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It has been a long time since the early 90s when this superhero appeared. The Big Bang caused a burst of superpowers among the youth of Dakota City and turned Virgil into a Static. Now the creative team of the comics is reworking the script for modern realities.

Teens march through the streets wearing masks and carrying signs that read Black Lives Matter, Dakota for BLM, Enough is Enough, Rest in Power George Floyd, and Not Justice No Peace in Milestone Returns 0, DC Comics (2021).

A small round alien riding an insectoid animal explains to another alien that "fingers are very important to humans [...] I consider myself a phantropologist of humans."

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In Albuquerque: Burglars attack tattoo shop

The Albuquerque tattoo store is looking for explanations after having a burglar has robbed 1000s of dollars of products.

True Love Tattoo close by Luis Tao and Menelaus was shut for several weeks due to corona virus. Entrepreneur Rick Torres took numerous tattoo equipment, electric power resources, and inks along with him, however, many of these had been left behind.

He discovered that an individual broke into the store and took the equipment over the past weekend. Torres states this is a catastrophic setback. "And right now, our market is shut, and there's no cash flowing in with this on all of it, it's a blow," Torres stated. He claims he will not ask for any financial assistance, just wishes that the responsible ones can return the materials.

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SIC authorizes the development of SIC authorizes the development of $100M restoration fund00M restoration fund

The New Mexico Say Financial Investment Council unanimously elected Tues to immediately power up to $100 million from one of the major fixed resources of the state into a newly formed New Mexico Restoration Account, which will offer cheaper, short-term financial loans to companies struggling to stay competitive by the coronavirus chaos.

Gov. Michelle, who heads the Investment Committee, advised the SIC to act fast, stating that several companies are approaching the "break-point" due to state-managed shutdowns in an effort to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus.

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ALENCIA COUNTY, N.M. – Managing a fire without water is what a couple from Valencia County says happened when firefighters on their property responded to a blaze. When responders arrived on the scene, the family says they were relieved, but then frustrated when they were unable to take immediate action.

Amanda Griego claims a fire started out in their backyard workshop on Tuesday afternoon just a few meters from the home of her parents in Valencia County. "That's where our relatives hung out, birthdays spent, we're spending holidays here," says Griego. She claims it was very unprepared for the firemen. No water came from the hose of the truck.

Video describes a firefighter with no stream carrying a hose toward the blaze. "While they make an appearance, you may assume they can save my building, however when they stretch out the hose and all you hear is the truck's winding and nothing comes out, you feel helpless, you feel disappointed," Griego retorted.

Brian Culp, chief of the Valencia County Fire, says the reason no water came out of the truck was that the pump had not been packed. This year, he says it needs to be prepared. 

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A man from Albuquerque led police on a wild chase usually seen only in the films. It caught the entire incident on film.

He began trying to unlock a white truck at a hotel near Coors and Iliff when Albuquerque Police saw Armando Romero back in September. He was found to have a warrant for his arrest by police trying to help him.

They were trying to ask him about it, but he started running into oncoming Coors traffic. In a risky pursuit, Romero led the policeman. Romero managed to run into traffic and even attempted to catch his own multi-car ride. The cop pulled a semi-truck at one point to try and catch up with him.

As a driver pulled over, Romero can be seen struggling to hold a truck. He tried to jump on the back of a pickup truck once the cop spotted him.

Romero has been accused of resisting, evading, or hindering an officer. Court records show that the charges were dismissed as APD was not willing to proceed with the case. Whether they didn't want to go forward is uncertain, but perhaps the state can re-file the charges. The extensive criminal record of Romero includes charges of assault and burglar from 2007.

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — This is a historic Albuquerque site, but it's mostly gone unused for years. Not only is the city trying to change it, in the future of the Albuquerque Rail Yards, Election Day will play a big part. The famous room in the center of town on Saturday had a makeover and a crowd. 

"Everyone just wanted to get out there, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the food trucks, enjoy the music," said Allison Duffus, event attendant. In celebrating the end of the 11-month campaign, Mayor Tim Keller joined other city dignitaries. 

"They wanted to show that we can get things done when we have the money and the layout and help for the community," Keller said.

Some of the people who have appeared on Saturday are planning ahead, "I'm really getting married soon, so I was like ' you guys are married, right? ' So I think that's going to be great for that," Duffus said. And that will depend on building around the square, which is not expected to be completed until next summer.

Voters would also assess how much more will occur if they vote to approve a city bond of $128 million. Keller said that $5 million of that bond would go to the Rail Yard for continued improvement, and that would not be a tax increase.

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The man charged with killing five members of his family as a teenager was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole. In their South Valley home, Nehemiah Griego, now 22, killed his parents and three younger siblings at the age of 15.

The siblings were 9, 5, and 2 when they were killed and shot by Griego. He was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for their deaths – a life sentence in New Mexico. He was also sentenced for killing the parents to seven years behind bars. For time served, Griego may receive credit.

The horrendous case divided the family of the Griego. Others tried to prosecute Nehemiah as a child. While this was fought by his sisters and the government. We wanted him to be locked up. His attorney said he was expected to be put in a treatment facility, but there is no care in New Mexico.

When he can apply for parole, he will be 52-year-old.

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Xeyoa emerges as a beacon of innovation and support for musicians and producers alike. With a unique blend of managerial prowess and entrepreneurial spirit, Xeyoa has carved a niche for themselves in an industry known for its challenges.

At the core of Xeyoa's mission is the unwavering dedication to helping musicians and producers thrive. His journey began when they recognized the struggles faced by independent artists and aspiring producers in navigating the complex music ecosystem. Armed with a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for music, Xeyoa embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

Xeyoa's managerial acumen shines through as they meticulously curate opportunities for their clients. He provides strategic guidance, helping artists build their brand, negotiate contracts, and secure placements. Xeyoa's extensive network opens doors that might otherwise remain closed, creating a dynamic environment where talent can flourish.

But Xeyoa's impact extends beyond managerial expertise. As a visionary entrepreneur, he has also spearheaded initiatives that empower musicians and producers to take control of their careers. From launching platforms that connect artists with collaborators to organizing workshops on music production, Xeyoa ensures that the industry's next generation is well-equipped for success.

In a world where the music industry is often criticized for its challenges, Xeyoa stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and innovation. His unwavering commitment to helping musicians and producers is not only changing lives but also reshaping the music landscape for the better. Xeyoa is, without a doubt, a name to watch in the music industry—a true visionary who is turning dreams into reality, one note at a time.

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Digital Pathology Market Size, Opportunities, Key Growth Factors, Revenue Analysis Till 2030

The growing number of innovations in the areas of pathology would further increase the size of the market to a great deal, in the next six years. According to MRFR, the Digital Pathology Market is expected to register a CAGR of 6.5% over the review period from 2021 to 2028 and expected to reach USD 1.4 Billion by 2028.

Digital Pathology or Computational Pathology leverages completely new perceptions through data analysis, enabling pathologists to consult on treatment options. The rapidly evolving pathology sector is a key element of modern diagnostic practices. There have been several innovations and widespread adoption of digital pathology. It has long been realized that the traditional histopathology is inefficient as it exposes samples to various handlers, increasing the scope for human error.

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The digital pathology, on the other hand, eliminates the risk factors, while also providing the pathologist with the necessary images and clinical information to generate the most accurate and complete clinical diagnosis. Hence, pathology centers across the globe are increasingly adopting digital pathology to increase diagnostic speeds and accuracy. This broad uptake is, in turn, helping the market of digital pathology to grow rapidly.

Advantages like speedy diagnosis processes are facilitating treatments, which drive the market ahead. Additionally, the advanced medical services and the burgeoning healthcare sector worldwide are fostering the growth of the digital pathology market. The demand for fast proceedings of treatments, with an accurate diagnosis, is rising, which results in the growth of the digital pathology market.

The transition to cloud pathology is a prominent trend, observed during the analysis, which is expected to push up the growth in the market. This is due to the cloud-based delivery of solutions, which is cost-effective, take minimal installation time without needing a sophisticated IT infrastructure.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into digital pathology is another such trend noticed during MRFR analysis. Investors are ready to invest hugely in start-ups attempting to apply artificial intelligence. Many entrants are getting benefitted with substantial grants. Technology experts think that machine learning and other sophisticated technologies could assist pathologists, making them more precise in their analysis.

AI has the capacity of turning pathology into a digital zone. However, AI experts need to ensure that AI technology can reliably process reams of data, and the software is seamlessly integrated into the workflow of pathologists. Advances in the automation enable pathologists to spend more time on tougher cases, providing them with insights about the issues that human eyes can’t detect.

Global Digital Pathology Market – Segments

  • By Type: Human Pathology and Animal Pathology.
  • By Application: mHealth, Telemedicine, Disease Diagnosis, and Drug Discovery, among others.
  • By End Users: Hospital/Clinics, Pharmaceutical Companies, Reference Laboratories, and Research Institutes, among others.
  • By-Products: Storage Server Systems, Scanners, and Software, among others.
  • By Regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and Rest-of-the-World.

Global Digital Pathology Market – Regional Analysis

North America market leads the global digital pathology market with a significant share. The well-developed healthcare sector in the US & Canada, together with high per capita healthcare expenditures of these economies drive the regional market growth. Moreover, the presence of some of the matured market players fuels growth in the regional market. The market is further expected to create a substantial revenue pocket throughout the forecast period (2017-2023).

The digital pathology market in the European region takes the second lead. The market is predominantly driven by the availability of funds for research, well-developed healthcare infrastructure, huge patient population, and government support for R&D. The UK and Germany, backed by high healthcare expenditures majorly propel the growth of the Europe market.

The Asia Pacific digital pathology is emerging as a promising market globally. Expected to become the fastest-growing market for digital pathology, The APAC region is estimated to grow rapidly over the projected period. Moreover, factors such as the increasing healthcare expenditures along with favorable government policies of developing economies like India and China foster the regional market growth.

Digital Pathology Market - Competitive Analysis

Highly competitive, the digital pathology market appears to be fragmented with the presence of several large and small players. Many well-established players, along with the new entrants, form a competitive landscape. Through strategic initiatives, such as acquisition, expansion, collaboration, and product/technology launch, these players try to gain a competitive advantage in this market. Substantial investments are transpired in R&D to develop a completely different technology compared to their competition.

Major Players:

Players leading the digital pathology market include Danaher Corporation (US), Olympus Corporation (Japan), Inspirata (US), Huron Digital Pathology Inc. (Canada), 3DHISTECH Ltd. (Hungary), Koninklijke Philips N.V. (the Netherlands), Microdimensions GmbH (Germany), F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland), Mikroscan Technologies, Inc. (US), and Definiens (Germany), among others.

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About Market Research Future:

At Market Research Future (MRFR), we enable our customers to unravel the complexity of various industries through our Cooked Research Report (CRR), Half-Cooked Research Reports (HCRR), & Consulting Services. MRFR team have supreme objective to provide the optimum quality market research and intelligence services to our clients.

Contact us:

Market Research Future (part of Wantstats Research and Media Private Limited),

99 Hudson Street, 5Th Floor,

New York, New York 10013

United States of America

+1 628 258 0071

Email: [email protected]

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WES MOORE EXPOSED: Lies and Left-Wing Lunacy, Militant Marxism and Race Hustling

IF YOU WANT A GRIFTER FOR GOVERNOR and An Enemy of the State, Go Ahead and Vote for Wes Moore.

Did You Know?

* He lied for years about where he was born in order to curry favor with Baltimoreans, the core of his Leftist constituency.


His actual place of birth was Washington, DC or in his first place of residence, Takoma Park, Maryland, as his website now attests -

* He's only spent a relatively trivial amount of time in Baltimore, and only because of his studies at Johns Hopkins. A portion of his college career was spent abroad in South Africa -

* He's backed by George Soros - the Hungarian but Globalist billionaire who spends his fortune meddling in the political and social affairs of other nations.

Wes's charitable foundation, Robin Hood, funded in large part by Soros, has come under fire. It's difficult to determine what its specific objectives have been, or, how it has actually helped those who would be its clients.

Incidentally, it's reported that Wes draws an annual salary from the organization of $900,000.


* He advocates for open borders and using massive amounts of revenue, both from private donors and taxpayers, to afford newly-arrived migrants with subsidies such as food stamps and Medicaid.

It ensures that those persons will eventually be Democrat voters - because voting for the opposite party when the opportunity comes to cast the ballot would be like biting the hand that feeds them.

* He concerns himself with issues of race when we would do better in being a colorblind society. Dr. Martin Luther King said that we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin.

* He's a definite Marxist. There are cues in the language he uses - such as the term "Anti-Racist". (It's Ibram X. Kendi's favorite -

His aim is to Indict The System, overhaul it entirely, and punish those members, especially the police, who do the most to make it function.

He would have Qualified Immunity removed, so that cops would be prosecuted or sued for the ordinary acts of force necessarily used to properly defend against violent assailants who resist arrest.

He seeks to defund the police, and reroute that funding to social workers. He would send them in place of the officers, to be potentially stabbed and / or shot.

See and

* He used the other Wes Moore, and threw him away, like a dirty Kleenex.

After weeks of pressing him for information on his life for the book, the free Wes stopped visiting, does not speak to the other, nor does he send any form of support.

The book, which contains numerous discrepancies according to persons named within it, is here to obtain in PDF form without cost -

* He is denounced by both families directly involved in the tragedy that launched this controversy.

The other Wes Moore's relatives, and that of Officer Profero, would prefer that he stop exploiting the images of their loved ones, and invading (by proxy through press conferences) the precious little privacy they've had since the scandal first broke.

In fact, the other Wes's community, led by his uncle, has asked that Wes Moore step down.


* He is endorsed by the embattled Biden Administration and Hillary Clinton (who now wants to blame Paul Pelosi's attack, committed by a Nudist, on "MAGA Extremists").

Both said entities are overly controversial in their own right, and represent their own perceived or actual forms of extremism.

Clinton is the author of the Russia Collusion Hoax - - and Biden is noted as the most authoritarian President we've ever had - issuing several hardline Executive Orders that were challenged in court as being unlawful - in particular his "Jabs for Jobs" imposition.

It would likely be Wes's plan to reinstate lockdowns, shutdowns and / or mask mandates, and possibly to mandate vaccine passports. It's been his requirement that we be vaccinated to attend his rallies.


It appears that Wes's desire is to violate the larger portion of our Constitutional rights.

We don't need that kind of "leadership". It's Dictatorship.

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Artificial Intelligence Chips Market Trends, Dynamics & Market Insights: 2021-2026

Artificial intelligence chip is known as silicon chip which integrates AI technology to minimize human errors and solve computational & mathematical problems. The artificial intelligence chips are designed to handle large and parallel systems effectively. Artificial intelligence chips address the increasing necessity for faster processing due to enabled machine learning.

The Artificial Intelligence Chips Market is projected to grow from USD 7.6 billion in 2020 to USD 70.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of around 42.3% during the forecast period.

Read More:

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INNA - UP (Radio Edit) ft. Ramin Namdar

"Up" is a song recorded by Romanian singer Inna. Warner Music Poland and Global Records released it for digital download and streaming on 22 October 2021 as a single. Another version of the track with Jamaican rapper Sean Paul was issued on 17 December 2021. "Up" was written by Inna, Sebastian Barac, Ramin Namdar, Marcel Botezan, Alex Cotoi and Minelli, while the production was handled by Barac, Botezan and Cotoi; Paul received additional writing and production credits on his version. "Up" is a dancehall-influenced pop song, with its lyrics describing a healing love

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