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NEWS– Kyambogo University Community Bushenyi compus was on 7th February 2022 thrown into shock following the untimely death of one of their students.

The deceased has only been identified as Shalon from Kyamuhunga Kabingo and was a fresher at the Bushenyi based campus.

It’s said that the deceased died on her first day at the campus succumbing to a yet to be indentified illness which left many unanswered questions.

By the time of filing this report, the police and University authorities were yet to issue a statement about the student’s demise.

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Around 60% of the magnesium in your body happens in bone, while the rest is in muscles, delicate tissues, and liquids, including blood (1Trusted Source).

One of its principle jobs is to go about as a cofactor - an aide particle - in the biochemical responses persistently performed by catalysts. It's associated with in excess of 600 responses in your body, including (2Trusted Source):

Energy creation: changing over food into energy

Protein arrangement: making new proteins from amino acids

Quality support: making and fix DNA and RNA

Muscle developments: helping with muscle constriction and unwinding

Sensory system guideline: directing synapses, which send messages all through your mind and sensory system.

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