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💡𝙰𝚜 𝚠𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚆𝚘𝚛𝚕𝚍 𝚃𝚘𝚠𝚗 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙲𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝𝚛𝚢 𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙳𝚊𝚢....

For a long time, the government of Uganda has trekked a narrative to restore the rapidly depreciating wetland resources from investors and citizenry reclamation through ordering both parties to vacate these water catchment grounds. It was not until last month that the president of Uganda lifted the order only to favor investors who he appealed had been hoodwinked by the colonial government.

This however happened after the government evicted hundreds of settlers in Lubigi wetland and abolished rice growth on an estimated 30-acre in a wetland in Otuke in early July to dissuade farmers from cultivating in catchment areas. Nonetheless regions like Bukedia and Busoga have continued to establish rice and sugarcane plantations which exert pressure on river Mpologoma that flows from Elgon to Kyoga.

To this matter, Uganda lies at the verge of losing more than 60% of its original wetland coverage from 17.5% in the early 1990’s to 8.5% to date due to human activities, some of which have been permitted by NEMA to operate factories and warehouses in gazatted industrial parks located in wetlands for example, Namanve, Luzira, Bweyogerere, etc.

Therefore, much as the government wishes to retain investors in wetlands, these places house a huge number of civilians that comprise the Urban Poor living in low lying parts of urban areas like in Ndeeba, Katwe, Kasokoso, Kosovo etc. Such people have been robbed in the same way like the alleged investors since its envisaged that most of them buy land parcels during dry seasons with limited knowledge on the prevailing flooding conditions.

It is not out of desire that civilians stay in water logged places that leave their lives in jeopardy, this has been a result of a magnitude of factors forcing them to degrade the natural environment for survival for instance; poverty, limited sensitization, lack of alternatives and increased land values.

But despite the inhumane conditions that persist in wetland communities characterized by indecent housing, poor sanitation and worsening levels of starvation with no efforts to imbue life, People look at this situation as normal since government has no dimension to resettle them even in situations where elites have condemned the silence on the matter.

While government strategies to evict the urban poor hassling with improper housing in wetlands, it is on the other side cherishing investors ironically by aiding them establish factories in similar places that have exposed wetlands to risks through issuing them certified operational permits. However, climatic havocs will continue to occur and natives will one day rise to fight against this status quo.

Unless proper rezoning ordinances are established to over-see a dynamic shift in settlement patterns aimed at reducing reclamation of gazatted wetlands as more citizens search for cheap land to establish homes and business centres, the poor urban dwellers living in water logged communities will have nowhere to go. “If you evict them, where will they go?”

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗶𝘀 𝗮 𝗽𝗵𝘆𝘀𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗹 𝗽𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗿



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The UN organization Recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the upstanding youth in the world

. Who have uplifted and supported communities With hope , knowledge and resources.

people are trying to cope in the confinement of their homes, but many are struggling to make ends meet and stay strong.

The struggle affects virtually all of us, and in this difficult time, I want to share my own source of inspiration: young people across the globe who have been working selflessly to help their communities through these trying times.

With resilience and resourcefulness, young people are harnessing the power of technology to find new ways to reach those in need. Even those who have little to spare are reaching into their own pockets to help others. And they are showing that the worst health crisis in memory is no match for this proud and active generation of youth.

1) Madison Taylor – Western Europe and Others (USA) – Female.

Since its designation as a pandemic, COVID-19 has had wide-ranging effects on our societies, exposing our limitations and putting vulnerable communities at a greater disadvantage. This dynamic has been very present in the case of education. While many schools have undertaken the process of shifting their lessons and work online, this system does little to account for children who do not have easy access to technologies such as the internet. To help these children maintain and expand their education, World Tech, a technology education startup based in Colombia, have stepped up to the plate. The company, co-founded and run by Ilana Milkes has been purchasing and distributing educational kits to students, teaching them skills such as computational thinking, biotechnology and robotics in order to help them stay up to date with current technological advancements. With each kit, a child is equipped to receive educational technology for the rest of the year.

I hope that these stories will inspire you to see young people as responsible, resilient and resourceful in times of crisis as they truly are.

  • Office of Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth Welcomes Support of Zach Du Chao
  • United Nations Hosts First-ever #YouthLead Innovation Festival to Highlight Revolutionary Youth-led Solutions for the Global Goals
  • Meet 13 Indigenous Young Indigenous Rights Activists
  • Young Human Rights Defenders Adapting to COVID-19
  • On International Volunteers Day, Meet Our First Class of Fellows


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“Lukwago’s fight for Boda-bodas is a social fair play”

Each day, thousands of passengers in Kampala depend on “Boda bodas” for fast, reliable, and flexible connectivity during their travel. To meet this need, city authorities across the globe are increasingly opting to work with neutral providers and urban planners to plan for equitable transport facilities and to readdress the general form of cities for equity and reliable transportation unlike Kampala’s city authority that portrays motorists as a threat to city development.

In 2002, a group of Vendors related to an association called “Tukole Bukozi Traders” were joined by the city Mayor Ssebaana Kizito to fight against the Council enforcement that wished to evict them from the streets of St Balikuddembe market. After the elapse of 10years, vendors still conveyed on the streets of the city; all efforts to evict them were largely not effective and hence failed by 2011 when Jennifer Musisi also insisted on the same.

On several occasions, Lord Mayor Lukwago has scorned KCCA for unlawfully evicting street vendors and hawkers through his assertion that Uganda has got no supportive law to evict the urban poor. He has since said that such people would be licensed by KCCA formerly and designated road side specially planned markets for order, convenience and effective city functionality. At a certain moment, the former RCC Hud Husein brought in the National Army (UPDF) to apply vigor in the eviction process but all ended in vanity.

This deceitful ‘scorching fire’ has also hit up Motorist business due to the increased tension in the city center that has been brought up by insecurity related actions, congestions and corresponding road indiscipline. The catastrophe could be redirected through having separate lanes designed for motor bikes just the way it is on Namirembe road and Luwumu Street.

Last week the media received ruthless statements from the prime minister and Gen. Katumba regarding the reduction of Motorcycles within the CBD. This conclusion had been made without fanatic consultative meetings with various stakeholders. The erratic 7000 wanted motorcycles in the center are strongly believed to be very ideological numbers rather than practical and bound to face continuous opposition.

This phobia has prompted the KCCA Executive Committee to petition the High Court to quash the ban on “Boda-bodas”, on grounds that it is illegal, heartless and unprofessional. This committee stated that no one supports this business yet it employs more than 200,000 innocent Ugandans. Recently, the president of the republic of Uganda criminalized “Boda bodas” during a 2017 vigil of one of the great leaders that succumbed to assailants who used motorcycles to fire all around his private vehicle. However, these are a few individuals that have used the improper road design to fulfil their individual benefits at expense of the other Ugandans who use the business to sustain their cost of living within a dying economy.

Therefore, I wish to bring to the attention of Hon. Nabanja and Gen. Katumba the fact that the country’s job market is still limited by challenges including the wage gap, corruption, nepotism and tribalism yet university entry is free for all. This implies that the largest group in informal businesses emanates from graduates that try to creatively and unluckily make ends meet after failing in the unhealthy job competition in organizations, central and local governments to informal self-employment. There are numerous challenges in the informal sector that need urgent considerations rather than sending out urbanists from the city. It is through such acts that the government hitherto receives opposing groups on many of its strategies.

Owing to Lukwago’s fight for the wellbeing of the urban poor, it is unfair to relate it to seeking Political Capital yet there are no avenues embraced formerly to switch the status quo. The registration of “Boda bodas” and having them stipulated into licensed stages is important as said by Gen. Katumba but the challenges of the city are wider than that. It is the poor land use development that causes congestion within the developing city. If the aim of the government is to organize the ‘Capital’, then comprehensive research on the dos and don’ts needs to be established.

An all-inclusive Urban Planning scheme should be established in Kampala if equity is to be availed for projects’ acceptability. This will attract compliance to smart city development strategies formulated by all stakeholders. Generally, unless there are more alternatives for youths, “Lukwago’s fight for Boda-bodas is a fair play” aimed at keeping the poor in the city since they equally share Constitutional Rights.

The writer is a Physical Planner,

Lubadde Rahim @July 2022

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

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Facts about colline mambule sekitoleko

Colline Mambule Sekitoleko A prayerful and successfull man and an ICT specialist and a second class upper degree holder form IU INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES IN GERMANY.

He is the first ever ugandan to graduate from the IU INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES GERMANY.

Colline mambule sekitoleko comes from a very famous and wealthy family known as the MAMBULE.

Colline Mambule Sekitoleko was born in September 1999 at Mulago hospital,Colline grew up in Kampala with his mother and father.

Colline Mambule Sekitoleko originates from the nkima clan in uganda and Buganda in particular. With his father known as Mr Robert Mambule Sewankambo.

Former marketing representative National Medical Stores . Colline started his education career at Global junior school in mukono where he later joined Kireka SDA Primary school. Colline later joined his high school at Hillside college and was awarded his UCE and his UACE .

With this he joined the Suffolk university Boston to advance in his career which was Information technology between the year 2018_2020 were he was awarded a higher diploma in ICT Colline worked with Family best products a company that was doing bakery and he was the officer in charge of communications and social media .

In the year 2019 Colline worn the motor vehicle championship which was held in Busika in Uganda and was awarded the tittle of the junior champion in Uganda .He didn't continue with the motor cross because it was not his passionate and rather it was his leisure activity. He later advanced in his career and went further to Makerere university to advance on the information technology In the year 2020 .

He was hired by an NGO called emerald hearts to work as transport officer in charge of there transport fleet since he had knowledge on how to do it best .He later was awarded the best employee of the year .At the end of 2020 he was appointed by Cipla quality chemicals industries limited where he is working as a Data log entrant under the ICT department.

He later initiated a tour company known as Gofam tours and travel company operating in uganda and in kenya .Besides that he also has a flower bed where he grows and sells flowers bot locally and internationally ......

introducing key icons

From the research done world wide here are the international keys icon personalities and a little on what they do and have done

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Ivan Jay Music Biography

Ivan Odongo aka Ivan Jay Music (Record Label), singer and song writer, the founder and CEO of Ivan Jay Music Promoter (born on 06 October 2000) in Busia district, Uganda. Ivan Jay Music finds inspiration in many places and have traveled to Kampala which has influenced his creative style and process. Ivan Jay Music creates art because he is passionate to music and it’s part of his career. He specializes in Online music promotion for young upcoming artists in Uganda, Natural Resource and Environmental specialist; Ivan Jay Music did his Bachelors in Natural resource Economics at Busitema University from 2020. Ivan Jay Music Promoter focuses on Uplifting music for young upcoming artists to in order to appreciate their talents in regards to music. He also enjoys working with Music Producers, event promoters, and Young Artists. Ivan Jay Music art style is R&B. He is motivated by Music. Ivan Jay Music has been creating art for 5 years. His favorite artist is Daddy Andre and He finds their work to be Inspiring. He’s a music producer and an artist under black market records! Ivan Jay Music connects with the art community by Online Platforms. When people see his work, Ivan Jay Music Promoter hopes all upcoming artists experience, Get inspired, motivated and enjoy the message from the music especially from the young upcoming artists talent in Uganda and internationally.

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All about Ivan Jay Music Records in Uganda

Ivan Jay Music Records is a record label in Uganda mainly known for young talented upcoming artists established on 1st January 2022 by the founder and CEO Ivan Odongoin Kampala Uganda. Ivan Jay Music Records was changed from Ivan Jay Music Promoter which was pioneered on 6th October 2019 due the enormous ambitious plans by the founder to extend improved services for the artists. Ivan Jay Music Records was officially established in Kasangati where their main offices are allocated, It’s incorporated of five employees and staff members. Ivan Jay Music Records has managed to sign up a number upcoming Artists and stars including Fik Wytts, Jon Wyze, Snash King, Kim K Music among other 10 plus upcoming artists in both Uganda and other Countries like Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Ivan Jay Music Promoter specializes in promotion and management of young upcoming artists with great talents in the music industry. It’s main objective is to sign up artists and help then discover more of their music potentials and grow their career in the shortest time possible through their strategy and support services rendered by Ivan Jay Music Records team. It’s core mission is to change young upcoming artists from zero to great musicians both in Uganda and other Countries.

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Shoaib Habib Memon Received HBL PSL8 HamareHeroes Award 2023

Mr. Shoaib Habib Memon is a Freelance Social Worker, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Entrepreneur. Mr. Memon is a Pakistani citizen and resident of District Thatta, Province Sindh. He obtained the degree of M.A and LLB from the University of Sindh. He worked with many charity organisations , In addition to this Mr. Memon owns and operates a successful business in his hometown. Mr Shoaib Habib Memon Received HBL PSL8 HamareHeroes Award on 21 February 2023 on Match 10 at National Stadium Karachi Pakistan. Mr Memon have Near 50k Followers on Professional Network LinkedIn, He have Shared and Promoted Pakistani Talent on LinkedIn.

Mr. Shoaib Habib Memon received a “Book for Peace” award From FUNVIC Foundation Italy on 21 September 2019 and is regularly involved in volunteer charity work for poverty-stricken and neglected families. Mr. Memon supports deserving families and orphaned children with food and humanitarian projects, such as installation of hand pumps and wells for clean drinking water, supporting students in financial need, providing clothing and shelter, Women’s empowerment initiatives, and support to impoverished and disabled patients. Mr Memon got Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG) From Republic of Ghana ( West Africa) Presented Certificate of Achievement For Social Services to Mr Shoaib Habib Memon on 18 September 2021.

Mr Shoaib Habib Memon also Recieved : CERTIFICATE of Appreciation as a Humanitarian (Ambassador Books For Peace Award) in January 2022 From The FUNVIC Europe , which is part of the UNESCO Club of (Brazil)

Mr Memon Working For Flood Affectees Since June 2022 ,He also recieved Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Talent Award 2022 for his Volunteerly Social welfare work in Sindh ,

Read More

Watch Hamaray Heroes powered by Kingdom Valley honours the heroes of Pakistan 🇵🇰

Highlight the life and achievements of Shoaib Habib Memon

Watch full video:

Please See My Activities at below links

Story Covered by 24 News Channel

Interview Published on Best Startup Asia

By Mark Fitz

Story Covered in The High Asia ERALD

International Discussion about Global Crisis (Humanity)on Creative Society

watch on YouTube

Shoaib Habib Memon

Email [email protected]



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Держаудитори Харківщини дослідять бюджет Височанської громади

Вперше за воєнних часів Держаудитслужба проводить фінансовий аудит місцевого бюджету в Харківській області.

Північно-східний офіс Держаудитслужби повідомляє, що розпочато проведення державного фінансового аудиту бюджету Височанської територіальної громади Харківської області. Адже нещодавно у державі було скасовано тимчасову заборону на перевірки виконання місцевих бюджетів.

Планується дослідити період діяльності з липня 2020 по грудень 2022 року. Орієнтовний термін завершення аудиту – квітень 2023 року.

Під час проведення аудиту планується провести аналіз та перевірку обґрунтованості планування надходжень та витрат бюджету. Стану виконання бюджетних коштів, зокрема, шляхом проведення оцінки законності та ефективності управління бюджетними коштами, досягнення їх економії і цільового використання, правильності ведення бухгалтерського обліку, достовірності фінансової та бюджетної звітності.

Держаудиторами плануються охопити контролем 231 млн грн ризикових фінансових ресурсів та перевірити інформацію отриману від громадян за їхніми письмовими зверненнями.

Про відомі факти фінансових порушень, або неефективного витрачання бюджетних коштів посадовими особами об’єкту контролю, громадяни та громадські об’єднання можуть проінформувати Північно-східний офіс Держаудитслужби, надіславши звернення на електронну адресу: [email protected]

При інформуванні держаудитори просять враховувати термін завершення аудиту, для можливості здійснити перевірку наданої інформації про фінансові порушення.

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Довільні поля для Woocommerce без плагінів

Ви можете створити додаткове поле без використання плагінів, використовуючи функції WordPress для роботи з метаданими. Для цього виконайте такі кроки:

Відкрийте файл functions.php для вашої теми для редагування.

Додайте наступний код до кінця файлу:

// Добавляем новое поле метаданных в товары WooCommerce

add_action( 'woocommerce_product_options_general_product_data', 'add_custom_fields_to_products' );

function add_custom_fields_to_products() {

global $woocommerce, $post;

echo '<div class="product_custom_field">';



'id' => '_custom_field',

'placeholder' => 'Введите информацию о товаре',

'label' => __('Информация о товаре', 'woocommerce'),

'desc_tip' => 'true'



echo '</div>';


// Сохраняем значения дополнительных полей метаданных при сохранении товара

add_action( 'woocommerce_process_product_meta', 'save_custom_fields_to_products' );

function save_custom_fields_to_products( $post_id ) {

$woocommerce_custom_product_text_field = $_POST['_custom_field'];

if( !empty( $woocommerce_custom_product_text_field ) )

update_post_meta( $post_id, '_custom_field', esc_attr( $woocommerce_custom_product_text_field ) );


Цей код додає нове поле метаданих «_custom_field» у розділ «General» сторінки редагування товару у WooCommerce та зберігає його значення у базі даних при збереженні товару.

Відкрийте файл single-product.php для вашої теми.

Додайте наступний код у потрібне місце на сторінці товару:


$custom_field = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), '_custom_field', true );

if ( ! empty( $custom_field ) ) {

echo '<p>Информация о товаре: ' . $custom_field . '</p>';



Цей код отримує значення поля метаданих «_custom_field» для поточного товару та відображає його на сторінці товару в потрібному місці.

Збережіть файли functions.php та single-product.php.

Тепер ви можете додавати та відображати додаткову інформацію про товари у WooCommerce через створене вами поле метаданих.

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