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Facts about colline mambule sekitoleko

Colline Mambule Sekitoleko

A prayerful and successfull man and an ICT specialist

Colline mambule sekitoleko comes from a very famous and wealthy family known as the MAMBULE

Colline Mambule Sekitoleko was born in September 1999 at Mulago hospital,Colline grew up in Kampala with his mother and father

Colline Mambule Sekitoleko originates from the nkima clan in uganda and Buganda in particular. With his father known as Mr Robert Mambule Sewankambo.former marketing representative National Medical Stores

.He started his education career at Global junior school in mukono where he later joined Kireka SDA Primary school.

Colline later joined his high school at Hillside college and was awarded his UCE and his UACE .

With this he joined the Suffolk university Boston to advance in his career which was Information technology between the year 2018_2020 were he was awarded a higher diploma in ICT

Colline worked with Family best products a company that was doing bakery and he was the officer in charge of communications and social media .

In the year 2019 Colline worn the motor vehicle championship which was held in Busika in Uganda and was awarded the tittle of the junior champion in Uganda .He didn't continue with the motor cross because it was not his passionate and rather it was his lesure activity.

He later advanced in his career and went further to Makerere university to advance on the information technology

In the year 2020 .He was hired by an NGO called emerald hearts to work as transport officer in charge of there transport fleet since he had knowledge on how to do it best .He later was awarded the best employee of the year .At the end of 2020 he was appointed by Cipla quality chemicals industries limited where he is working as a Data log entrant under the ICT department.He later intiated a tour company known as Gofam tours and travel company operating in uganda and in kenya .Besides that he also has a flower bed where he grows and sells flowers bot locally and internationally ......

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CAA Boss that was acussed of thefty of a Dstv decoder was found innocent after false sources published information about the theft

The CAA Boss was called and all investigations where carried out but he was found innocent about the accused case

The facility was bought for the CAA and it was not subscribed for a long time ..and he decided the pay it for him self as it was in his office where it is currently....He adds on and says that thise are people who want to spoil his name for the 25years he has worked for the Aviation

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