fought in terrorist gangs that belonged to them. All of these facts helped Shama fabricate the revolution and become the president of the country. Shama became the most cruel tyran in history and the most evil woman in the world. She never hesitated to kill everyone who offensed her power with a quarter of a word. Shama killed many of her opponents and their surroundings, and she also killed many innocent people who were just witnesses in her crime scenes. The tyrannical Shama could seduce and deceive large crowds making them live into illusions, and she established friendly alliances with some governments and terrorized many other governments and countries. Shama committed terrible terrorist actions in many areas around the world for the tiniest offensive movement that took place in some places, and the damages of her terrorist actions would be severe and long term. Shama killed people from every country in the world, and no country in the world kept safe from her evil and terrorism. Many emancipated and proud people who were free and creative thinkers and struggling knights tried to stop Shama and end her rule in the country and her tyranny in the world; they even tried to raise everybody awareness of the truth of that terrorist woman and to motivate the international governments, publics and media channel against the evil tyran Shama. All of those revolutionary people were mass murdered at the hands of Shama and her women with no mercy. No one could stop Shama, that evil and tyrannical woman. However, virtuous women could, in a certain moment, give sudden, powerful and very painful blows to Shama and her women that weakened them, disturbed their control of the world and helped the strugglers control the situation in a relative way. As long as Shama and her women killed a group of strugglers, another group came to challenge her and fight her braver and wilder than their murdered fellows used to do. Sumaya would be the only woman from whom Shama would get really scared, and she would be the only woman who would defeat her at the end. Now, I will give you an idea about the main subject of my series. My series mainly deals with the eternal battle between the powers of virtue and the powers of evil, the powers of virtue would be represented into the strugglers of the world and the noble and humanitarian projects creators, and the powers of evil would be represented into the Zionists of the world and worse than them the Pharaonic tyran and murderess Shama and her criminal women. Then, my series would have a cultural, philosophical and existential side that concerns the strange thoughts, existential loss, strange desires and aims that would be updated and strange and stunning works they do for strange and unclear aims, and those adventures may be very dangerous; this philosophical and existential side would be mainly represented into Mistress Safai and some of her women friends who experienced the hardest and the most terrible types of abuses from the Zionists of the world and Shama and her women, and the abuses of Shama and her women are much cruel and much destructive than those of the Zionists. My series would also take a variety of political and investigational subjects around the world, and it would unveil dangerous scandals, leaks and secrets about the evil and tyrannical people who rule the world. My series also has a special social side that concerns the thinking loss, strange desires and dreams and abnormal business and affairs of the very poor and the most marginalized class in the country; those people are taking severe risks, disturbing the general order in a mild way, and they are easily deceived and exploited by evil and terrorist groups. Concerning the main characters of my series, we have Princess Shama, Noha, Ikram, Sohed and the two Generals Mufida and Aziza as evil women, we have Mistress Safai, Sumaya, Hannah, Rabeb, Maya and Hoda as virtuous women, and we have Samhon, Avi, Khalil, Ramzi, Heikel, Rafaa and Sewah as men characters. I am coming now to the main subject of the article. The nature of my job requires a rare feminine knowledge and it requires the fusion and collaboration of masculine creativity and efforts with feminine creativity and efforts so that the work would be alright. Even scientifically, the woman brain is bigger than the man brain, and there are many things that women know and men do not know. There are so many special feminine practices and affairs in my series that I can never proceed alone without the presence of a woman. So I strictly need to engage myself into an alliance with a creative woman writer, so that she becomes my sister at home and my hand to hand collaborator in writing the full script of the series whose main antagonist is Princess Shama. I really wonder from which country my future woman ally would come but in all the cases, she would be very warmly hosted in the airport; we would sign our engagement contract in the airport, then, we would go to my home in Bab Bhar to live there or we would rent a hotel room. So, me and my future woman ally would become perfect brother and sister, and she would be my spoiled princess who would exhaust me so much may be. Concerning our working timetable, ma and my future woman ally would have a two – hour session in the morning and a three – hour – session in the afternoon; in fact, some people got depressed and some other people turned mad because of very long working hours. Then, me and my future woman ally would enjoy our times in an amazing way playing together, dancing together, joking together, walking together, travelling and going into cultural and touristic journeys together, and so on. My future woman ally would enjoy a large variety of our very delicious traditional food and restaurant food without forgetting our legendary sweet food such as Sohlib and Juagim, and I am somehow worried if there would be an allergic reactions risk for my future woman ally because she is not used to our kitchen may be. Then, me and my future woman ally would go into many trips and journeys, visit many cafes, restaurants, hotels and cultural monuments in our country, and we will make many touristic activities in Tunisia, especially in Sousse, a great touristic area and Clupea, the last Tunisian district before we reach Italy; both of the regions mentioned are major touristic zones in our country. After we finish writing the full script of the series whose main antagonist is Princess Shama, we would sell it to a good producer in Europe or America, or to an international TV channel. Each of me and my future woman ally would try to seduce the producer, present the series for him and convince him to buy the full script from us, each of me and my future woman ally would do that in his/her own way. My series must be doubled or subtitled into many languages after being performed by actors and filmed, and it must be broadcasted into many TV channels around the world. After selling the series script successfully, any financial gain would be divided equally between me and my future woman ally. Then, my future woman ally would go back to her country, but she will remain always my friend. Let my notify you that I am a poor and miserable man, and I never accept that my future woman ally shares my suffering and hardship; I want my future woman ally to live with me as a spoiled princess being needy of nothing. So it is time now to raism my appeal for international governments and multinational companies who are sympathized with me as a writer and who are sympathized with my noble case, to afford the financial help of both of me and my future woman ally as long as she is with me in Tunisia. To conclude, I call everyone interested in this complicated and wonderful cause who wants to collaborate with me in that strange offer and genuine business, to contact me by phone or through e mail. My phone number is +21650651971 and my e mail is [email protected]


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Salut les amis !

Moi c'est Sofia. J'ai décidé de créer ce blog pare que j'adore essayer de nouvelle chose et je me suis dit que ce serait super cool d’écrire un blog, que ce serait sympa de traiter des sujets divers et varies avec vous. Je parlerait aussi un peu de moi, de ma vie et de mes expérience. Je vous poserez des questions et alors vous pourrez interagir avec moi et de donner vos avis. Vous pouvez aussi me proposer des sujets a traiter et j’écrirai dessus dans mes prochaines publications. Surtout n’hésitez pas de vous abonner et de liker pour me soutenir, et n'oublier pas de commenter.

A la prochaine.


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