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Uganda as a country for so long has had a hostile and violent political environment.due to this situation, a lot of intellectuals and those who don't believe in politics of violence and hatred have distanced themselves from active politics. The strongest Ugandan opposition leader for about a decade Rtd. Col.Dr Kizza Besigye from Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has been a hard nut to crack by the current long serving government of Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Currently with his popular defiance campaign. a fast rising pressure group dubbed 'people power' led by the Kyaddondo East legislator, has registered a massive following from the youth and as well being cautioned by the people as the most violent at the moment. they don't spare anyone with there insults if it comes to social media. they believe everyone who doesn't buy there political approach is an enemy of change. Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda once called People Power ''a group of radicle extremists who have nothing to prove but drunk in taking power'. with all this, Ugandans have lost hope in smart politics.

Alliance for National National Transformation (ANT) is the latest political party to be launched in uganda. it was officially unveiled on 19th of march 2019 by a faction that broke away from Forum For Democratic Change (FDC). led by the most humble and intelligent former National Army commander Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu and the iron lady Alice Alaso. A.N.T has totally brought in a different approach to Uganda's polititcs. it has also recieved massive welcome from university students and the elites allover the country. Gen.Muntu has been reffered to as the most humble but startegic man in politics of the country, he also explained his being humble as ''strength under control'' not forgetting the fact that he is the most respected officer out of uniform. A,N,T has depicted its motive through a symbolic motto, ''people first, a new future''. The Alliance believes in people centred policies, value based leadership, and building of institutions rather than individual interests.

This is the only Ugandan political party that does not believe in violence of which even the current regime of National Resistance Movement led by President Museveni once stressed that they NRM is the master of violence.

it may not be today or very soon, but surely Ugandans believe they will see a peaceful and strategic transition of power.

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